Season 7 Auditions – Dallas

Season 1 was the last time American Idol held auditions in Dallas Texas. And of course, it was the Dallas auditions that introduced the world to Kelly Clarkson. Well, not exactly. Her audition wasn’t edited into the episode…but whatever! Ryan reminds us that Kelly sold, like a bajillion records, and hey, “Is there any more talent in Dallas?”

Thirteen-thousand people auditioned in Dallas, during a very hot, hot spell (accounts coming out of Dallas at the time reported auditioners succumbing to the intense heat). And they spend about 1 minute on the auditioner who went into labor waiting to sing.

BANDSTAND Brings it Home at Broadwa...
BANDSTAND Brings it Home at Broadway in Bryant Park!

She must not have been very interesting otherwise.

Jessica Brown 24 Longview, TX – “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders – If Jessica had said, “by Carrie Underwood” I would have thrown something at my Tee Vee. Jessica’s road to stardom took a detour when she became a serious meth head in college. One of the first songs she sang in her recovery group was Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel”. This backstory is basically the Jessica Sierra story in reverse. Her throaty alto has a nice tone. Simon says, “You made the song interesting.” All three judges like her, and she’s on her way to Hollywood.

Paul Stafford 25 Crosby TX – “Wait For You” by Elliott Yamin – Paul appears to be…uhhm…a little “special.” He’s the grounds keeper at a ball field. He loves roller coasters. He’s constantly giving *thumbs* to everything said to him. He sings “Wait for You” like Jimmy Durante horking a loogie. Paula tries to be nice and says his audition was “joyful”. Paul utters what had to be the best line of the night: “Simon goes down on just about everybody.” Make what you will of that. Heh.

Beth Maddocks 18 Coppell, TX – “Beautiful Disaster” by Kelly Clarkson – Poor Beth. She loves Kelly Clarkson and she loves to sing. She’s a singing waitress, so one might suspect a smidgen of talent there. But, unfortunately her singing is screechy, nasal and unintelligible. I felt bad for her. She probably assumed she was being advanced ’cause she was really good. I hate when that happens.

Alaina Whitiker 16 Tulsa, OK – “Stronger” Faith Hill – Oh yay. Another blond Carrie Underwood clone. Like we need another one of those! She’s got a decent country voice, but nothing special. Simon says, “I don’t think your as good as you think you are.” Nobody seems that impressed, but they let her through anyway.

Gregory & Mia Tobias 18 & 16 Ennis, TX – I give these two props for being able to sing two completely different songs at the same time. After they abruptly stop singing, the chick has a stare-down with Simon.

Bruce Dickson 19 Backstrop TX – “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers – TMI! TMI! TMI! Memo to Bruce: Don’t really care about the weird pact you’ve made with your father to never so much as touch a girl until you’ve married. The pact includes matching key-and-heart necklaces worn by the pair…and….sorry I just found the whole backstory creepy. I’m probably going to get flamed for this. But, some information really is too much information. He’s a decent singer…but a little stiff. Oops, sorry. Everyone says no.

Pia Easley 24 Chicago, IL – “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination” by Gladys Knight – Model, musician background singer–Pia has a unique sound and look. Great vocals, especially in her lower range. Simon says, “I thought that was a very good audition…confident, stylish.” Three yeses…

Brandon Greene 21, Lucedale MS – “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oats – What possessed Brandon to mention that he’s got a huge collection of his own clipped finger nails? Never mind why he’d do that in the first place. Totally gross. In the meantime, he sings “Rich Girl”–a bit shouty, with a country twang and does not impress Simon at all. But Paula and Randy put him through. All I can think of are those nail clippings. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Kayla Hatfield 24 Campbell TX – “Piece of my Heart” by Janis Joplin – Kayla’s piece was definitely the feel-good story of the night. The mother of 2 was in a terrible car accident when she was 18. The impact basically pulled off the left side of her face. She lost the sight in that eye and seems to have a lot of scarring. She does a great job with hair and makeup to cover it up. Nevertheless she’s upbeat and grateful, and just so damn chipper. Despite the fact that her performance is screamy and earsplitting, the judges put her through. Simon makes no bones about advancing her simply because he likes her. Paula, the tough one, for once, says no. Randy says yes. The fact that she advanced despite the tonal suckage is bound to piss some people off (particularly since the judges axed cute virgin boy who could sing better). It won’t matter. She’s not going to make it past Hollywood. “Love her” says Simon…

