So You Think You Can Dance 2022 Recap: Top 10 Revealed!

So You Think You Can Dance
L-R: Contestants Alexis and Keaton dance a Cha-Cha routine on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Cr: Michael Becker

SYTYCD 2022 Recap: The Season 17 Top 12 perform, Top 10 Revealed

Happy Wednesday! Ashley here, and I’m excited to be back to live blog the first episode of the studio round of So You Think You Can Dance!Last week, the show celebrated its 300th episode while also revealing the Top 12. Vying for the win are James “Lord Finn” Thomas, Virginia Crouse, Jordan Betscher, Waverly Fredericks, Anna Miller, Beau Harmon., Thiago Pacheco, Essence Wilmington, Carter Williams, Ralyn Johnson, Keaton Kermode and Alexis Warr.

It’s going to be a competition full of Contemporary dancers with some Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballroom sprinkled in, and tonight, pairs will compete in the style of their female partners.

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The episode begins with a group number to “Aura” by Lady GaGa with the contestants all dressed alike, with wigs and makeup on so you can’t tell who anyone is…

It’s nice to finally see more of Cat Deeley! She announces that after the night’s performances, one male and one female will be eliminated.

Ralyn & Carter – Contemporary

After almost being eliminated last week, Carter says it going to make him work even harder, despite struggling with the style of Contemporary.

You can definitely tell Contemporary isn’t Carter’s strong suit, but he kept up with Ralyn almost flawlessly. Ralyn is a beautiful dancer and could have owned the stage all by herself.

Leah says Carter did not have a problem connecting to the dance, but wishes Ralyn was more of a leader. JoJo says Ralyn was powerful and compliments Carter’s barefoot pirouette. tWitch says a number like this is why SYTYCD has won Emmy’s.

Alexis & Keaton – Cha Cha

Alexis and Keaton are joined by last season’s DWTS winner Daniella Karagach and pro Pasha Pashkov to help them choreograph their Cha Cha.

For someone who specializes in Contemporary, Keaton is a hell of a ballroom dancer. Not sure he quite led the dance as would be expected for the male in a Cha Cha pairing, but he kept up with Alexis’ talent.

JoJo says Keaton was a great ballroom partner. tWitch says Alexis owned it and he’s so proud of Keaton for learning ballroom in a week. Leah says they worked great as a team.

Virginia & James – Contemporary

Virginia says it was terrifying to be in jeopardy last week. James says he wants to make Virginia’s thing (Contemporary) his thing too. James also says he had to overcome being homeless while Virginia had to experience being taken advantage of by a dance teacher, and being vulnerable in this dance rehashes those old feelings.

This felt like a very strong and lively Contemporary compared to your average piece. Virginia nailed the vulnerability while James played off her emotions well.

tWitch says it was a beautiful job. Leah tells James not to shy away from the dance and wanted to see more of Virginia fighting the pain. JoJo says it felt more like a solo and found herself only watching Virginia and James was only in it 50%.

Jordan & Waverly – Jazz

Waverly says Jazz is a style he’s never done much of before, but as two New Yorkers, the piece will have some New York flare.

I absolutely loved the contrast in Waverly’s red shoes with Jordan’s yellow heels. You could definitely see the Rockette in Jordan throughout this. For someone who’s never done Jaz, Waverly, as expected, just about nailed it.

Leah says Waverly was in it and Jordan was great. JoJo says this is what a 50/50 partnership looks like. tWitch says it felt like movie magic.

Anna & Beau – Contemporary

Anna says this is the first time she gets to show her emotional side. Beau says at this point everyone is good, and worries if they don’t perfect the piece, they could be in the bottom.

They were perfectly in sync when they needed to be. It as a beautiful and emotional piece. Anna is such a good Contemporary dancer and Beau continues to blow my mind every time I see him.

JoJo says this partnership is one of her favorites, and it drives her insane how American may think Beau won’t have good technique when he keeps up so well with Anna. tWitch says they bring emotional intelligence as a couple. Leah says she loves how Beau took care of his partner in the package, and they’re magical together.

Essence & Thiago – Hip Hop

Thiago says he’s worried because he hasn’t had the life-long training Essence has had.

Thiago has nothing to worry about in my opinion, he hit every single move. As for Essence, I’ll say it again: this girl is going to win the whole thing. Such a fun routine and this is personally my favorite partnership!

tWitch assures everyone that Hip Hop needs to have bounce and groove and they both accomplished that. Leah says they found their light here. JoJo says she didn’t even need to write notes.

It’s now time for the studio audience to vote…

The four dancers in danger are… Jordan, James, Virginia and Waverly.

The dancers going home are… Virginia and James.

The right call, Jordan and Waverly were far too good to go so soon. I’ll be back next Wednesday for the next round of competition!

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