So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Top 14 – Performance – VIDEO


  • Jeanette and Brandon – Cha cha cha – “Hush, Hush, Hush by the Pussycat Dolls – iTunes
  • Kayla and Kupona – Jazz – “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation – iTunes
  • Randi and Evan – Broadway – “Rich Man’s Frug” (2005 Broadway Revival Cast)  from Sweet CharityiTunes
  • Caitlin and Jason – Pop Jazz – “Creator” by Santogold – iTunes
  • Jeannine and Philip – Hip Hop – “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West – iTunes
  • Karla and Vitolio – Quickstep – “Puttin’ On the Ritz” by Rufus Wainwright – iTunes

Karla and Vitolio may have bought themselves another week with that incredible quickstep.   Caitlin and Jason may be on the chopping block tomorrow night…

Mia Michaels is guest judge tonight, and she says she’s changed her opinion on Brandon since the green mile episode.   It’s all part of the story arc, peeps!

Special announcement coming later on in the show–maybe about the Michael Jackson special. Yay! No it’s about Nigel’s Dizzyfeet Foundation, that will fund dance programs for underprivledges children. Plus,  the 100th episode of SYTYCD will air on July 23rd, featuring the Katie Holms Tyce DiOrio-choreographed  tribute to Judy Garland.

Video packages are about the highs and lows of the competition so far…

Live blog and videos after the JUMP…

Jeanette and Brandon  – Cha Cha by Jean Marc and France – “Hush Hush Hush by  the Pussycat Dolls    – That Jeannette is a firecracker, and  Brandon is  pretty awesome too.   Very  fast, very hot–amazing chemistry.   Nigel says “possibly the best damn cha cha I’ve ever seen on the show ever ever EVER!” Mary says, “Jeanette…those feet, you made them look exciting, and Brandon…I can’t believe it…TWO FIRST CLASS TICKETS on the Hot Tamale Train.”   Both Mary and Nigel marvel at their ability to dance outside of their styles.   Mia says, “The ones that I am toughest on…you have so much ability and potential, I’m not going to be satisfied…you are going to love and hate me on this journey, you are amazing…Jeanette you have been on fire since day one.”   The crowd is going wild, Jean Marc is on his feet. 1-888-836-7601 – VIDEO

Kayla and Kupono – Jazz by Sonya – “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation – The theme is dark–vampires and death!  Sonya is one of my fav choreographers.   The story is dark, strange and freaky,  but I can’t take my eyes of these two–they’re mesmerizing. This newish couple (two weeks)  have really clicked.  Nigel says, “The inspriation was fabulous…Interview with a Vampire, Twighlight…Kupono you  are a new man up there this week  was fabulous…so many good things…everything about it was tremendous.” Mary says, “These two are alive and kicking! Sonya played to your strengths, Kayla has beautiful legs, there was an electric field between the two of you. You’re staying on the Hot Tamale Train.” Mia says, “You guys are so gorgeous together, brilliant costuming…Sonya your best piece ever on the show…Kayla…you comit to everything…your lines are ridiculous, Kupono…every note we gave you, you applied it…you keep getting better…you have a calm power…Mark had it too…it’s so majestic…you’re growing.” 1-888-836-7602  VIDEO

Randi and Evan – Broadway by Joey Dowling – “Rich Man’s Frug” from Sweet Charity – The choreography was brilliant. I liked this more than the judges did, but I think they’re nitpicking because Broadway is right in Evan’s wheelhouse. Nigel says, “A great homage to Bob Fosse…you’ve got to be careful…the wrists have to be flexible…Evan you did very well this this evening…but you have to bring a little more to the party, but you are still in my Top 10 dancers.” Mary says, “Dancing this great…its easy to go crazy…it was your style, but you did it fairly well…most of the time you got the character…same thing Randi…it could have been a little brighter.”   Mia says, “What was missing…you guys have to take that kind of work to the next level because of your height…Randi, you danced a little heavy…Evan I expected more from you…I want to say Bravo, but good job.”   1-888-836-7603 VIDEO

