Season 9 Preview: Jessica Furney

As part of the countdown to American Idol Season 9, we are profiling some American Idol Auditioners that are rumoured to have made it to Hollywood (hopefully, we don’t jinx them). This started in the headlines thread, but we thought we’d try it out as a separate post.

Number 3: Jessica Paige Furney
Born: 1989
Hometown: Wamego, Kansas

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No, we didn’t get our hands on some of the footage for Season 9, Jessica is a repeat auditioner from Season 8 where she made it to Hollywood after auditioning in Kansas City (Video). She was cut in Hollywood during the re-audition for the judges (second set of auditioners on day 2).

Here is what MJ said in her recap about Jessica back in S8 (thread if you want to read what others said):

Jessica Furney lives with her feisty and camera-ready 93 year old Grandma. ‘These are my crazy pills, ‘  grandma announces matter-of-factly from her kitchen table. Jessica has a nice big belty voice. She could be singing Celine, but she chooses rock. Hopefully she’s not one of those schizy contestants (I’m looking at YOU, Carly Smithson) who hasn’t figured out a musical identity. If she keeps picking original material, she could be pretty interesting.

Now she’s back and it appears she’s lost the glasses (other than Danny, not too many people make it very far on Idol with their glasses). Kind of too bad if you ask me because I think she had a Teresa Sokyrka (from Canadian Idol) vibe going on before. She’s got a great tone in her voice, but I’m not sure “Cry Baby” was the best choice for her in the audition. It’s over used at auditions and I prefer a more gravely voice for that song. Still, I think that there are a lot of great songs that would work perfectly for her.

Introducing Jessica Furney
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