Simon Cowell Reveals Memorable Got Talent Acts: Who is No. 1?

Susan Boyle
Pictured: Susan Boyle — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

Simon Cowell reveals his most memorable AGT and BGT auditions

It’s time to take another break from America’s Got Talent auditions. The newest clip show features Simon Cowell’s most MEMORABLE auditions from both America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.

The Top 2 are both Britain’s Got Talent acts, interestingly. Young dancer, Musa Motha holds down the No 2 spot, while Simon’s favorite contestant in the history of the WORLD, Susan Boyle, comes in at No. 1. The acts aren’t necessarily the most talented, says Simon, which explains the inclusion of a couple of joke acts. It’s worth noting that Simon totally skips over AGT 2019, despite singer Kodi Lee being a fan favorite winner. The reason is most likely that it features the one and done judge, Gabrielle Union, who went on to accuse Simon of racism and abuse. She and NBC settled a big lawsuit.

However, not to worry, your regularly scheduled auditions will return to NBC on Tuesday, August 1 at 8 pm with judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell and host Terry Crews.

The setup: Simon and Terry watch and chat about Simon’s 16 picks. He claims he tried to keep the list at 15 but just COULD NOT. So here are Simon Cowell’s Got Talent Top 16. He calls them “water cooler moments,” adding that the list will lend insight into how “weird” he is.

No 16: Ichikawa – Joke Act – Britain’s Got Talent 2023

Simon was charmed by ta contestant literally blowing things out of his butt. He got 3 yeses. While buzzing him at first, Simon eventually took back his red x. Simon explains that he puts through acts he thinks his young son Eric will enjoy.

No 15: Chapel Hart – Country trio – America’s Got Talent – 2022

These ladies went viral with their original song “You Can Have Him Jolene” which is a cheeky update to the Dolly Parton classic. They made it to the finals after receiving the first ever group golden buzzer. Simon calls them the best vocal group the show has seen.

No 14: Tape Face – Comedian – America’s Got Talent – 2016

Simon admits Tape Face annoyed him at first. Which is interesting, he turned out to be brilliant. Ridiculous but hilarious. Probably one of my favorite comic acts on AGT, it consists of him using physical humor props and mime to comic effect. He stays silent with the help of a piece of black tape. Currently, he stars in his own Las Vegas show.

No 13: Calum Scott – Singer – Britain’s Got Talent -2015

His sister auditioned first and got a no. But the time Calum took the stage he was a wreck, but his emotional delivery of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” blew the judges and audience away. Simon gave him his Golden Buzzer. He’s had massive streaming success afterward and has become a star in the UK.

No 12: Avery Dixon – Saxophonist – America’s Got Talent – 2022

Avery was Terry’s Golden Buzzer. In his audition, he talked about how learning and playing the saxophone helped him cope with kids who bullied him in school. He returned for America’s Got Talent: All Stars the following winter and finished in second place. Terry says the two are still in touch. “I’m still his big brother,” he says.

No 11: Ashleigh & Pudsey – Dog Act – Britain’s Got Talent – 2012

This act won Britain’s Got Talent in 2012. Simon loves dogs and he REALLY loved this act. It’s his favorite animal act of all time, he says. Afterward, the duo appeared on Jay Leno.

No 10: Ben Lapidus – Joke Act – America’s Got Talent – 2022

Really Simon? The Top 10 act is a dumb guy singing about parmesan cheese? He got 4 buzzes, but then the audience went crazy. It’s one of those auditions that felt set up from the get-go to create a viral moment. Simon couldn’t get the horrible song out of his head, he says.

No 9: Sacred Riana – Horror/Magic – America’s Got Talent – 2018

Simon tried so hard to make this act happen. He promod the heck out of her. But once she hit the voting rounds, she was out. Too weird and creepy. Simon said no, but it was all kayfabe.

No 8: Drake Milligan – Country artist – America’s Got Talent -2022

Simon cites Drake as an example of how to nail an audition. It’s also a brilliant way for an artist already signed to a label to promote their upcoming album. Drake, a former American Idol contestant, was signed to BMG and scheduled the release of his album Dallas/Fort Worth, featuring his single “Sounds Like Something I’d Do,” the day after the finale. His song went to No. 1. He didn’t win, but came in 3rd place.

No 7: Zurcaroh – Dance Acrobatics – America’s Got Talent – 2018

The group, from Brazil, were amateur dancers from impoverished backgrounds. Yet, their act was a thrilling combination of high flying acrobatics, tumbling and dance. Judge Tyra Banks gave them her Golden Buzzer.

No 6: Shin Lim – Magician – America’s Got Talent – 2018

Simon usually hates close up magic, but he grew to love Shin Lim. The young magician didn’t receive a Golden Buzzer, nevertheless, he won the show, and then went on to win AGT: Champions. Afterward, Shin signed a huge deal at a Las Vegas casino. He’s my favorite AGT magician.

No 5: Archie Williams – Singer – America’s Got Talent – 2020

Archie’s audition WAS memorable. He had been released from prison in Louisiana after 37 years after DNA evidence freed him from a WRONGFUL conviction. He was a poor black kid and couldn’t afford a lawyer. Now, he’s putting bitterness behind him and spreading a positive message through music. After he auditioned with “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” Elton John gave him a call. There are so many Archie Williams out there suffering in the US prison system. It’s infuriating.

No 4: Men with Pans – Joke Act – America’s Got Talent – 2017

Simon said no to this silly act which involved two guys on stage naked dancing with pans strategically covering their naughty bits. But then, the clip went insanely viral, so he brought them back for AGT: Champions. And thus, they come in FOURTH place on Simon’s list.

No 3: Mayyas – Dance Group – America’s Got Talent – 2022

This dance group, from Lebanon were the first Arabic dance group to compete on AGT. Their sinuous, mesmerizing dance moves thrilled audiences and moved Sofia to hit her golden buzzer. Eventually they went on to win the season (they are AGT’s current champions).. After the show, the group performed with Beyonce in the Middle East.

No 2: Musa Motha – Dancer – Britain’s Got Talent – 2023

Musa is a young disabled dancer from South Africa, who lost his leg after a cancer diagnosis. He incorporates his crutches into compelling contemporary dance routines. He received the group golden buzzer.

No 1: Susan Boyle – Singer – Britain’s Got Talent – 2009

No surprise, right? Susan Boyle went viral after her BGT audition of “I Dreamed a Dream.” She was a dowdy 48 year old whom the audienced assumed would be a joke act. But she turned out to be a solid singer, and Simon fell in love with her. She finished the show in second place, but still went on to release hit records. Susan struggled with issues, and eventually revealed she was autistic. She performed on Champions in 2019 and returned to BGT this year, where she shared that she spent months recovering from a stroke.

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