So You Think You Can Dance – Milwaukee, WI Auditions

Last Week’s recap is up here, in case anyone is interested.

Tonight is the last of the audition episodes. Thank Jeebus. As much as I hate the AI auditions, these SYTYCD auditions are even more tedious. Tomorrow, 200 dancers compete in Vegas for 20 spots. Next week, the voting competitions begins, and I hear that’s when things get really good.

The first 20 minutes of the episode are spent featuring some left over auditions from the first 5 rounds.

More, including VIDEOS after the JUMP…

Best of the Rest

  • Michael Kim 21 – Boston Massachusetts – Washington DC – Video – Homeboy auditioned in Season 2, and got eliminated in Las Vegas dancing the salsa. The judges are so impressed with his “popping”, that they put him straight through to Vegas. Nigel admits thats not something that happens often with street dancers.
  • Katee Shean 19 – Orange Ca and Natalie Reid 22 – Orange Ca – Los Angeles, CA – Video – Best-friend backstory includes Katee and Natalie’s nightly workout, featuring much girl-on-girl action. Whatever. Both of them dance contemporary routines with Natalie’s being more on the edgy side. They both go straight to Vegas.
  • Janette Manara 24 Hilaleah, FL and Romulo Villaverde 19 – Hilaleah, FL – Washington DC – Video – They dance the salsa and they are pretty damn good. The judges like their tricks, but are critical of Romulo’s “leg work”. Both are advanced to choreography, but only Janette makes it through to Vegas.

Milwaukee Auditions

Milwaukee guest judges are Napoleon and Tabitha

Day One

  • Bianca Revels 19 – Chicago IL – Video -Her tap routine to contemporary music impresses the judges so much, they send her straight to Vegas.
  • James Davis – 25 – Crossville TN – Video – James introduces himself in such a self-important way, you know he’s full of it. He speaks of his 5 choreographers, and about how they are all sure he’s Top 20 material. After he performs a rudimentary, cliche-ridden routine, the judges shoot him down thoroughly. He doesn’t even seem fazed.
  • Evan Kasprzak 20 – West Bloomfield MI – Video – Evan performs an impressive routine, harkening back to the days of old movie musicals. The judges are so impressed with his Gene Kelly-inspired dance, they send him straight to Vegas. This routine was one of my favorites.
  • Victor Campos 29 – Champaign, IL – Video – “The conflict between individuality and society’s pressures” is what this Victor, calls his dance routine. Mary calls it “Crap Style”. For no apparent reason, Victor is dressed as Zoro.
  • Travis France 25 – Tampa FL – Video – Travis does a lot of jumping around and calls it dancing. He especially loves to touch his toes. It’s his signature move, employing it every chance he gets. Needless to say, Travis does not advance.
  • Kourtni Lind 18 – Sherman Oaks CA – Video – Her mom is her dance instructor. Kourtni performs a sullen, but mesmerizing contemporary routine. The judges rave, and she is sent straight to Hollywood. Nigel compares her to Uma Thurman.
  • Tom Kozal 24 – Fremont, MI – Video – Tom raises earless goats. It’s too bad his dancing isn’t up to snuff, because his routine was very charming.
  • Ashley Henry 25 – Muncie IN – Video – The judges love her enthusiasm so much, they advance her to choreography, despite the fact her dancing is a total hot mess. There’s some booty shaking going on!
  • Susie Garcia 24 – Miami FL – Video – She’s like the SYTYCD version of Charo. She’s a big blonde bombshell who dances passable Latin style. The judges are charmed. They advance her to choreography anyway.
  • Rebecca Hart 19 – Fresno CA – Video – After being rejected in LA two weeks before, she tries again in Milwaukee. The judges had said her style was too “competition”. When she comes back, she tones it down, and the judges are so impressed by her improvement, they send her straight to Vegas.
  • Brice Casimir 18 – Phoenix AZ – Video – Brice emigrated to the US from Africa two years ago. He goes to high school, and in his spare time, he works at a retirement community. The old folks love when he dances! The judges like some of his moves, but feel he isn’t connecting with his audience. They advance him to choreography.
  • ChoreographyVideo – The 20 dancers who advance to choreography strut their stuff. Brice Casimir does not advance, the moves are not “all there.” The wacky and wonderful Ashley Henry does not advance to Vegas either. But, she is not deterred. She’s already signed up for two ballet classes! Good luck with that. Susie Garcia the hot latin dancer, joins 11 other dancers who advance to Las Vegas. Now, it’s time for the Snuggles tm Happy Dance! Whee!

Day Two

  • Cooper Zamorano 19 – Los Angeles CA – Video – The judges compare him to Travis Wall, the former contestant who leads the choreography round. He’s sent straight to Vegas.
  • Yesenia Gomez 24 – Byron Center MI – Video – Yesnia and her friend Philip Courter come to the audition together. Yesenia was cut in Vegas last year, but the show inspired her to change her life. She lost 50 pounds. But, unfortunately, her knee gives out in the middle of her routine. She breaks down as she tells the judges about how her life had changed in the past year. The judges are moved, but considering their injury, they cannot advance her.
  • Philip Courter 20 – Battle Creek MI – Video – Philip is Yesnia’s friend. Last year, Nigel told him he was “one dimensional” and didn’t advance him. After performing an impressive B-boy routine, Nigel tells him he was 3 dimensional, and sends him straight to Vegas. Philip breaks down into tears as the judges praise him. He tells them that he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his friend Yesnia.
  • Raymond Love 22 – Grand Rapids MI – Video – Raymond is a minister, and he’s so uptight, that he can’t look his partner in the eyes while he dances with her. After Nigel instructs Raymond not to treat his partner like a piece of meat, he asks them to begin again. Nigel is still not satisfied with the results. Raymond goes into this odd explanation about the routine being biblically inspired, creeping out the judges even more. Nigel, however is impressed with Raymond’s choreography, and based on that, he advances him to the choreography round.
  • Hao Hou 27 – New Hope MI – Video – Hao’s African inspired routine is rejected by the judges, seemingly based on his skimpy outfit.
  • Lizz Plott 24 – Astoria NY – Video – Lizz ends the day as it began–with a sensational tap routine. Only, this routine is done a ‘cappella, and the judges go wild. Lizz is sent straight to Vegas.
  • Choreography – Video – Raymond Love didn’t impress the judges in choreography, but 11 other dancers are advanced to Vegas.
  • Mystery DancerVideoTravis Wall dresses in drag, and does a little dance for the judges. “You’re not Ryan Seacrest, are you?” asks Nigel.
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