Kady Malloy 18 Houston, TX – “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers – Kady does vocal impressions. She did Britney, and then a pretty decent Carrie Underwood. Except, that her “Before He Cheats” wasn’t supposed to be an impression. Whoops. This was a perfect seguway to Simon’s probably highly scripted remark to the blond (yes, another one. Is this year the attack of the blond clones?), “This is really important. I want to hear you.” At which point, she launches into a beautiful, full-throated vocal. Simon looks like he’s going to wet himself. Everyone says yes.Eleven people get gold tickets on the first day.

And now, it’s time for the Ford Motors “Voices in Sync” montage of AWESOMNESS. Whee! A bunch of people with gold tickets parade by.

Day Two:

Douglas Davidson 28 Austin TX – “Living on a Prayer” By Bon Jovi – Douglas’s bellowing tone-deaf nervous guy routine, complete with security guy escort from the room strikes me as fakeity-fake-fake. I just love the producer plants. Meaning, no. No, I don’t.

Angela Reilly 24 Dallas, TX – “Baby Love” by the Supremes – Angela just got married to a hot model whom she invites into the room. For that reason, I’ll forgive her for being yet another blond clone. Her singing is bad karaoke but hot model husband swears she’s awesome. Angela craps on another song, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and still hot husband is impressed. Says Simon, “They Say Love is Deaf…”

Kyle Ensley 21 – “Somebody to Love” by Queen – This segment is totally cheesy, but I have to admit I am taken in by the total dorkitude of Kyle Ensley. The bit presents Kyle, the shirt-and-tied International Bus/PoliSci major, as a political candidate. His “Somebody to Love by Queen” is amateur and choir-boy earnest. Which is why the judges should have passed on him. But Simon says, “You weren’t as bad as I thought you were going to be.” Surprisingly, he says “yes.” What’s up with Simon this year? Has he dipped into Pauler’s stash? Randy says yes, Paula says no. Simon must have been happy, because he had an opportunity to throw in a little Clay Aiken diss (you aren’t going to start doing weird things with your hair, are you?). A season would not be complete without Simon goofing on the Aiken.

Weird – Simon is letting people through just because he “likes” them.

Tammy Tuzinski 24, Grapevine TX – “If You Ask Me To” by Celine Dion – The goof is Tammy’s flat affect in the face of, well, just about everything. Her demeanor is so flat, you wonder if she overdosed on her Lithium that morning. It doesn’t help that she’s chosen a song by the Queen of Overwrought Emotions, Celine Dion. Tammy tells the panel that she’s singing “Power of Love” but then begins another song. It wouldn’t have mattered either way. Randy says, “You’re a nice girl, but it was awful.”

Colton Swon 18 Muskogee, OK – “Boondocks” by Little Big Town – Colton plays guitar, drums and bass. A musician, he is. He’s cute, but I couldn’t stop staring at his giant beetle brows. The stylists will take care of that in short order. Dude’s got a good voice, but I get the sense that he’s a lot more comfortable with a guitar in his hands. Simon pulls out the old “bar singer” diss, but says yes anyway. Randy likes him. Paula says yes. Colton thinks it would be funny to fake out his parents, which he does. Sort of. Awkward.

Next, is a montage of transvestites.

Awesome quote: “Give it a try, Pants can be restricting, if you know what I mean.”

