RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap Season 8 Episode Six

RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap Season 8 Episode Six – Wizards of Drag

Last week was the Snatch Game. Just like last year, there was a tie for the two best characters. But this year, both characters were played by Bob the Drag Queen. Carson schooled Acid Betty in how to do an impression. And Naomi won the lip-sync.

After the elimination, a lot of kimonos walk into the Werk Room. Kim Chi is happy that Naomi stayed and even happier that Acid Betty left. Thorgy gives the eulogy: Acid Betty was iconic, and her fellow Brooklyn girl, but her attitude was negative and she needed to leave.

Naomi is scared that she fell into the bottom. She says she’ll be wearing floor-length turtlenecks from now on. Robbie, looking like the quintessential 1950’s TV mom, tells Naomi that she just needs to wear something different one time. Naomi is frustrated that the other queens think what she does is easy. She puts a lot of effort into her aesthetic.

Everyone congratulates Bob on the second win, but Thorgy rolls her eyes. Bob crows about winning two in a row — now he wants to go for number three! In confession, he knows the others are gunning for him. But he’s having a lot of fun. Robbie compares Bob to Jenga, right now he’s being built up to greater and greater heights– but eventually, he’s going to fall.

It’s a short video message this week, RuPaul asks, “Are you a friend of Dorothy’s, or just plain Wicked?” So, they’re going to be doing something Oz-related. RuPaul enters with Marc Snetiker, of Entertainment Weekly. Why bring a magazine editor to the Werk Room? Because it’s time for the Annual Reading Mini-Challenge!

In case you’ve never seen the show, this is where the queen don funny-looking glasses and “read” each other for their faults. It gives them all a chance to say any mean thing they might have been holding back. Unlike most years, all these queens are funny and nobody seems to get offended. RuPaul seems amazed and delighted to find out how shady sweet, shy Kim Chi can be. (It comes as no surprise to her fellow contestants.) But, naturally, it’s Bob who wins — while Thorgy makes another bitch face about it. It’s a good prize, $1,500 worth of jewelry from Fierce Dag Jewels. RuPaul lets everyone know that there’s a bonus video with even more reading at the Logotv website.

After the reading, RuPaul holds up a copy of the Wizard of Oz book, and brings in the cast of Little Women: LA. Which is a show on TV. In case you are like me, and never heard of this show, the women are all Little People. They are here to be made over as drag sisters, in high-fashion outfits inspired by Wizard of Oz characters. None of which, thankfully, are Munchkins.

Unlike past years, Bob (as mini-challenge winner) isn’t tasked with pairing up the guests with queens. Instead, each guest announces her WoO character and picks her own queen. I don’t know on what basis she’s choosing. I’m guessing the producers assigned partnerships. Which I don’t mind, as it means that nobody gets shafted. All of the pairings seem to work really well.

We watch Naomi and Jasmine bond over the fact that they are both hairstylists. And both gorgeous. Their inspiration is the Scarecrow, which works with Naomi’s general skinniness. Naomi loves fashion and is determined to prove to the other queens that she is more than a walking bra and panties.

The common thread between Robbie and Christy is their love of vintage fashion. They’ll be creating something based on the Cowardly Lion (which Kim Chi already did in Episode 1). Thorgy (still in reading mode) snarks that Robbie can’t sew — so this is going to be quite a challenge.

Bob and Elena bond over being shinier than the others. Elena talks about getting more attention during a photoshoot, which apparently pissed off Terra (Derrick’s partner). But the unfortunate part of that is that everyone is now ignoring them. Elena (who has a charming East European accent) wonders why no one will help out — like they do on Masterchef.

Chi Chi’s problem is the opposite of Robbie’s. Chi Chi can sew, but her cheap aesthetic doesn’t lend itself to the fantasy of Oz. Her partner, Tonya, lectures Chi Chi on being self-defeating. “Don’t think small,” she advises. Chi Chi is encouraged and starts to think of herself as a real life Dorothy. Dorothy was searching for something she already had — maybe Chi Chi also has everything she needs.

RuPaul wanders in to talk to Kim Chi and Briana. Turns out, they are both draw to cartoon characters. RuPaul wonders how Kim Chi is dealing with the high expectations for her on a fashion challenge. Kim Chi is eager to knock this one out of the ballpark.

RuPaul catches Thorgy and Brittney in the sketching stage of their process. Brittney mentions that she toured with Miley Cyrus. They show a picture of her in a red leather outfit with large cone breasts. Well, where was Brittney last week, when they had the Madonna challenge? RuPaul reminds Thorgy that time is running out and moves on.

