So You Think You Can Dance 2022 Recap: Season 17 Auditions 2

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Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time for another round of auditions on Season 17 of So You Think You Can Dance!

Last week introduced everyone to the show’s new judges – tWitch, JoJo Siwa and Matthew Morrison – while showcasing several aspiring dancers, and tonight’s episode will continue with more auditions.

James “Lord Finn” Thomas – 26 – California

James says street performing brought him out as a performer, and he competed on Season 11 of SYTYCD at 18 before getting eliminated in the choreo round.

James auditions with what he calls a “plethora of things,” including Freestyle, Hip Hop, Poppin, etc. He dances with unbelievable joint movements that makes the audience cringe, but JoJo says she’s obsessed with it.

tWitch says yes, JoJo says yes, Matthew says yes

Brianna Grey – 24 – California

Brianna was introduced as James “Lord Finn” Thomas’ girlfriend and plans to represent both herself and street dance.

Brianna adds some cute flare to her audition while having a similar style as James, but more flowy and less bone-breaky, and ends with a peace sign.

tWitch says yes, JoJo says yes, Matthew says yes

Jordin Suwalski – 18 – Illinois

Jordin dances Contemporary

tWitch says yes, JoJo says yes, Matthew says yes

Shafar DelGado – 21 – New York

Shafar dances Hip Hop.

tWitch says yes, JoJo says yes, Matthew says yes

Carter Williams – 20 – Utah

Carter dances ballroom with a partner, particularly some Jive.

tWitch says yes, JoJo says yes, Matthew says yes

Keaton Kermode – 20 – Indiana

Keaton says he played football in high school and that when people first see him, they don’t think he’s a dancer. He says he got into dancing through his mom because she owns a dance studio, and considers football his hobby but dance his passion.

Keaton dances a beautiful and unexpected Contemporary to a country song with some pirouettes and flawless floor work.

tWitch says yes, JoJo says yes, Matthew says yes

Alexis Warr – 21 – Utah

Alexis dances some solo ballroom before being joined by a partner.

tWitch says yes, JoJo says yes, Matthew says yes

Beau Harmon – 23 – Georgia

Beau introduces us to his small hometown of Kennesaw, GA and says people who grow up there, stay there. He says he had to sign a contract every year of school that he couldn’t be gay despite being a queer person, and that dance and theater gave him the outlet to be himself.

Beau starts his musical theater audition with jazz hands and brings his personality to every single step.

tWitch says yes, JoJo says yes, Matthew says yes

Jermaine Barber – 30 – New York

Jermaine says he’s a crumper, as well as a 7th grade English teacher. He says he’s auditioning for SYTYCD so his students can see that there’s a bigger world out there.

Jermaine flies across the floor with his moves, like a wilder tWitch. Very energetic, but had its boring moments.

tWitch says no, JoJo says no, Matthew says yes

Ohiole Dibua – 23 – Maryland

Ohiole dances Hip Hop.

We only hear Matthew say no.

Camryn Bridges – 19 – Missouri

Camryn dances Jazz.

We only hear JoJo say no.

Austin Lee – 18 – Florida

Austin dances Jazz.

We only hear Matthew say no.

Alyssa-Marie Muna – 20 – California

Alyssa-Marie does Ballet.

We only hear tWitch say no.

Zyiasia Knighton – 19 – Massachusetts

Zyiasia says she’s an EMT, an ER patient care technician, a member of the Massachusetts International Guard, a full-time student, and trains in ballet. We see Zyiasia dancing in her EMT outfit and it’s a beautiful scene.

Zyiasia dances a beautiful contemporary and really knows how to move her body to let it flow with the music.

tWitch says yes, JoJo says yes, Matthew says yes

What a way to end the night! Not sure what the video situation will be this week, so keep an eye out for possible videos of tonight’s auditions, and be sure to join me back here next Wednesday!

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