Drew Poppelreiter 24 Saltillo, MS – “Check Yes or No” by George Strait – Drew works on his family-owned farm. He and his family have super-twangy accents. He says if he goes to Hollywood, it would be the first time he’s ever been on a plane. Could this kid be the real deal? Or will we find out he’s got 3 failed record deals in his past. Heh. I’m startled by how good this kid’s voice is, but Simon and Paula are not impressed. Simon says no. Randy says yes. Then Simon mocks Paula for disagreeing with Randy. Then she says yes. “Dude I did it!” says Drew.

Kyle Reinneck 20 Edwardsville, Ill- Kelly Clarkson “Never Again” – Ha, ha, ha… Kyle’s all “I’m a RAWKER! Check out my guyliner dudes!” and then he sings a Kelly Clarkson song. Badly. The intermittent fake microphone hand gestures are an added touch. This dude obviously spends a lot of time singing to himself in the mirror. Simon says his performance “was a very disturbing slightly demonic audition…it’s verging on scary.” Does Kyle’s young charges (he’s a kiddie counselor) run screaming from the room?

Nina Shaw 24 Burleson TX – “Run to You” Whitney Houston – Much is made of the fact that Nina is from Kelly Clarkson’s hometown. Nina is tall and beautiful, but her performance of Whitney Houston is pretty rote. It’s not until she busts out with a little jazz that she shows some promise, at which point, the judges pass her to Hollywood. Still, she’s no Kelly Clarkson

Renaldo Lupez 44 Reno, NV- Renaldo is going to be the star of this year’s finale. I have a feeling. His self penned song, which I never could catch the name of, through his impossibly thick accent, isn’t really funny in itself. It’s just that the judges are so tickled by this guy, their reactions are priceless. Renaldo wears a huge feathered hat. It has a little piece of paper with “Simon” scrawled on it stuck to the front. Renaldo says, “All over the world, people speak the name of Simon.” He’s also wearing this strange white quilted jacket and a foil cape. Renaldo wants to “bring hope to the peoples in despairs.” By the time he finishes his song, he’s got Randy and Ryan singing along, Paula dancing and Simon laughing his ass off. Simon says, “I have a horrible feeling that’s going to be a hit record.”

Twenty-four Dallas auditioners are headed to Hollywood.

Tuesday’s episode features the San Diego auditions.

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  1. Someone just slipped me some crazy pills! Virgin-Boy gets the shaft while Fingernail-collector and Car-Accident-Chick get to go to Hollywood?!?!?

  2. That was just sick. Even if that guy turns out to have a fantastic voice later I do not ever ever ever think I could get past that bag of fingernails.

  3. LOL, fingernails = gross. He was cute, otherwise. A bit awkward, but nice tone to his voice.

  4. PJ I agree he was cute and had a nice tone to his voice but WTH ever possessed him to bring a bag of nasty old fingernails that he saves ON TV?????? Nevermind that he saves them in the first place which in itself is sick. He might as well have just picked his nose on there cause for me it was just as gross and I really don’t think I can get past it, lol. I will see him on there and go *eeeuuuwww fingernail boy* and it will instantly bring back that bag in my mind. UGH

    Idol just set a new low for me.

  5. Ahh…well…Simon hated Kyle. Therefore, I love Kyle. He is offbeat but cute in an oddly appealing way. And he has a very nice voice.

    Will he be crushed by the Idol Machine? Probably.

    His was the only audition I have really sort of enjoyed.

    The rest of this show, so far, and with a few exceptions, has depressed me.

    Maybe they need to have an All-Carrie Clone Idol this year. 12 blonde girl finalists who all resemble Carrie and sound like her, too.

  6. LOL, I guess he lacked a back story. Heh.

    I didn’t care for five minutes of Renaldo. They skipped the kid with the dreads!

  7. Re: politician/singer (don’t remember his name)…are any of you old enough to remember Freddy and the Dreamers…he sooooooo reminds me of Freddy, lol.