He stops to warn Derrick against simply slapping stuff on a body suit as the Tin Man. Terra, Derrick’s partner, declares that she is going to give it “120 percent,” while brandishing a large axe. RuPaul slowly backs away, then announces the usual challenge “twist” to the room. Each team will have to perform an interpretive dance in a poppy field. Kim Chi confesses that she knows nothing about dance — interpretive or otherwise. This challenge just went from a dream to a nightmare.

After this, Jasmine notices that Derrick and Terra are getting creative (by sticking metal springs to their shoulders). Naomi isn’t worried about any idea Derrick comes up with. Kim Chi and Briana work on their interpretive dance. At one point, Kim Chi stage-slaps Briana — and we get horrified reaction shots from the other queens.

When Naomi and Jasmine rehearse, it’s Chi Chi and Tonya delivering the snark. “They’re both staring at each other,” Tonya remarks. Chi Chi notes that Naomi is not exactly a choreographer.

Robbie busy ruining his and Christy’s outfits on the sewing machine. He shows the cape he’s making to Kim Chi, who screams in dismay.

Elimination Day, everyone is rushing around, except for Chi Chi, who is satisfied by the very basic disco Dorothy outfits she and Tonya will be wearing. Bob is the most frantic. His outfit fell apart — so he has to make a new one.

The little women talk about they get stared at and insulted on a daily basis. Christy compares their situation to being gay and Robbie sympathizes. Tonya tells Chi Chi that she learned to be more assertive when her daughter was born.

At fifteen minutes to Runway, Bob is panicking. Elena’s make-up is done, but he hasn’t done anything to his face, as she slaps on paint, Derrick smiles that that judges will finally read Bob for something.

Runway time! RuPaul is looking especially pretty with her hair down. I’m not exactly sure if the lavender gown has anything to do with The Wizard of Oz, but it’s beautiful. She introduces Todrick Hall (wearing an emerald green jacket) and Marc Jacobs as guest judges. I’m sure we all remember Todrick Hall from Season 9 of American Idol.

Chi Chi and “Ti Ti” are wearing corsets, tattered blue skirts, and swinging straw baskets (complete with Toto) from their arms. Their white shoes are more authentic to the book, but really — they should have put on ruby slippers. Bob and “Rob the Faux Queen” have on white dresses and flame-colored wigs. Rob looks beautiful. Bob looks like a hot mess.

Naomi and “Jazzy Jems” sport blonde helmet wigs, patchwork dresses, and gorgeous scarecrow faces. They do a scarecrow pose before stomping the runway. This is the first high-fashion look in the show.

Derrick and Terra are suitably stiff as Tin Man-inspired fashion. But their metal spring-shoulders and axes look weirdly fairy-like. Also? Their “dresses” are still basically stuff slapped on a body suit. Robbie and “Hedda” have on gold satin cocktail dresses, with fur stoles and… bustles on the back. Okay. Thorgy Thor and “Thorgeous” are have shiny green dresses, green hair, and green glasses. Again, very true to the book — but they look more like their from Whoville than Emerald City.

Kim and “Miso” Chi’s entrance earns a gasp from the judges. Miso is perched up on Kim’s shoulders, making a single, gigantic person. They separate to reveal themselves as black-and-white witches.

There’s a montage of the teams dancing. It’s a jumble of posing, walking, arm waving, little woman-lifting, and Kim and Miso hitting each other with brooms.

In the judging, Michelle suggests that Chi Chi, who doesn’t wear a breast plate or stuff a bra, try conturing with make-up to create an illusion of cleavage. Ross Mathews tells Elena she outshines Bob on the runway, which is not good news for Bob. Then Ross tells everyone to look at Naomi. “This is how you win this competition,” he says.

Derrick gets slammed for her non-looks. “I’m not a seamstress,” Derrick whines. Robbie frustrates Michelle, because she’s not “bringing it.” Kim Chi impressed Marc Jacobs, who catches all her fashion references in the look. Marc was also happy when Thorgy and Thorgeous showed off their dance moves.

RuPaul asks the queens to say who they think should be eliminated. Chi Chi, Bob and Naomi call out Derrick. Derrick, Robbie, Kim, and Thorgy pick Chi Chi. Thorgy is especially annoyed at Chi Chi because Chi Chi didn’t sew her garments. She hot-glued them.

The judges discuss that complaint, with Michelle pointing out that Ben DelaCreme once won a challenge with a hot-glued outfit. Marc Jacobs reveals that hot-glue is used liberally during real fashion shows. But they all agree that Chi Chi’s Dorothy-inspired looks were, well, uninspired.

With seven queens, nobody is really safe until the end. Naomi wins the challenge, with Thorgy and Kim getting called safe. Bob and Chi Chi are safe by inches, while Derrick and Robbie have to lip-sync. Robbie looks really pissed off,

The music (“I Love It” by Icona Pop) starts, and Derrick goes into full Britney Spears mode. Okay, I can see why Derrick is making a living in Las Vegas. It’s pretty impressive. Robbie doesn’t have a chance, especially when the wig come off — and there’s no wig underneath. Derrick stays, and has a short breakdown, telling the judges that she’s way out of her comfort zone, and grateful to be allowed out of her Britney box. Whatever. I don’t think Derrick is going to last much longer.

