Ryan Seacrest – Oprah Winfrey Show – VIDEO

Ryan Seacrest visited the Oprah Winfrey show today to talk about Idol and the rest of his busy life.

The 'I Have a Dream' Speech
The 'I Have a Dream' Speech

Ryan had some very kind words for his “nemesis” Simon Cowell:

“He’s a terrific individual who is one of the sweetest guys you’re ever going to meet in the business. Even though he’s tough on the show, he’s got a very big heart, and he’s very generous, and he’s a great friend of mine.”

He’s also complimented judge Ellen Degeneres, who is also a good friend who he says “owns who she is on the show.” He promises that the chemistry will continue to be “fantastic.” Really Ryan? Ha!

In part 2, Ryan talks about his love for twitter, his family (his mother, Connie was in the audience) and the new reality show he’s producing with Jamie Oliver about childhood obesity. Bonus: Photo of Ryan as a very chubby kid…

Ryan wouldn’t pick a favorite Idol, but he said he has really enjoyed watching Carrie Underwood’s success.

Video after the JUMP…

Ryan Seacrest – Oprah Winfrey – Part 1

Ryan Seacrest – Oprah Winfrey – Part 2

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  1. I’m watching Ryan’s and Jamie’s new reality show and it’s eye-opening. Jamie Oliver is great. I hope Ryan has a hit with this one.

  2. I always knew Ryan had tons of jobs but until seeing this, I really had no idea how many! Wow Thanks mj. :)

  3. I stated in the headline part Ryan was also on LArry King Live talking about his new show .Oh Jamie Oliver was also on the show too and I did watch part of it..Who figuresthis is one reality show that wants to help first ratings second..

  4. Thanks for posting this here MJ. That was a terrific interview. It helped me to understand Ryan alot more, and, in turn, to admire him even more. Smart and wise man.

  5. I like Ryan, he is a fav-but- there are only so many hours in a day whether you work one job or seven jobs in those hours. There are many harder jobs, without the fame and financial compensation, and never mind a family to care for on ‘time off’. Just sayin

  6. I think Ryan is a hard worker. It’s so much easier when you don’t have a family. I loved his new show. I think it will help people. I’m ready to ban pre-packaged chicken nuggets from my house! LOL

  7. Ryan seems absolutely delighted having all those jobs; however, the day may come when he’ll want to have time left for a family.

    I loved his comment about Carrie and his interest in her when she was on the show.

    I wish Oprah wouldn’t have cut Ryan off right as he mentioned Dick Clark’s name. Certainly he’s been aninspiration for him!

  8. Wow, he’s a busy guy! This interview made me respect him a lot more.

    I loved his comment about Carrie and his interest in her when she was on the show.

    Ryan’s mom thinking Carrie was cute and pushing him towards her made me giggle. Mike Fisher’s mom actually taped Carrie’s performances years back when she was on Idol because she (mom) wanted to show them to Mike. Carrie apparently is mother-approved, haha!

  9. There is a hatefulness in Ryan this season that really bothers me. He used to have fun with the contestants in the little bits with them before and after their performances.

    He used to try to put the contestants at ease. Since Elliott Yamin was a favorite of mine, I particularly remember how Ryan treated him. He showed true affection for Elliott, always mentioned his Mother, joked about his perspiring (but not in a cruel way) and often had his arm around Elliott which I took as a gesture of encouragement.

    I don’t think Ryan enjoys the show anymore. His remarks to the contestants often sound condescending. His banter with Simon is uncomfortable this season, not cute or clever. I don’t care how he feels about the judges off the show or about his other jobs ……. I don’t like him on the show anymore and that is all that matters to me.

  10. I’ve also thought Ryan had some off weeks on Idol this year and that maybe he was part of why this season is not as good as it could be. We blame the judges and the contestants but Ryan is an important part of keeping things positive, upbeat and making everyone more comfortable.

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