Caitlin and Jason – Pop Jazz by Brian Friedman  – “Creator” by Santogold –  They were in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row, they feel the pressure to step it up.   Caitlin is an alien come to earth to procreate with earthling Jason. Alrighty then.   Caitlin has to “wear the pants” in the dance. The judges didn’t like the choreography so much…Brian didn’t look happy.    I  liked it–it was weird, but fun.   Caitlin, in particular, inhabited her character really well. Nigel says, “It was very weird, but you have to comit yourself 100%, but I think you both did that…it was a little weird and crazy at times…” Nigel compared  Caitlin’s costume to a dancing condom “Safety first, ” says Cat.   Har. Mary says, “I didn’t think it played to your strengths…it just doesn’t sit right with me. I love the two of you to pieces, I hope you won’t be in trouble.” Mia says, “I think Brian wanted to have fun, take a few risks…don’t like the tinfoil on you…you guys danced it really well.” 1-888-836-7604 VIDEO

Jeanine and Phillip  – Hip Hop by Napoleon and Tabitha – “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West – The dance represents the experience the kids go through during the course of the  show. Philip and Jeanine will dance together chained at the ankle.  It looks really hard, but they pull it off. Philip finally  gets a chance to shine in his own style, he’s hitting it really hard.   Jeanine is no slouch, either.   Nigel says, “If you guys keep dancing like that you should be dancing for life. Jeanine, I think you are  a fabulous contemporary dancer…you make every style look like your style, Philip you’re hitting it really hard. Terrific.” Mary says, “I thought it was absolutely incredibly creative. You could have fallen at any places in the routine and you didn’t…Philip, some of those chest pops…vibrated right with the music…Jeanine you were crazy good tonight…you were keeping up with him.” Mia says, “I’m a big fan of Nappy Tabs…the only thing is that for me…I found myself getting caught up in the chainography…it becomes a little hard to control and becomes sloppy…great job you guys, congratulations.”     Jeanine says, “We have chains all over the apartment.” Nigel says, “Too much information!” 1-888-836-7605VIDEO

Melissa and Ade – Pas De Duex  by Thordal Christensen – “Romeo and Juliet: Prokofiev’s Suite No 1 Op. 64b, 6th Movement”  Orchestre De La Suisse Romande & Armin Jordan – The dance is based on Romeo and Juliet, very slow and tender.  Despite Melissa being a trained  ballerina, this was my  least favorite of all their  routines so far.   Ade wasn’t a match for Melissa on this one.    Nigel says, “Who would have believed we would be doing classical ballet…Melissa that was beautifully danced,  Ade,  your feet could be better, but your carriage was beautiful.”  Nigel boasts that there’s nothing else like SYTYCD on TV with it’s variety of styles.  Mary says, “I just loved it, it was really beautiful, the chemistry was flawless…Melissa it was great to see you in your style, you make it look so easy…you put me in a dreamlike state.” Mia says, “I am so excited to be celebrating classical dance on this show…ballet solidifies technique…I’m so excited…I love that it’s a black and white Romeo and was a fairytale…Melissa you are a true ballerina.” 1-888-836-7606. – VIDEO

Only 7 dancers in a two hour show means it’s time for some filler! A video introduces Nigel’s Dizzyfeet Foundation. The foundation will help  underprivledged kids get dance training. All the choreographers make an appearance, plus Carrie Ann Anaba of Dancing with the Stars and Katie Holmes.   Twitch is there too.   Paula Abdul and Miley Cyrus are also involved. is the website.

The 23rd of July is the SYTYCD 100th episode.   The Tyce DioOrio Broadway tribute to Judy  Garland featuring Katie Holmes will air that day.   She’s donating her performance fee to the foundation. – VIDEO

Karla and Vitolio – Quickstep by Jean Marc and France  –  “Puttin on the Ritz” by Rufus Wainwright – Jonathan is in the house!   Karla and Vitolio are a new couple.   Wow, everything about that was awesome. Karla and Vitolio were just flying across the dance floor.   That quick-change (Vitolio ripping Karla’s dress to reveal a new outfit) was sensational. Nigel says, “There was  so many good things about that, loved the choreography, loved the quick change…sometimes the lines took away from the style, but overall it was really entertaining, you’re getting your personality out there.  Mary says,  “So much for the Kiss of Death dance, you brought it alive, Vitolio you kept in close hold…really well done…young lady, really beautiful out there, congratulations to both of you.” Mia says, “This piece was amazing, he made you, you really did step up…I was surprised…Vitolio you confuse me….at times you’re all over the place…[but tonight] I’m so proud of you.”   “I hope we made it the kiss of joy” says Vitolio.   “You made out with it, ” says Mia.   “Karla, you looked scared some of the time, you need to keep your face bright.”  1-888-836-7607VIDEO

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