So You Think You Can Dance – More Season 5 Top 8 Spoilers!

I reported the So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 spoilers earlier this week, but I’ve got more detailed information for you.

Read a spoiler recap at TWOP HERE.

@Chikezie_Eze was there and twittered “Wow… There is not a dry eye in the house. You guys will not believe what we, as an audience have just witnessed.” (Melissa and Ade’s contemporary was about breast cancer)

Jordin Spark’s “Battlefield” and Kris Allen’s “Heartless” were used in routines.   Wade Robson is going to be starring in Rama Lama on Thursday.

Ellen DeGeneres and Mia Michaels are guest judges.
Travis Wall is doing a group number this week (for this episode) to “Let It Rock”.

This week’s new couples dance two dances apiece, plus each dancer performs a solo:

Performance Order:

Travis Wall Group Routine – “Let it Rock”
Janette and Evan – Jazz by Sonya Tayeh
Jeanine and Brandon – Waltz by Hunter Johnson
Melissa and Ade – Cha Cha by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
Kayla and Jason – Broadway by Tyce DiOrio
Janette and Evan – Rumba by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin – “Heartless” by Kris Allen
Jeanine and Brandon – Pop Jazz by Laurie Ann Gibson – “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks
Melissa and Ade – Contemporary by Tyce DiOrio – “Women’s Work”
Kayla and Jason – Hip Hop by Shane Sparks

Some tidbits from Idol Forums:

“Melissa/ade contemp by tyce was to womans work and it was about breast cancer. Realllllly emotional. Mia really broke down, esp since her dads battle with cancer. Mary was xrying, nigel was teary. And said it better get a nom next year.”
“Trav’s group routine was futuristic and it was to “Let it Rock”. Nigel said no one stood out and they thought it was really good. They loved Travis again and Mia praised it but called it a bit competitiony and also called it a fun contemporary number. ”

“Jason and Kayla – Hip Hop – Nigel said it was the best from Shane and one of the best hip hops this season cause he’s been disappointed from hip hop this season. Mia also liked it and thought Jason did well.”

“Brandon and Jeanine – Waltz – The judges thought that it was the slowest piece of waltz choreo the show has had and it seemed really hard but they were fine in it but that they expected better as far as lines go cause they are contemporary dancers. They basically thought they weren’t too great but it had to do with the fact that the choreo was hard. However, Allz thought Jeanine was stunning. And the costumes reminded her of Dom and Jaimie. OH NO.”

“Brandon and Jeanine – Pop Jazz by Laurie Ann – The crowd went wild and the judges loved it. It was to Battlefield, btw. Mia was worried about them but she said that tonight they did it how Laurie would. She was saying how laurie ann everything she does comes from the soul so she expected them to dance like that and the routine was amazing. She called Brandon a powerhouse and said Jeanine was good for sticking with it but Allie thought she didn’t give Jeanine enough credit.”

“The Laurie Ann one had no theme, I mean they were dressed like army people, but Laurie Ann stated that there was no story behind it. Also, during that rehearsal, Laurie Ann was very tough. Jeanine was tearing up during rehearsal because it was tough.””Janette and Evan – Rumba – They all loved Janette but Nigel was on Evan’s ass the whole night. So in other words, yes the bus is coming it looks like. He was very rude says Allz. Ellen was saying that she loves Evan cause he is different and people in this city all look the same. (Lol wat I love Ellen) Mia also said she liked Evan and stuck up for him.” (plus, the Rumba was to “Heartless” by Kris Allen!   It was reported as “Falling Slowly” at first, but then the OP corrected herself.

“During the Janette & Evan Jazz it was like a battle kind of thing. Like in the video they showing all this movement of the two of them covering each others mouths. Janette was very good in it. I don’t really remember Evan. But the judges were saying that he had moments in the Rumba that they actually believed him, but they didnt see the passion in his face? But of course Janette was sultry and everything she should have been in that number.”

“In Jason & Kayla’s hip-hop he was a Zombie and she was his “mistress”. He was kinda like out to get her in a way? He ends up killing her in the end. Mia complimented him saying that she was glad that he was down and into it, and that it was better than his last hip hop.””Melissa and Ade – Cha Cha – Allie hated it. And the judges didn’t think it was great either.”

“Mia loves Janette and she is her favourite girl on the show. She told Jason to fix his hunched shoulders.”

“Ellen was not serious about all of her critiques, but she did not crack a joke after the contemporary by Tyce, she just said that it was wonderful to have witnessed it.”

About the solos:

Brandon performed to “Aint nothing wrong with that”.
Jeanine used “Let the Drummer Kick”.
Evan did his usual broadway solo and dropped his hat but made a clean recovery.
Ade’s solo was a lot like the “window sweeper” one.
Jason was back to his normal style.
Janette did Ballroom-Contemporary fusion for hers and it was very good.
Kayla’s solo was more controlled and slower.
Melissa’s solo was dumb and freaky styled.

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