Scotty Breaks Country Radio Debut Record

Billboard announced today that Scotty and Lauren have made a big initial splash on Country Radio. Scotty’s debut is the highest for a new artist on the Country charts in the SoundScan era (Billboard has used Nielsen’s BDS monitoring service since Jan 20, 1990). “I Love You This Big” shattered the previous record by debuting at 32. The previous records had been 42 and 41.

Brad Cotter from Nashville Star held the record for a solo act with 42 for “I Meant To” in May of 2004. Krystal Keith debuted at 41 with “Mockingbird” which was a duet with her father and country staple “Toby Keith”

Scotty debuts with an AI of 3.2M on 76 of the 127 stations monitored.

Lauren also arrives impressively on the chart with “Like My Mother Does” at 49. Considering it was a shortened week and a long weekend, that’s pretty impressive.

The article does go on to point out that this doesn’t guarantee success. Brad went on to peak at 35 and Krystal only reached 27. But, it’s still fun to get the record.

Billboard Article

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