Sally in the Valley’s Glendale, AZ American Idol Tour Recap

This was my 3rd American Idols Live! Concert. Living in the Valley of the Sun, AZ my first concert was season 6 when our very own Jordin Sparks was winner and shared the crowning moments with Blake Lewis, and I also saw season 7 with the 2 Davids — Cook and Archuleta. This year my favorite, Adam Lambert, came in second and I was afraid it might hurt my heart at the concert to see him in the number 2 position and not the winner’s spot! But, I was pleasantly surprised this did not take away from his stellar, outstanding performance. And even though, biased as I am, I felt Adam was the most exhilarating, dynamic and highlight of the concert; Kris closed it out as the true champion that he is. Adam had us standing in the aisles — Kris had us sitting in awe.

To start at the beginning, my daughter and I tried floor seats this year, row 26 from the stage and it was a bit disappointing to me, as I am short and could not see over tall people in front. The seats had huge springs on them also and would close up each time you stood and almost caused a few awkward falls when trying to sit back down. The “aisle police” ticked me off royally! For Adam and only Adam, I moved over to an obscure little spot on the last step of the stairs down to our section, tucked in back of a trash can, where I could see the object of my love and affection with a clear and unfettered view. I promised one of the monitors to go back soon and he cautioned to lean on the trashcan for as not to fall…. WOW, I was in momentary heaven…. and oh! Adam was moving over toward my side now, and I may be able to get a quick picture with my cell phone, when…Bam! A different monitor or ‘Aisle-Nazi’  as I call him, told me I HAD to move…I was blocking the people behind me (I turned and looked. what people?)…I tried to argue, after all I had just made a deal, but he stood there with his arms folded deliberately blocking me –so I moved back to a seat where I am 5 feet 2 and a man over 6 feet was standing 2 rows ahead of me, totally obscuring Adam at that moment. So, INSTEAD of not blocking anyone, (really!) in my little corner, and giving a 68 year old woman (me!) pure joy and fleeting happiness, the moment went to pure frustration for me where my $60-something seat was preventing my enjoyment of watching Adam undulating on the stage…what sense was this?

But I digress–let’s start at the beginning. Michael Sarver was a great opener, got the night started with some banter about auditioning here just a year ago and look at him now! He sang Gavin DeGraw’s ‘In Love With a Girl’  and Ne-Yo’s ‘Closer’ . Good but not memorable.

Next was Megan Joy. She has an unusual throaty voice, and an unusual look…. beautiful, earthy and sensual. I was disturbed a bit by choice of wardrobe…why was she dolled up like a Barbie Doll in a short hot pink wiggle dress? She should have had on romantic, bohemian attire…a wandering gypsy of music. (I have a costuming background, so I think I have a sound point) Her “Put the Records On’  and “Tears Dry on their Own ” was just okay for me. And what is with the bird sound at the end?

Scott ascended with piano from under the stage. AZ is his home state and he was probably received better here than any of the previous concerts to date. He also bantered a bit with the audience, kind of a funny guy, and sang and played to ‘1000 Miles’  and ‘Bend & Break.’ 

Lil was never a huge favorite of mine on AI, but surprised me with a nice performance of a Mary J. Bilge medley of ‘Be Without You’  and ‘Just Fine.’  She also sang ‘No One’  by Alicia Keys. She was the first to go to 3 songs and kind of surprised everyone by stripping off her dress and finishing up with a rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’  in a sexy pants outfit. Audience participation was encouraged with large lyrics to the song on the monitor screens.

Anoop was next. My daughter and I and the lady next to me thought we heard boo-ing and we were a little perplexed. Thought it rude’ ¦he was not a favorite of mine, but certainly in the number 6 spot had earned respect! But, I think what we were hearing were whoops of joy from his fans calling out ‘Noooop’  ‘Nooop’  Phew! His songs were pleasant’”’Always on My Mind’ , ‘Mad’  and ‘My Prerogative.’  But WHAT is with the glasses? He never wore any on AI, why would he chose a dark-rimmed pair of glasses as part of his tour ‘look’ ’”again, the costumer in me was disappointed.

Matt in the number 5 position, had the pimp-spot of the first half of the concert and rightfully so. He was the heavy hitter, the real talent in the first 6 in my humble opinion.

