Sizing up the American Idol 10 Top 12 Guys

arrives at Idol Prom: The "American Idol" Season Ten Top 24 Debut event at the Roosevelt Hotel on February 24,  2011 in Hollywood,  California.

Based on their performances so far, here’s how I think the American Idol 10 Top 12 guys are shaping up so far.  Their is a lot of talent in this group. I think the competition for spots in the Top 12 will be fierece! What do you think?  Read more after the jump.

Brett Loewenstern – He’s got a counter-tenor that reminds me a bit of Chris Colfer on Glee. And like the character Colfer plays, Brett’s backstory has him overcoming school bullies.  Lots of kids will identify with his story.  His quirky personality and mass of red curly hair (which he whips around when he sings according to Idol spoilers) will either endear him to people…or not.  Still, he could become a fan favorite. The judges seem to love him.

Casey Abrams – He’s an early front runner.  He’s plays the upright bass and has a bluesy original style. But, will he prove to be too retro for Idol? More importantly, could his recent health problems derail his march to the crown?  If his health holds up, I think he’s a lock for the Top 12.

Clint Gamboa –  Honestly, I don’t think Clint has a snowball’s chance in hell of overcoming his evil Hollywood week edit.  He was so mean to poor childlike Jacee Badeaux. Despite picking him for the Top 24, the judges never gave him a chance for redemption during his Green Mile interview.  Stick a fork in him, people.

James Durbin – He’s going to be one of Idol’s polarizing figures. People seem to love or hate him already. There are those who appreciate his wild rock vocals. There are others who think he oversings. Adam Lambert fans think he’s ripping off their man.  The judges adore this guy, so I have a feeling he’s going to make it to the Top 12.  But, if he proves to have an unlikable personality, or he can’t manage to reign in his unwieldy vocals, he’s going to have problems advancing very far.

Jacob Lusk –  If you love over-the-top Gospel singing–and many do–you’ll love Jacob Lusk. Personally, I think he could stand to reign it in a bit, but that’s just me.  The judges, however, have been encouraging him to sing his heart out.  His exuberant personality could be the determining factor helping him advance to the Top 12.  I would not rule him out.  Whether he could go very deep remains to be seen.

Jordan Dorsey –  Jordan also got the villain edit during Hollywood week. If he’s going to advance, he’s got to sing his ass off AND appear likable.

Jovany Barreto –  I think this guy is fodder.  Although he’s a bit cornball, he’s got decent vocals and is the group’s eye candy.  The dude also tweets up a storm (Stop that. My timeline will thank you).  He’s got a shot for the top 12.

Paul McDonald – Twitter blew up after Paul came out of nowhere to blow everyone away during Hollywood week. He’s already amassed a strong following. He’s got experience, talent and knows how to be good TV. I think Paul is a lock for the Top 12.

Robbie Rosen – Robbie is a very good singer with nice tone and phrasing. Now, he just needs to distinguish himself from the pack. Pleasant isn’t going to cut it with a quirky cast of characters that includes Casey, James, Brett, Jacob and Scotty.

Scotty McCreery –  I had young Scott Mcreery pegged as inexperienced fodder…until his Hollywood final performance where he proved he had a tune in his repertoire beyond Josh Turner.  The judges loved his performance, opting for his deep vocals over John Wayne Shulz’s conventional country vibe.  I think he’s got a good chance to make the Top 12.  If he doesn’t reveal some versatility, though, he could end up as the John Stevens of Season 10.

Stefano Langone – Stefano has a sweet soulful voice and some piano skills, but like Robbie Rosen, I think he’s going to have some trouble distinguishing himself from the pack. He’s going to have to kill it on Tuesday if he hopes to make it to the Top 12.

Tim Halperin – Tim Halperin has some sweet vocals and a cool vibe.  He hasn’t had a ton of screentime, but his Vegas performance of  “Something” with Julie Zorrilla and the original song he sang in his bid for the Top 24, had viewers taking notice.  In another season he would have sailed to the Top 12. But this year’s fierce competition will make his entry a bit tougher.

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