So You Think You Can Dance – Los Angeles and Seattle Auditions

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The Best of the LA Auditions – Hairspray’s Adam Shankman is guest judge!   Joshua’s in the house!

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Bianca Revels – Age 20 – Detroit MI – She’s a fabulous tap dancer who nearly made it to the Top 20 Season 4.   The judges, full of praise, send her strait to Las Vegas. Mary calls her the best female tap dancer they’ve ever had on the show. – VIDEO

Calico Sequeira – Age 30 – Irvine CA – She’s a middling Lindy Hop dancer, but that’s not why I’m posting this clip. In the end, after they reject her, she invites Adam Shankman on stage to dance with her.   After, Joshua and some other SYTYCD alums take the judges seats to critique him. Very cute. – VIDEO

Asuka Kondoh – Age 25 – Irvine CA   and Ricky Sun – Age 28 – Irvine CA – They dance International Latin Ballroom and it’s the second time around for these kids. Asuka is another one who nearly made it to the Top 20 Season 4.   The judges love her in particular, but they both advance straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Nathan Trasoras – Age 17 – Downey CA – Nathan is a tremendous, gifted dance.   One problem.   At 17, he’s too young for the competition.   But, with the next season of SYTYCD starting up in the fall, and his 18th birthday happening in between, it’s all good.   Nigel gave him a ticket to Vegas to be used Season 6. – VIDEO

24 dancers advance to Vegas at the end of Day One

Sammy Ramirez – Age 19 – Hollister CA – Former wrestler, but now popper and locker, boasts an infectious smile and impressive moves.   The judges send him on to choreography, where he shows ability to take direction. Yay! He’s on to Vegas. – VIDEO

Amanda Kerby – Age 20 – Riverside CA – Very pretty blond, decent dancer–her dad was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was in second grade.   She’s sent straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Phillip Chbeeb and Arielle Coker – Age 19 – Corpus Christi TX – Arielle’s partner Phillip, who was supposed to be in Vegas last season but couldn’t after he came down from pneumonia. For that, he got a ticket to Vegas before he danced a step.   The two of them choreographed a really clever routine.   Philip is going to be one to watch for sure.   She’s got the backstory–her family was in a terrible car accident–her mom spent months in the hospital.   After their performance she got her own ticket to Vegas. – VIDEO

Nineteen dancers from Day 2 make it to Vegas.

The Best of the Seattle Auditions – Contemporary dancer, Mia Michaels is guest judge

The last hour of the show was devoted to really bad dancing–there doesn’t seem to be much talent in Seattle.

Kelsea Taylor – Age 18 – Millcreek WA –   The judges advance the quirky Kelsea on to choreograpy and then on to Vegas. – VIDEO

Only 4 contestants from Day One advance to Vegas.

Kuponohi’ipoi Aweau – Age 23 – Kailua, HI – He’s got an unpronouncable name, and the judges aren’t completely sold on his dancing–Mary thinks it’s too feminine in spots–but they advance him to choreography, where he manages to earn a ticket to Vegas. – VIDEO

Leonid Knyshov – Age 29 – Kiev, Ukraine – After Leonid’s rountine, which consists of a bunch of sh*tty rave moves, Nigel has the bright idea to set him up in a dance-off with that nut-bar “Sex” who shows up with his mother every year to audition.   The drawn-out set up, plus the dance-off eat up the last 20 minutes of the show.   The talent in Seattle must have really sucked.   Nigel sends “Sex” off to choreography to teach him a lesson–of course it’s lost on him–after he bombs he and his mom are all “see ya next year!”   If you really want to teach him a lesson, Nigel, stop putting him on TV. –Part 1Part 2

Nine Seattlers from Day 2 advance to Vegas–169 altogether.

Next week, the dancers compete in Vegas where the Top 10 male and Top 10 female dancers will be revealed.

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