So You Think You Can Dance 2022 Recap: Top 3 Revealed!

So You Think You Can Dance JoJo Siwa, Stephen “tWitch” Boss Leah Remini
L-R: Judges JoJo Siwa, Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Leah Remini CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

After a night full of star-studded performances featuring SYTYCD All Stars last week, the Top 6 will perform three times tonight before three contestants are sent packing and the Top 3 is revealed!

Cat Deeley reveals that the contestants will be going head to head in their performances tonight in groups of two.

Ladies Group Performance

So You Think You Can Dance Essence, Ralyn and Alexis
L-R: Contestants Essence, Ralyn and Alexis  CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Ralyn, Essence and Alexis join each other in the rehearsal studio to learn a group number with a beauty parlor theme.

It’s like a Hip Hop version of “Beauty School Dropout” from Grease! Alexis is an impressive Hip Hop dancer for a Ballroom dancer, and you can tell it’s not Ralyn’s strong suit but she did really well keeping up.

tWitch says Essence was in her moment and he hoped to see more from Alexis. Leah says she disagrees with tWitch. JoJo says she agrees with Leah, but she noticed the stamina fall toward the end.

Guys Group Performance

So You Think You Can Dance Keaton, Carter and Beau
 L-R: Contestants Keaton, Carter and Beau  CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Carter, Keaton and Beau find out they’re doing a Broadway performance. Keaton seems to struggle with the style while Carter is advised to smooth it out.

Carter and Beau shine in this style while Keaton definitely lacks something. It’s a cute concept, especially for a Broadway dance.

Leah says there was so much energy that Keaton almost fell off the stage. JoJo says they each outshined each other during it. tWitch reiterates to the audience how important their role is tonight when it comes to voting.

Ralyn, Carter and Beau – Contemporary

So You Think You Can Dance Beau, Carter and Ralyn
 L-R: Contestants Beau, Carter and Ralyn  CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

The three prepare for their group contemporary number.

Inspired by a love triangle, this piece allows Ralyn to shine in her style. Beau has proven was an excellent Contemporary dancer he is. Carter also seems to easily perfect most styles when he performs.

JoJo says some dances are danced, and some dances are works of art, and this was a work of art. tWitch says it was beautiful, but he expected more from Beau. Leah says she specifically loved the corkscrew move.

Essence, Keaton and Alexis – Jazz

So You Think You Can Dance Alexis, Keaton Essence
L-R: Contestants Alexis, Keaton and Essence  CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Essence says she struggled with everything while learning this Jazz. They then attempt to spy on their competition to get in the character of spies for the performance.

Despite being similar to a Broadway style, Keaton shines brighter in this style. Essence (to my surprise) seems to struggle with anything that isn’t Hip Hop, which is disappointing. Alexis, however, nails most styles, including this one.

tWitch says Alexis redeemed herself. Leah compliments Essence on nailing it. JoJo tells Essence there are mistakes that are tough to look past at this point, and Alexis and Keaton are a good partnership.

Carter vs. Alexis

Carter and Alexis are saddened to have to go head to head because they’re best friends and hoped to make it to the end together.

Carter starts with some Jive kicks and flicks and insanely impressive pirouettes! – VIDEO

Alexis goes a more Tango/Latin route, which is where her dancing talents directly lie. – VIDEO

JoJo says they’re both unreal. The other two judges do not speak.

Essence vs. Ralyn

The two compliment each other, but Essence reveals that she knows Ralyn won’t hold back, so neither will she.

Essence makes her comeback with this solo, shining in her style of Hip Hop, and runs back to hug Ralyn before her solo. – VIDEO

Ralyn shines in Contemporary, but like Essence, mainly shines in her style. – VIDEO

tWitch says Essence has attacked style after style and Ralyn has a smile that lights up the room.

Keaton vs. Beau

Beau says he knows exactly who he is, while Keaton talks about all his hard work to continue his dance training.

Beau has such an enjoyable and theatrical way of dancing; a way you can’t help but enjoy every time he hits the stage, and this solo is no exception. – VIDEO

Keaton has been consistently impressive every week, and performs something between a Contemporary and a Jazz for his solo. – VIDEO

Leah says Beau should be proud of himself, and the two of them are fine examples for any little boys out there who want to dance.

The three competing next week are… Alexis, Essence and Keaton!

Sad to see Ralyn, Beau and Carter go home. See you all next Wednesday when the Top 3 perform!

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