Season 6 Idol Stephanie Edwards Busted in Girl Fight

Via TMZ:

I remember Stephanie! She seemed very composed and ladylike during the short time we got to know her….

Trey Songz cleared in sexual assaul...
Trey Songz cleared in sexual assault case

A finalist from season 6 of “American Idol” was arrested in Georgia last night — after cops say they had to rip her out of a ferocious girl-on-girl brawl.

The perp is 22-year-old Stephanie Edwards — who finished in 11th place behind Jordin Sparks back in 2007.

According to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Dept, Edwards was busted in Savannah around 10:00 PM after cops noticed the singer and another woman “fighting in the middle of the street.” Cops say they broke up the fight and arrested both women.

Edwards told police she had gone to the other woman’s home to confront her about “harassing phone calls” — and that’s when things got violent.

Both women were transported to a nearby jail — Edwards has since been released.

As for who won the fight — cops say Edwards had a couple of scratches on her face and chest, but the other woman had a bruised up right eye … so, sounds like a draw.

After the jump, a couple of Stephanie’s performances

Dangerously In Love – Top 20

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me – Top 11

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  1. I have zero recollection of this contestant at all! Not a great way to get back in the news though…

  2. Good grief. This is as weird and depressing as the Chikezie disaster. She came across to me as kind of a Latoya 2.0 in the show — not as good a voice, of course, because who has that?, but as a sort of genteel sort. Yikes. Being an Idol finalist — dangerous to your psychological health? Seriously.

  3. Is it me, or have a bunch of former Idol contestants gotten in the news lately for breaking the law/getting arrested? Seems like at least one per week…

    I have no memory of this person from S7.

  4. I remember her and really liked her in Season 6. I was disappointed when she didn’t make the tour.

    THis is actually pretty minor. GIrls get in cat fights pretty often.

  5. I have no memory of this person from S7.

    You wouldn’t, girlygirl, since she was on Season 6. Very pretty girl and very classy and polished if my memory is correct. This seems out of character for her.

  6. Stephanie wore knee-length dresses and admitted that she refused to sex it up for her performances. She behaved like a charm-school graduate. Her vocals were OK, but not very distinguished.

    After Idol, she went to College, rather than jumping into a music career.

    The whole thing really is pretty weird. I wonder if she was drunk.

  7. ironically i was just watching her “sweet thing” performance last night.

  8. Stephanie was very good and should have made the top ten without a doubt. The producers just didn’t want another talented black woman in the mix that year so she went under the bus. Between Kiki, Mindy Do and Jorbacca there was just way too much black female talent going on. I’d take any of those four in the mix this year, that’s for sure after Paige’s crash and burn last week.

  9. Oh, Lord, she was one of my favorites that season. Geez, between Chikeze and her, I’m having to rethink a lot of former contestants!

  10. I remember Stephanie being talented and prim. Too bad she’s in the news for something like this.

  11. I barely remember her, I remember the night she was eliminated. Was Sanjaya in the bottom 2 when she left? I vaguely remember this and wanting to destroy Sanjaya (and Haley).

    Why do mug shots always look scary? I dunno, she kinda looks like she’s about to kill someone.

  12. Thanks, mj, for the videos. I remember them throwing her under the bus that night and how ticked I was. It seemed obvious that they planned to pan her no matter what she did.

  13. Definitely sounds like she was drunk or something, which would not be surprising considering the college life she is in.

    She definitely reminds me of Paige Miles, very similar situations on Idol for them being fodder carried to the top 11 but no farther.

  14. I loved her Prince song. I really thought she should have made the tour, she was my favorite starting out.

  15. Stephanie was very good and should have made the top ten without a doubt. The producers just didn’t want another talented black woman in the mix that year so she went under the bus.

    I agree with that. Stephanie was my early favorite that year.

    I loved her version of Kiss (Prince). That was her, right?

    That would have been Paris on Season 5.

  16. From what we saw on AI,this seems really out of character

    I remember her :)

    She was in this weird AI book I bought in 4th grade o_0

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