So You Think You Can Dance 12 Top 16 Power List

Last week, I made a Top 18 power list, and I had Derek, Kate, and Moises as the bottom 3 Team Stage dancers with Derek going home. Instead, Moises went home, Derek was safe, and Edson wound up in the bottom. For Team Street, I had Ariana, Neptune, and Asaf in the bottom. Instead, Neptune was safe, Burum was in the bottom and eliminated. So, going forward, here’s my new power list. I’m aiming for a bit more accuracy.

1) Jaja-
I had her at #1 last week too. This week, she tackled a really emotional contemporary piece, and nailed it. Even though Virgil was strong, so was Jaja, so neither changes ranks this week.

2) Virgil
Another strong week for Virgil. He and Jaja both made some distance between themselves and the rest of their competitors. If Virgil and Hailee remained a pair, I think Virgil could overtake Jaja.

3) Megz
I think Megz performed really strong in her number, even if the number itself wasn’t quite as well received by the judges. Going forward, she’s got two BEAST competitors above her. Every dance needs to be a “moment”. Even if she has to drag her scene partners across kicking and screaming.

4) Neptune
The dark horse of the moment. America loves the underdog, and both he and Ariana are starting to emerge as that for Team Street.

5) Ariana
Bottom 3 two weeks running. Will her fierce dance this past week finally save her? Or is she doomed to repeat history a third time?

6) Yorelis
She was just kinda “meh” last week, and I think people don’t have a reason right now to rally behind Yorelis. I think she might need a wakeup call, but of the three I’m predicting, I think she’s most likely to be saved by either America or the Judges.

7) JJ
I’m starting to feel that JJ is a bit overrated. She needs to have a breakthrough moment fast, or she’ll be the second girl to leave Team Street. She’s just being out performed right now on all cylinders. Part of it has to do with editing and judges comments. She seems to be coasting through everything on neutral, almost like the show is ready to sacrifice her. Hopefully she won’t be sacrificed in favor of Asaf.

8) Asaf
Honestly, the fact that I’m still ranking him annoys me. If you’re going to save Asaf over Burum, the least you could do is show us a Dance For Your Life, because everything that we’re seeing at home shows us that Asaf is whiny, untrained, and incompetent. Either edit him better, or save time for solos. America is going to need to see Asaf break for his life if you’re going to send another member of Team Street home in his stead.

1) Hailee-
Hailee stole the week last week for Team Stage. If her and Virgil became a permanent pair, I think it could send her to the finale. The chemistry they had was perfect. That’s a pairing everyone could get behind.

2) Gaby
I think Gaby added another checkmark next to her name this week, but she didn’t steal the show like Hailee did. It doesn’t help that your number actually ended up sending someone home.

3) Alexia
Most people will remember Jaja for that piece, but I think Alexia also did a lot to move herself up the ranks as well. SYTCYD is very week-to-week and you survive based on “moments”. If Alexia can keep having moments, she’ll go far.

4) Jim
I think Jim had enough padding to survive one disappointing dance, but he’s going to need to turn it around 100% if he plans on claiming that #1 spot again. Voters can be forgiving of a bad routine or two, but you’re allowing your competitors to pick up steam in your stead, which will hurt your chances in the long run. Every week counts.

5/6) Kate/Derek-
Really these two are a tie for me, because I can’t decide who did enough to avoid the bottom three. Both dancers had good routines, but IMO, they were BOTH overshadowed by the dancers they were paired with. Both of them could use more emotion in their dancing. Gun to my head… I’d say Kate is safe and Derek isn’t, because Kate will get a few extra votes having just been in the bottom 3 from her superfans. It might be enough to edge her to safety.

7) Marissa-
Her dance last week. Not great. Whether or not they save her next week will have a lot to do with what she does with her routine coming up. Hopefully she’s going to kill it.

8) Edson
I’m not saying Edson’s going home. I think the bottom 3 for Team Stage is a lot harder than Team Street, and will come down to the routines. They are pretty evenly matched. Edson might be safe, and Kate might go home. I’m putting Edson at the bottom because I’m most certain he won’t be able to pull himself to safety next week. He carried his routine, but that ended up being one of the most forgettable routines of the night.

Join me Monday night as we lose two more dancers (Asaf and…). Comment below with who you think is going home!

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