So You Think You Can Dance 8 – Top 8 – Videos & Recap

This week’s guest judges will be Lady Gaga and director and choreographer Rob Marshall. Tonight’s awesome All-Star lineup will be Lauren Froderman, Anya Garnis, Jaimie Goodwin, Lauren Gottlieb, Neil Haskell, Ivan Koumaev, Pasha Kovalev and Ade Obayomi.

Tomorrow night, Lady Gaga will perform with the dance group LXD (Saw them on tour with Glee. They are awesome).

ETA:  So impressed with tonight’s show. There wasn’t a bad routine in the bunch.   The remaining 8 dancers all bring something wonderful to the table. I’m going to hate saying goodbye to the two dancers who are sent home tomorrow night.

Judge Lady Gaga not only offered up some incisive critiques, but she was entertaining as hell while doing it, without hogging the spotlight (which I was afraid she’d do).  With the contestants, she was gentle, praising them in the most generous ways possible, or offering up constructive criticism. She was quicker to blame the choreographers when a routine went wrong. Man, she hates Nappy Tabs.  In so many words, she called their routines fake and contrived with their use of props completely unnecessary.  She also criticized Jason Gilkerson’s rumba, probably the least successful routine of the night.

I’ve been watching SYTYCD since Season 4, and Season 8 could very well turn out to be my favorite of all.

I am live blogging tonight’s show right here!

The dancers will be paired up with an All-star and the with each other for 12 “mindblowing” performances!

Cat introduces the panel. Rob Marshall and then…LADY GAGA! OMG her outfit. She is not disappointing me. Gaga sits on the end next to Nigel, Rob is on the other end next to Mary.

Videos via IdolXFactor

Sasha and Pasha – Quickstep – Jonathan Roberts – “Puttin on the Ritz” – Sasha and Pasha! Easy to remember! Holy cow is there anything Sasha can’t do? She is flipping AMAZEBALLS. A dynamo, so much energy, grace and skill. Rob calls Sasha astonishing and “It’s so nice to see you in heels.” Mary says she “absolutely pulled it off” and magnificent stage presence that just creates this vision. Knees need to be a little bit softer, but she’s the best at holding her position, says Mary.  Nigel says Sasha IS HIS FAVORITE DANCER. By a hairs breath, and he may change his mind next week. But still. He found her a little stiff, but feels she put on a 5 star performance. Gaga “You are as shiny on the inside as the outside.” Gaga liked her approach, could have been a little bit looser, but still beautiful. – 1-888-836-7601

Caitlyn and Ivan – Lyrical Hip Hop – Marty Kudelka“Let Me Love You” by Mario – I liked Caitlyn better than the judges did, but I have to admit I could not take my eyes off of Ivan. He is amazing! Mary is so happy to see Ivan. “He’s so brilliant!” He was pretty awesome. Caitlyn wasn’t brilliant, but hung in there with Ivan. Nigel says she should watch Ivan to develop her swag. “Open your legs a little more” insert joke from Gaga! He thought she stayed in character and played the part well. Gaga thinks Caitlyn is sexy, and made a great connection. Thought she brought the routine to life, but needed to rely on her center more. Rob thought she did great and she’s infectious. Lose yourself more in the dance, says Rob. Like Gaga! – 1-888-836-7602

Jordan and Ade – Jazz – Tyce Diorio – “Nutbush City Limits” by Tina Turner – Wow. This is HOT. Another incredible week for Jordan. This is her style and she’s KILLING IT. So sexy. Ade is MAGNIFICENT. *fanning self*. Good choreo. Nigel says is there anything that little body can’t do. Such a fun routine. You’re a fabulous dancer. Well done. Gaga “honey you gave me so much hope…it’s no surprise I’m quite short…you are so fabulous all I could stare at was your legs. You looked right in the camera and said baby I’m a star!” Gaga makes a joke about a fashion catheter. (!!!) Rob thought the choreo was beautiful. You are what I love, says Rob, You dance with such abandon. Mary screams!!!! Tyce is a badass. You flourish under these strong female roles, says Mary. “It’s astonishing on how far you can take yourself.” – 1-888-836-7603