His keyboard skills are magnificent, and his composure and confidence in front of an audience was obvious. He performed ‘Hard to Handle’ , the ever popular, ‘Georgia on my Mind’ , and the Fray’s ‘You Found Me.’  His pleasant, bluesy voice and showmanship was a great lead into the finale of the first set before a 20-minute intermission. Matt and Scott–dueling pianos with ‘Tell Her About It’ ; Megan Joy and Lil’”’Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ ; all 6’”’Beggin.’ 

Allison! Started the second half with a bang! 17 or 18–who’s counting anymore’”this young lady has a raspy, sexy rocker voice and is a crowd favorite. She sang Pink’s ‘So What?’ , Janis Joplin’s ‘Cry Baby’  and Heart’s ‘Barracuda’  ‘all perfect choices for her, although it was noted the band was a bit loud to suit my daughter and me. We would rather have heard her more and the band less. Allison’s set ended at 3 songs because she performs a duet with Adam later.

Danny is not my cup of tea. Possibly my political and personal opinions as a liberal democrat color my views even into the music word. Liberal? love Adam and Allison and the whole LA lifestyles! Conservative? Danny and Michael are more in the mode. Arizona is a conservative state and I found this to be true in his reception. Lots of people were cheering and standing. Me, I sat and just enjoyed it. (After all, I had to conserve my energy for you-know-who!) Danny started with Michael Jackson’s ‘PYT’ , then Santana’s ‘Maria Maria’ , and ended with 2 Rascal Flatt’s songs ‘What Hurts the Most’  and ‘My Wish.’  Danny gives us a go-to-church-meeting type of sermon in between the last 2 and I also just realized that although I thought a Latin salsa type performance was an odd choice, his late-wife was Latin. Ah Ha’ ¦.makes sense now.

ADAM! ADAM! ADAM! Did I mention Adam was next?

OMG, the build up, the sounds, the lights, the noise, the people, the electrically charged air particles, and the mood .what more can I add? Here was a true star in the making in my opinion, and I know personally through various fan groups I am in, that this man oozes sexual energy and life into women all over the world! (Gay? Who the heck cares?) The crowd was on its feet for his opening number of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love.’  His sexual gestures toward the mic stand were not as sexy as I had heard reported in SD and LA, AND he used the word Baby instead of ‘Wooooman’  at the end, to my huge disappointment (Conservative AZ again?) but exciting performance! I loved his next song Muse’s ‘Starlight’  but was aware of it from other videos and reviews’”my daughter told me she did not care for it. I like anything he sings’ ¦anything at all. He crooned out ‘Mad World’  as the crowd pleaser for all types of people and then brought Allison back for their duet ‘Slow Ride.’  His vocals were impeccable as usual and after Allison left the stage, he went into his closing medley of David Bowie songs. After ‘Life On Mars’  he took off his electric blue custom-made leather jacket with studs and detachable tails (now HE satisfies a costumer’s fancy!) and pranced around, undulating, thrusting and dancing to ‘Fame’  and ‘Let’s Dance!’  Oh, Arizona’ ¦ no bras, no boas, nothing exciting tonight. Phooey. If only I had been in the first row!

His set was done too quickly for me. I wanted more and I want more in the future and will definitely go to any shows of his that I can. Cannot wait until his first CD is out’ ¦the ‘real’  first CD not the pre-idol stuff!

The winner of AI 2009 Kris had a hard act to follow. But he was just the man to do it. His style is so laid back, so soothing, so nice that he calms us all down for a captivating performance. I wouldn’t have been able to stand any other idol winning over Adam except Kris. He healed my broken heart, soothed my agitated mental state and brought me back to life after Idol ended by being who he is. A true artist.

He sang Kanye West’s ‘Heartless’ , ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ , Matchbox 20’s ‘Bright Lights’  and the replacement song for ‘No Boundaries’  was ‘All These Things I’ve Done’  by The Killers. The final song of the night, the Beatles’  ‘Hey Jude’  brought the other 9 back on stage with the NaNaNas.

The finale was ‘Don’t Stop Believing’  which was kind of cheesy for me, but a good exit song for those leaving early and a way to unite all the Idols for a last look. That song will be very emotional in their very last concert I am sure. Adam has a ‘glory note’  at the end, and I have heard from previous reports that possibly to save his voice, alternates the concerts to sometimes hit the incredible one and other times just the remarkable one. In Arizona? Yep, you guessed it’ ¦.he held back again’ ¦.maybe I should have gone to SD to see him!

I love the AI tour concerts, hope to continue going, but actually can not see another season being as exciting as this one was’ ¦. we shall see!

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