Season 9 Preview: Jessica Furney

As part of the countdown to American Idol Season 9, we are profiling some American Idol Auditioners that are rumoured to have made it to Hollywood (hopefully, we don’t jinx them). This started in the headlines thread, but we thought we’d try it out as a separate post.

Number 3: Jessica Paige Furney
Born: 1989
Hometown: Wamego, Kansas

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No, we didn’t get our hands on some of the footage for Season 9, Jessica is a repeat auditioner from Season 8 where she made it to Hollywood after auditioning in Kansas City (Video). She was cut in Hollywood during the re-audition for the judges (second set of auditioners on day 2).

Here is what MJ said in her recap about Jessica back in S8 (thread if you want to read what others said):

Jessica Furney lives with her feisty and camera-ready 93 year old Grandma. ‘These are my crazy pills, ‘  grandma announces matter-of-factly from her kitchen table. Jessica has a nice big belty voice. She could be singing Celine, but she chooses rock. Hopefully she’s not one of those schizy contestants (I’m looking at YOU, Carly Smithson) who hasn’t figured out a musical identity. If she keeps picking original material, she could be pretty interesting.

Now she’s back and it appears she’s lost the glasses (other than Danny, not too many people make it very far on Idol with their glasses). Kind of too bad if you ask me because I think she had a Teresa Sokyrka (from Canadian Idol) vibe going on before. She’s got a great tone in her voice, but I’m not sure “Cry Baby” was the best choice for her in the audition. It’s over used at auditions and I prefer a more gravely voice for that song. Still, I think that there are a lot of great songs that would work perfectly for her.

Introducing Jessica Furney
Recent Picture

What do you think?

Spoiler information is from VFTW.

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  1. She looks like she may have lost some weight, too. She looks beautiful in that photo. I’m glad to see that she hasn’t gone blond. (Not that there’s anything wrong with blonds, but the entertainment industry tends to act like only blonds are attractive.)

    I remember liking her a lot last year. I hope she makes it further this year.

    Can you give us some idea of what page the first 2 profiles are on, so that we don’t have to wade through long Headlines threads to find them?

  2. She looks very attractive in her recent photo; wholesome, girl next door pretty.

  3. Can you give us some idea of what page the first 2 profiles are on, so that we don’t have to wade through long Headlines threads to find them?

    Sure. Just search on their names on these pages.

    Kate Nestel

    Michael Castro

  4. Oh yeah! I remember her! I really liked her last year! I really hope she makes it farther this time!

  5. I really liked her last year too! Hopefully she’ll go farther since this is the year for females. :)

  6. Jessica!!!
    She was one of my favorites from the auditions last season. I was really sad when didn’t make it past the Hollywood rounds. Then I read she sang a Susan Tedeschi song in Hollywood. I was no longerr surprised she didn’t make it through. Come on, Jessica, you should have known that American Idol doesn’t want songs from obscure cool hip female singers. Especially not during Hollywood week. You should have waited until you had a voting fanbase to pull that card. Sigh.

    I hope she makes it to the voting rounds this season. I really liked her.

  7. Yeah, I really liked her too and was disappointed that she didn’t make it last time. But, you know, considering all the shenanighans and manipulations of the last season, they probably did her a favor. If they indeed are really switching back to the top 24, with voting only a couple of people out at a time, she’ll do much better. Greater chance of her building a fanbase.

  8. Okay, I don’t know how to quote on here. But Kristen, does that mean Michael Castro did make it to Hollywood round this season? I thought that was the case, but when I mentioned that on here a few weeks ago people told me I was wrong… :/

  9. She’s one I actually remember from last year’s auditions. She got a bit of face time, as I recall. I liked her!

  10. Okay, I don’t know how to quote on here. But Kristen, does that mean Michael Castro did make it to Hollywood round this season?

    VFTW is listing him as having made it to Hollywood. They are usually spot on with the spoilers.

  11. I remember her as well, and liked her. So much frustration with S8 Hollywood, where we never really saw what happened with a bunch of the promising contestants –like Jessica or that Lenisha, but spent ENDLESS time on the excruciating back stage fighting among failures who were only there for the dramz.

    Fingers crossed for stronger women contestants this year!! Alison was amazing and outstanding, but Lil was never more then a pale shadow of previous R&B singers on the show, and Megan and that girl who was cut immediately (Jasmine?) didn’t even remotely belong on the show and seemed to be there, along with Jorge, simple to provide easy cuts the first few rounds.

  12. The new picture is good–she lost some weight and got rid of the glasses, which really didn’t enhance her appearance at all.

    Personally, I did not love the Season 8 audition. Too stylized and her range is small–she completely loses volume on the low notes. But who knows? With her happenin’ new looks maybe she’ll do better.

  13. I wonder if the show suggested she get in touch with a stylist and a vocal coach, as they sent her packing last year? She has a great backstory, one that could easily get her on the tour with a decent vocal effort on her part. Not one to take it all, but she’ll be a good storyline that keeps casual viewers watching.

    I prefer each of these “spoiler” contestants having a separate blog entry. makes commenting much easier.

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