  8. Interesting show. I liked the recovering meth addict – best backstory of the night! That’s a first, at least in having someone on who actually talks about it. Really, she’ll be a big hit with the AA and NA folks! I wanted to see Jason Castro too. Oh well.

  9. Alright so I spent most of the commercial breaks playing Playstation with my sister and it often bled into the show so I was only half paying attention.
    Again, nothing really blew me away. I like that black woman with short and hair and weird head tattoo. Her voice was great. Wonderful tone. That tattoo though, could bug me later on.
    That girls Britney Spears impression was spot on.
    Hmm, what else.
    Fingernails! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW! When he first said that he peels something I thought that maybe he had a bag of skin. I literally vomited in my mouth. Fingernails aren’t as gross but still… horrible. Too back he was really cute.
    I wanted Paula to put her foot down today and start saying NO to some peeps. But I guess that’s Paula for you. She’s alot less drunk this season it seems.
    What else…
    Oh, remember that girl who wanted to be like Kelly Clarkson? The black haired one who sang “Beautiful Disaster” horribly? When she came out of the room and was talking to her friends I noticed Ryan in the backgroud lookin about 4 feet tall. Just a funny little tidbit that made me giggle.
    Nothing else really. I’ll post more if I remember. The talent was lacking today. Simon was funny as well.
    Also, I had that “Brothers” song stuck in my head for like 20 minutes after the show! That was a good moment.

  10. I liked the guy who did Wait for Me. He was entertaining. I stopped paying attention in the middle and started flipping channels. Lots of Carrie clones. Nobody really stood out much. The auditions aren’t as cruel as last year but the contestants don’t really seem any better. Prettier people but no charisma, no real personalities.

  11. Awww, I really liked Virgin Boy. I thought he had a nice voice. Ditto the thoughts about all the blonde girls. Can we get a redhead in there, maybe? Or a Hispanic girl? Princess Leia from yesterday does have a point: the girls tend to look very, very similar.

  12. I liked Brandon’s voice, but thought he didn’t present himself well. The number of times he stuck his foot in his mouth…oh man (Did insulting Britney Spears add to Simon’s dislike for him?) Note to Brandon, next time, don’t put down anybody, especially if they are in the same room as you and perhaps your only chance of advancing.

    Kady was pleasant and controlled (and hit jackpot by singing Simon’s favorite song), but if you consider “Before He Cheats” as part of her audition, she didn’t deserve that kind of praise. Pretty though. But I guess I’m sick of all the blondes that Simon seems to like this year.

    Colton was not bad but a little underwhelming.

    Drew just didn’t have the voice to cut it. Sorry.

    I missed Jason Castro. Must have blinked.

  13. I can’t remember all the names. Farm Boy was ok. I thought he was very good looking and had a pretty good voice. I also thought Virgin Boy was good and can’t figure out why he didn’t go through to Hollywood. I liked Model Girl (I remember her because of that haircut)and Meth Addict Girl (don’t know if anyone will beat that backstory!!). And I was pretty surprised by Political Boy – he was much better than I expected. They are all okay, but no one is spectacular so far.

  14. It’s the year of feel good idol. Simon with the guy at the end was pretty funny. I was predisposed to like Colton, and I did, but he seemed pretty tentative – and uncomfortable without his guitar. And dude, do something about the hair! I also would have liked to see Jason Castro.

  15. It was a very meh kind of night, I thought. Nobody really stood out – a few pleasant voices.

  16. Jpfan hit it — lots of Carrie clones. Do you get the feeling the judges are looking for clones of past winners?

  17. another *blah* night for me.. and ya there are a lot of carrie clones.. but to be fair some of them could sing their lil hearts out..

    overall thumbs down though cuz there is just something about this year so far…. is that it is just gettin OLD?

    i hope not cuz i love idol but so far i’m just not feeling it!

  18. Maybe they need to have an All-Carrie Clone Idol this year. 12 blonde girl finalists who all resemble Carrie and sound like her, too.

    It seems that we’re headed that way anyway. I can’t even remember the names of the ones we saw last night… they’re all running together.