Robbie is still stunned as she goes back to the Werk Room to pack. “I guess I’ll go back to Washington, say ‘Woe is me’ and eat some peaches.” Robbie muses.

So, any guesses as to the final three? I think I can guess the top four, but I’m not sure which one will leave at that point. Also, I think Derrick is going home next. At least, I hope so.

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All the queens and their guest sisters walk backstage — and then the sisters disappear. The queens grab their drinks and sit. Derrick is embarrassed by the judges’ critiques. Bob is worried that any mistake will land him in the bottom. Derrick mentions that it was a new experience to get asked The Question — and Bob reminds him that RuPaul does that every season. “It was new for me” Derrick explains.

Chi Chi think she’ll be in the bottom, but the others assure her that she’ll be safe. “It’s based on the judges’ critique,” Bob sasys, “Not ours.” I guess the hot-glue controversy is still going on. Derrick does a snippy talking head about getting more criticism than Chi Chi. Bob and Thorgy chide Chi Chi for not trying to expand her skills. Kim Chi points out Chi Chi is more creative than what she did this week — look at her first episode trash bag dress. Chi Chi insists that she had more time on that dress — what she did this week was what she could do in the time allotted.

Derrick gets all pissy and talks about how she sewed her outfits. She did all the hems! Bob shakes her head, noting that Derrick’s hems are badly done, and her “skirt” is just a piece of fabric wrapped around her waist.

Bob asks Derrick if she was surprised to be named by the other queens. “I’m never surprised,” Derrick snaps. Derrick explains, in a talking head, that she was named by Bob, Chi Chi, and Naomi because they are threatened by her. The delusional is strong with this one.

They all talk about their guest sisters, and how sweet they were to work with. Nobody had drama. Tonya asks Chi Chi if Tonya liked to start drama, because that’s what she heard from the other little women. But Chi Chi says no, her sister was wonderful and very encouraging. Bob asks if Tonya is a mother and Chi Chi says she is. And very motherly with Chi Chi.

The next subject is shoes. Bob’s come from Payless. “They go to size 13!” Kim Chi grins. She calls Bob’s white pumps “five years ago,” but Thorgy loves a classic pump. Naomi has no shoes that fit her feet, but she’s beaming — high from the judges’ praise probably. Bob jokes that they should all try and bring Naomi down — but it’s sweet.

Jump to worry time. Robbie know she’s up against Derrick and that’s not good. They’ve worked together and are friends. “Dance like nobody’s booing,” Naomi advises.

Naomi was sure it was Derrick and Robbie in the bottom — until four people named Chi Chi to go home. Derrick is pissed three people picked her. Chi Chi can no longer take it. “Do you really think that you have the most flattering outfit? It’s a spray-painted bathing suit with a piece of fabric!” Derrick comes for Chi Chi’s outfit, and Chi Chi refuses to answer at first. Then she defends her work as her best. Thorgy chimes in to defend Chi Chi. It’s hot-glued, but everything is in place.

The guest sisters come in, and ask what the drama is about. Thorgy tells Christy that Robbie is off learning the song, sure that she’s in the bottom. Christy goes to comfort Robbie.

“Do you think my look was the worst?” Chi Chi asks Tonya. Tonya is loyal to Chi Chi and defending the outfit. Terra calls BS, because Tonya was talking about pitching in to sew. Tonya corrects her, all she said was that she could sew, but the rules are that the queens have to do everything themselves. She adds that Chi Chi’s outfits are well made. She’s not busting out, and she could see her daughter performing in something like it. (“In 1992,” Terra snarks. Bob calls her out.)

“It looks put together and expensive,” Tonya finishes. “Let’s not get crazy,” Bob jokes. Tonya comes back at Bob, calling her outfit “that you got at Rainbow…” Bob laughs.

Five minute warning, Robbie, Derrick, Bob, and Chi Chi are all listening to the song. The drag sisters watch the final judgment. Terra is relieved when Robbie is called in the bottom, since it means that Derrick won’t have to dance against Chi Chi, who is a bigger threat.

Of course, it’s Derrick who wins. Robbie looks thoughtful as she walks backstage. She narrates that she was fighting to do something different — and maybe that was a trainwreck. She’s not ready to go home. She wanted to do and say more. She finds love notes from Derrick, Thorgy, and Naomi.

“I was over-thinking,” Robbie says, continuing to over-think through the endless packing. She leaves, holding up her red Vera Wang wedding dress, as the most precious piece of her wardrobe.