Melanie and Neil – Contemporary – Mandy Moore – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – That was a beautifully choreographed routine. Wow. Melanie and Neil are gorgeous, fluid, incredible. Melanie has no inhibitions whatsoever. She holds nothing back. Fantastic. Gaga tells Melanie she’s her favorite. I would hire you tomorrow to dance on my tour. there’s something so athletic, passionate and beautiful–you’re a star. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. Rob calls what she does poetic, flawless and who she is comes across. Exquisite to watch. You were an actress. Mary says she takes us on a journey. Fearless. Mandy Moore did an amazing job. Look for an Emmy. Nigel has a new favorite dancer. Melanie is NOW HIS NEW FAVORITE DANCER. Oy. Nigel is quoting Ellen Degeneres, who is in the audience. “You nailed it.” Melanie repeats that incredible leap into Neil’s arms as she leaves the stage. – 1-888-836-7604

Ricky and Anya – Jive – Jason Gilkerson  – “River Deep Mountain High” by Celine Dion – Ricky is completely out of his element here, but he’s doing his thing. He and Anya are kind of a mismatch–Ricky is delicate vs Anya’s earthiness. Rob thinks his smile lights up the room. Dances with such joy, technique is out of this world. I would dig in a little deeper, Rob tells him. You are a star. Mary wasn’t quite sure at the beginning, but as he went along, he got better, a labored lift, but overall, great job. Nigel felt he was too “tall”. One lift felt really labored–like a slab of meat. Gaga moves away! That smile lifts everything, says Nigel. Gaga has a sweet spot for Ricky. She loves that he’s “high”, strong, nimble and quick. Anya seemed a little “Dancing with the Stars”, to Gaga, but Ricky felt modern. – 1-888-836-7605

Tickets for the tour go on stage on July 29.

Jess and Lauren G. – Lyrical Hip Hop – Nappy Tabs – “Take a Bow” by Rihanna – Jess plays the boyfriend who tries to apologize, but to no avail. Mary says Jess gets better and better, he felt his performance tonight was honest, came from his soul. He’s opening up more every week. He had the swag tonight. Nigel agrees. Jess has matured. Thinks Jess did not overplay his performance. Gaga has respect for him because she went to school for theater. She didn’t love the choreography, but felt his performance rose above it. Didn’t feel he was acting for the sake of acting. Rob has known Jess since he was a little boy. He was in the Grinch on Broadway! Simple and pure and beautiful, says Rob. – 1-888-836-7606

Tadd and Lauren F. – Jazz – Mandy Moore – “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen – Masterminds about to pull off a heist! Tadd and Lauren are well matched in this Jazz number. Very sexy, cool. It reminded me a bit of “West Side Story”. Nigel thinks the style suits him “Michael Jacksonesque” calls Mandy incredible. Nigel goes on his B-Boy rant–never had lessons Blah blah blah. “You will not be biting the dust this week young man.” Gaga thought it was amazing, loved the styling. Wished Lauren’s shirt was buttoned up a little more to emphasize the androgyny. Loves that Tadd doesn’t allow himself to be boxed in. Rob says a mark of a real pro is to keep going in the face of mistakes. “You surprise us, ” he says, “You are very special.” Mary thinks he was cool up there. A young Elvis Presley. Swag like nobody else. You are going to land yourself in the finale, says Mary. – 1-888-836-7607

