So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5 – Top 12 Results – VIDEO

Caitlin Kinney and Phillip Chbeeb are eliminated VIDEO

Although Caitlin’s demise was a no-brainer, I was not expecting Phillip to be eliminated this week. It seemed the judges liked his quirky style and personality, despite his difficulty mastering dance styles outside of popping.   Jason is a good dancer (I thought his solo was really good tonight) but he hasn’t revealed much personality beyond that megawatt smile he flashes when he’s standing in front of the judges.

And speaking of solos. Ade’s solo was fantastic!   Up until now, Ade hadn’t impressed me that much beyond his great strength, but tonight proved he’s got the goods. He can survive the split up with his star partner, Melissa, but he needs to bring more confidence to his partner dances.

I’m looking forward to the new pairings next week.   It’ll be interesting to see how some dancers–like Ade and Randi–fare without their popular partners. Also, I’m super-bummed Nigel couldn’t get the Michael Jackson music cleared for the special he was planning. Drat.


  • “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes (group dance) – iTunes
  • “Stand By Me” by Playing for Change (Caitlin) – iTunes
  • “Calm Touching” by Evaline (Jason) – iTunes
  • “Baby’s Romance” by Chris Garneau (Jeanine) – iTunes
  • “The Diva Dance” from The Fifth Element (Phillip)
  • “Kashira” by Kodo (Melissa) – iTunes
  • “Windowdipper” by Jib Kidder (Ade) – iTunes
  • “When Love Takes Over” by DJ David Guetta and Kelly Roland – iTunes
  • “Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson (girls’ goodbye) – iTunes
  • “On Your Own” by Green River Ordinance (guys’ goodbye) – iTunes

Live Blog and VIDEOS after the JUMP…

Group Dance: choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon – “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes – VIDEO

It’s Nigel Lythgoe’s 60th birthday. Happy Birthday Nigel!

The Michael Jackson special is NOT going to happen. Nigel heard yesterday that the music did not clear. SADS.

Next week, the judges relinquish control of who gets eliminated to AMERICA.

The first two couples take the stage: Caitlin and Jason and Janette and Brandon.   Is either in danger tonight? Footage of Caitlin and Jason receiving meh comments from the judges next to Janette and Brandon getting over-the-top tongue baths.   Pretty easy to predict how this goes down–Caitlin and Jason are in the Bottom 3. Janette and Brandon are SAFE. – VIDEO

Mary thinks Jason and Caitlin could not re-create the magic of Bollywood.   She says they both have to come out fighting with their solos.

After the break, Randi and Evan and Jeanine and Phillip take take the stage. One is in the bottom 3…and it’s NOT Randi and Evan. They are safe. Jeanine and Phillip are in the Bottom 3. – VIDEO

Nigel thinks the Russian Folk dance may have hurt Jeanine and Phillip with the voters, but stresses that the judges decide who they want to keep rather than who they want to eliminate and admits that by the time the contestants dance for their lives, the decision is pretty much made. Hm.

Melissa and Ade and Kayla and Kupono take the stage.   OMG!!!!! Kayla and Kupono are SAFE!!! Holy crap.   Melissa and Ade hit the Bottom 3 for the first time! – VIDEO

Tyce isn’t entirely surprised. He thinks Ade dropped the ball last night.

Video highlights of Season 6 are next.   Footage of the Boston auditions! YAY!   They preview a quirky Boston dancer named Teddy. – VIDEO

Tickets for the tour go on sale July 25!

The solos:

  • First up, Caitlin, (“Stand By Me” by Playing for Change) next it’s Jason (“Calm Touching” by Evaline), Jeanine is next (“Baby’s Romance” by Chris Garneau), and finally, Phillip (“The Diva Dance” from The Fifth Element) VIDEO
  • After the break, it’s Melissa (“Kashira” by Kodo) and then Ade (“Windowdipper” by Jib Kidder) – VIDEO

While the judges head back stage to deliberate, DJ David Guetta and Kelly Roland take the stage to perform “When Love Takes Over” – VIDEO

The judges are back!

The judges’ decision is unanimous, says Nigel. Everyone left needs to be stars, he says.   He tells Caitlin right away that she’s eliminated. No need to drag that shiz out. Aw. she’s crying.   Her goodbye vid plays. Kelly sings.

The guys’ decision is also unanimous.   He asks Phillip to step forward, and he’s eliminated! I was not expecting that. Nigel assures Phillip and Caitlin that they have a spot on the tour. – VIDEO


  • Janette and Brandon
  • Randi and Evan
  • Kayla and Kupono

Bottom 3:

  • Jason and Caitlin
  • Jeanine and Phillip
  • Melissa and Ade
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