So You Think You Can Dance – Miami Beach and Memphis Auditions

The So You Think You Can Dance auditions are in Miami and Memphis this week.

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Host Cat Deely is as awesome as ever!   The first hour of the show is devoted to the Miami Auditions, with Ty DiOrio

The Best of the Miami Auditions – Tyce Diorio, the Broadway choreographer is guest judge

Priscilla Marrero – Age 23 – Miami FL – Gorgeous dancer, beautiful lines, she goes straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Janette Manrara – Age 25 – Miami FL and Romulo Villaverde -Age 20 – Hialeah, FL – Janette made it to Vegas last year, while her partner Romulo did not.   They’re Latin ballroom routine improved so much, that both were sent straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Joseph Smith – Age 20 – Orlando FL – Crazy hip-hop guy wants to “schwam” everybody–it’s basically a hipped hopped version of the Italian evil eye. Tyce is only impressed with his gimicky hip-hop.   But it’s yes from everybody for choreography, eventually to Vegas. – VIDEO

By the end of the first day in Miami, 18 dancers moved on to Vegas

Erik “Silky” Moore – 23 – Age 19 – Oviedo, FL –   He does a hybrid of tap and hip hop, with a couple of Michael Jackson moves thrown in for good measure. The judges love it and send him straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Paris Torres – Age 19 – Seattle, WA – Paris is an exquisite contemporary dancer. Beautiful hands and feet, but Tyce thinks she needs to work on her performance.   But Mary and Nigel send her straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Geo Smith – Age 19 – Miami, FL – Who knew African dance could cause so much sexual innuendo. It’s all about Mary and the feathers.   It’s yes to choreography for Geo, then eventually on to Vegas! – VIDEO

Talia Rickards – Age 24 – Miami, FL – SYTYCD has it’s female Danny Gokey this year.   Except husband died in a tragic motorcycle accident–two years ago.   There’s no fresh grief here.   She’s got all that behind her, and is ready to move ahead with her life. Nigel tells her not to pull faces.   He and Mary both felt there wasn’t much substance to her routine.   But they send her along to choreography.   She impresses enough there, to make it to Vegas. – VIDEO

Thirty-two dancers from Florida are headed to Vegas…

The Best of the Memphis auditions — with one of my fav judges from last year, hip hop dancer Lil C as guest judge.

Marico Flake – Age 24 – Memphis, TN – Police officer by day, Memphis Jukin dancer by night.   He performs this Memphis-style hip hop in it’s purist form, impressing all the judges. They are so impressed, they send him straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Caitlin Kinney – Age 21 – Annapolis MD – Her sister auditioned in Miami (we didn’t see her audition) and Cailin would love to join her in Vegas. She’s a beautiful, emotional contemporary dancer. A former gymnist, she’s only been dancing for 5 years. Plus, she’s had hip reconstruction.   She tears up a little when the judges compliment her. Just like her sister, she sent straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Six more dancers from the first day of Memphis advance to Vegas.

Anna Dunn – Age 18 – Jackson, MS – Her dad killed himself a year ago, so she pours herself into dance.   Nigel and Mary criticize her herky-jerky routine, but see some artistry there anyway.   But it’s Lil C that gets to her.   He reveals that his father also committed suicide, and advises her to tap into the pain. She begins to cry.   They send her to choreographer. There, she does enough to make it to Vegas. – VIDEO

Travis Prokop – Age 20 – Texaco, NM – Travis is a dancer, and probably gay, though it isn’t said.   His dad is the football coach at his high school.   Yikes, right? Except dad is really cool and supports his son all the way.   The judges like him, but think he needs more strenght.   They send him on to choreography where he does enough for a ticket to Vegas. – VIDEO

Evan Kasprzak – Age 21 – West Bloomfield, MI – Evan’s back! Yay!   He’s that wonderful Gene Kelly like jazz dancer that almost made the Top 20 last year.   This year, he’s auditioning with his older brother who taught him all his moves.   Evan dazzles the judges again and is sent straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Lauren & Lydia Guerra – Age 19 – Dallas, TX –   They’re twins with very different dancing styles.   They are both sent to choreography, and at first it’s not clear that they will both make it to Vegas.   But, after a bit of a fake out, they do. – VIDEO

Ryan Kasprzak – Age 29 – Astoria, NY – Last but not least, it’s Evan’s brother Ryan and he dances a delightful tap rountine with a whoopie cushion.   After some deliberation, and much to the delight of little brother Evan, Ryan is sent straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Fifteen dancers make it to Vegas from Day 2 of the Memphis auditions.

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