Marko and Allison – Contemporary – Sonya Tayeh. “I Know It’s Over” by Jeff Buckley – The dance is about regret and making things right. WOW. Marko dances with such passion and heart. He’s such a deep, emotional performer. Love that. Allison is also spectacular. That was my favorite routine of the night. GORGEOUS. Standing O GAGA IS CRYING. Gaga, “I’m just so proud of you, ” she says through tears, “You really love to dance. I know your mom’s here. There were so so many things I did wrong when I was younger. I felt everything you did. You’ve got it” Marko is crying. His mom just flew in from Guam. “I was a brat. I wanted to say some things…I’m sorry and I love you.” OK. Now I’m crying. Rob says Allison is amazing. An incredible partnership, so fluid, so beautiful, he says. “You bring yourself to it.” Mary says, “honest, sincere, you are by far my favorite dancer on the show.” Nigel says, “We just saw a moment that’s more than the competition. It’s a remarkable moment that he can turn around and say “I love you”. Nigel suggests we say “I love you” to our loved ones before it’s too late – 1-888-836-7608

Clarissa and Tadd – Foxtrot – Jonathan Roberts – It’s classic Foxtrot! “Top Hat and Tails” by Ella Fitzgerald – Tadd is surprisingly elegant here. Very nice. Rob calls it “sparkling” Elegant, beautiful and stylish–like a black and white musical. Mixed reaction from Mary–she wants more power in the base. Closed position is trouble. Side by side is better. Still–it’s a good effort. Nigel was just in heaven watching them. Gaga really loved it. The flower was everything! Gaga loved the “lean back”. “Hello I’m a star, ” it says. But Gaga suggests Clarissa watch her “trophy hands”. Gaga puts away her trophys–pretends she doesn’t have them. “Keep working that flower, honey.”

Marko and Ricky – Hip Hop – Tabitha and Napoleon – “Bad Boy For Life” – Waste management technicians! Mary says, I LOVED IT. Another fabulous routine. WOOOOW. The world would be cleaner if everybody could dance with brooms like that. Nigel couldn’t believe how nasty Marko looked! Ariel swipe was fantastic. Ricky was still a little high. Nigel thinks Ricky will be in the bottom. Gaga will vote for Ricky! She thinks they are both incredible dancers. She thought the interpretation of Hip Hop was a little contrived. Doesn’t like the props. Thinks the duo made it special. Rob makes sure to compliment Nappy Tabs. (After the Gaga diss. SHE HATES THEM) Rob is impressed by their range. “You are both stars, ” he says. I want Gaga to come by every week just to hate on Nappy Tabs.

Jordan and Jess – Rumba – Jason Gilkerson – “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele – Well, that was…just OK. Neither dancer looked very comfortable in this style. This dance might put them in the bottom this week, despite dancing beautifully earlier in the show. Nigel compliments one of Jess’s lifts, but notes a lack of chemistry. Jordan needs to keep her back straight, he says. Gaga says there was nothing wrong with it–some beautiful moments. She would have interpreted the song differently, but she thinks they did a beautiful job. Rob thinks they brought out the best in each other. They both sing! “So Broadway” is not a diss–he sees big theater careers for both. Mary also loved the lift, one of the best all season. They needed more connection through the arms. Sensuality was beautiful, but not to the highest level.

Melanie & Sasha – Jazz – Sonya Tayeh – “Game On” by District 78 – Two sensational artists performing together to a routine by the incredible Sonya. I AM IN HEAVEN. TWO STRONG WOMEN. I am loving it. GO GIRLS. Standing O! Gaga throws her shoe at the stage! Ha ha ha! “That was the performance of the evening. That was the future, YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY, ” says Gaga. Rob calls it “unbelievable” and compliments Sonya. “Unbelievable, ” he says. Mary says, “Talk about strength and power…best number of the night, best number Sonya has ever done. You guys brought the power with elegance and strength. Masterpiece.” Nigel calls it fantastic. “You are Sasha Fierce!” Nigel now will not choose between them. “Sonya, you unleashed the beast in these girls.” The duo bows to Sonya. More shoe throwing! Nigel thinks either one could be this year’s champion.

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