    I liked Brandon Green’s voice a lot, and he’s a cutie, but he has a lot of ground to make up in the personality department. I liked the other Mississippi boy a lot, too. Drew, maybe? Good voice, good ol’ Southern boy. Colton – yeah, he seemed a bit uncomfortable without his guitar, but I liked his voice. I think he has potential though. And the political dude was cool too. I think I like him more because I didn’t know whether or not he’d be able to sing well, and he was good.

    Maybe they’re saving Jason Castro for the Best/Worst show? *crossing fingers*

  19. The show was pretty good ronight. I agree, too many Carrie-Clones. I dislike that some have already recorded CDs. But there’s not much we can do with an inaccurate backstory.

    Re: politician/singer (donà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t remember his name)à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦are any of you old enough to remember Freddy and the Dreamersà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦he sooooooo reminds me of Freddy, lol.

    Yes, I totally agree. I saw the group in concert twice. Well, if he succeeds in politics, he can thank AI for the pre-publicity. LOL!

    Alright, I admit I was singing with Renaldo by the third round. Sorry, but I lovd the judges and it was a good way to end the show. What I dislike is that we didn’t get to see some who will be in the TOP 50.

  20. Re: politician/singer (donà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t remember his name)à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦are any of you old enough to remember Freddy and the Dreamersà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦he sooooooo reminds me of Freddy

    I remember Freddie and the Dreamers- I’m Telling You Now, right?

    He does remind me of him

  21. I saw some of the show last night but of what I saw thier were allot of blonds and they seem this year to really be into the backstory . I wonder if thier new sponcer will be kleenex?(for all the tears shed) I sort of thought it would happen an overload of sob storie surprised To(dallas Cowboys ) did not show up but the viewers lov it. The model sort of reminded me of Fantasia but not as good but had a funky hair style and some attitude. Simon liking how confident she is yeah she is a model, I am sure she also is very confortable in front of a camera. What I saw of the auditions so far which is not much most do have the “look” they need and can sing.Maybe next year AI just go to hooters or models agancy to get thier contestants.

  22. The show was a little Zzzzzz with all the blondes (how could we possibly tell them apart?) but I really liked Pia’s voice and style. I also liked Drew, if only because he called his family “rascals” and talked about being lonesome on his tractor. I thought he sounded like an articulate Bucky.

    Brandon and Colton and both cute, but I was skeeved by Brandon’s fingernails and skeered by Colton’s enormous hair. Both had good, generic voices, I suppose. Eh.

  23. I also think Colton has potential. Apparently he will be playing guitar in Hollywood week.
    He has great voice for country IMO.

    They eyebrows and haircut can definitely be fixed by the AI stylists. He is cute though, as mj said.

  24. You might be right Sarah…maybe someone from your old hometown will appear as well!

  25. Kady was the best I’ve seen, it doesn’t matter what color her hair is people. I think she’ll go far in the competition. She is a natural!!

  26. The future governor of Oklahoma ( politician/singer, AKA Freddie and the Dreamers look-aklike ) will be this year’s Kevin Covais. We al lneed a dork to love.

    Renaldo Lapuz, from his accent and family name is definitely a Pinoy ( check it out purple ).

    Question — do we conclude from the fact that the producers take the time to go to an auditioner’s hometown to film their life that they might have gone far in the Hollywood rounds ?

  27. Why do I get the feeling that there’s a connection between “Virgin Boy” and Jordin Spark’s self-professed vow of abstinence until marriage??

  28. I saw nothing really compelling last night. Kady Malloy was okay. If they could pass through some of the people that they did, they could have left Renaldo in a bit longer, if just for the entertainment value alone. I guess he was just too old.

  29. Funniest quote of the day…

    Next, is a montage of transvestites.


    Colton’s hair looked like he dipped his head in Brandon’s fingernail bag. ..same color and everything..

    *checks to see what is really in my coffee cup*

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