Renee’s American Idol Tour 2009 Newark Re-cap

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I’m happy to share my experience at the concerts and after parties at the Newark shows on the 8th and 9th and I hope you guys enjoy it. But please, don’t ask how I got in. I got in through a friend, of a friend, of a friend and have absolutely no way to get anyone else in. It was a miracle that I got myself in.

The 8th:

The concert was amazing of course! We were in the pod, which are excellent seats. Ricky the cellcast guy was a couple people in front of us. I also knew several other glamberts in the same pod, so it was a big Adam love fest party for us! For the second half, we ran up to the front rail and had the most amazing view ‘ Adam was literally a couple of feet in front of us! Plus, we were right at the stairs where they come out during hey Jude. I pointed at Adam as he came out and screamed and he smiled at waved at me and my friend (we were literally in front of his face). HEAVEN!!!!

No need to describe the concert, since everyone has seen the videos and read the reviews. After the concert, we went to find the after party holding area. We saw where they were taking people up to the back room, so we waited over there. Then we pushed our way up and we were the first 3 people in line! Once they finally let us go up the stirs, we pushed past everyone still in the room from the previous group and made a beeline for Adam, There was 1 girl in front of us, and then it was our turn. We went up and told him that we had a gift for him. I told him that we had a star named for him in the International Star Registry and we gave him the tube with the certificate and star map and letter. He said, ‘wow, that’s so cool!’  and asked what we named it. We told him ‘Adam Lambert ‘ Planet Fierce’  and he cracked up and said his brother would love that. Then he asked if we saw it on Neil’s blog and I told him that’s where I got the name from. He thought that was cool. We showed him a picture of the certificate and the star map showing the star location in the Aquarius constellation (of course!). (We had brought pictures because we didn’t think he’d have time to open the tube on the spot to look at it.) He seemed really thrilled and keep saying what a cool gift it was and even did the little ‘Yay’  that he does when he’s excited. He thanked us over and over.

Then we told him we loved him at GMA and he said he had a great time, but it was a long day. He said, ‘I got up at 5:00am’  and I said, sorry, but we got up at 3:30 am and he laughed. His PR person cracked up! Then we told him that we had seen the concert in Sacramento, Oakland and San Jose and loved it and that we flew out for GMA and the concerts again this weekend. He seemed genuinely touched and thanked us for coming.

Then he signed all of our Rolling Stone magazines and took a picture with each of us. I was bummed that he didn’t put our name when he signed it (like he did for me in Oakland), but there were just too many people there. The line was insanely long and the PR woman was freaking out, so we all thanked him for the pictures and I congratulated him on his success and told him I think he’s awesome and he thanked us again and then we had to go.

We were REALLY lucky! After us, Ray came over and stood next to him on one side, with the PR woman on the other. No one else really got to chat with him. They would get an autograph and a picture and then Ray would say ‘Next’  and move on. All the other people seemed to get is a few seconds and I feel like we got a few minutes. Hear that sound? That’s me DYING!!!

We then went and looked for Lil and I gave her my gift. She was really excited about it and introduced us to her husband. She chatted with us for a while. We told her how much we love her set and how we danced our asses off and she seemed thrilled. She is such a sweetie- I love her! Then a line was forming, so we congratulated her and left.

Next we found Sarver, who also had a long line. We gave him our gift and he thanked us. We told him we loved him and congratulated him. I asked about his foot, which is really not doing well apparently. Then we had to go because people were waiting.

We found Matt and took a picture. I got a picture autographed for my friend (he was really nice and even made it out to her when I asked). Then we saw Megan and took a picture. She was really sweet. We looked for Scott and Anoop, but they were gone. Both left really early. I never even saw Allison. I heard she was there briefly.

We had seen Kris, but he was taken out early. But then later, we saw him again and no one was there, so we went to talk to him. He is an absolute doll! We were talking about him moving to LA. Then we told him we had a blast at GMA and that it looked like the 3 of them were having a great time. He told us that David Cook is a great guy, which is obvious anyway. Then we took pictures with him and congratulated him.

Next we went back to Adam. The line was still insane, so we just stood near the front and snapped pictures of him over and over. I think I have 100 pictures of him signing stuff and talking to people. I can never get tired of looking at him!!!! Then Ray came over and told him that he needed to go out to the meet & greet, so we watched him leave. By then the room was pretty empty, so we left.

Overall, a great time! The concert was excellent and having the pod seats was fantastic! The after party was great, although I enjoyed the one in Oakland more. There were half as many people in Oakland and we got more time with all of the idols. But, hey, I’m not complaining! I’m thrilled that Adam liked our gift and that we actually got to give it to him! He is the nicest guy I’ve ever met ‘ totally genuine. I don’t think he could be a diva even if he tried! And he is absolutely STUNNING!!!!

The 9th

As usual the show was fantastic. To me, this was the best one, but that is probably because my seats were so phenomenal. Not only was I SUPER close, but I had a full front view, unlike the pod seat I had in San Jose and on the 8th. And they kept coming right to the corner of the stage, directly in front of me (no zoom necessary!). I was in the 2nd row, almost center!!!! Best seat of the 5 concerts I went to!

I went to the after party again and this time took a picture with Allison and Scott. Next I went over to Lil and said hi. She recognized me from last night and thanked me for the gift and told me she liked it. I gushed to her once again and told her I wouldn’t be back to any more concerts and wanted to congratulate her one last time. Then I went to find Sarver. He also recognized me right away. I told him I was in the 2nd row tonight and he said, ‘I know, I saw you. I waved to you.’  I told him I didn’t know if he was waving to me specifically (although I thought he was at the time) because he waved to a lot of people. But he said that he we does wave to the high seats in general, but for the few front rows he can see us and he knew it was me. So of course I feel special!! (I’m such a dorky fan girl!) Then I told him that it was my last concert of 5. He asked which I was at and told me he recognized me from San Jose. I said it was actually the meet and greet in Oakland, but he really sounded like he did recognize me. So that was cool. I asked if he liked the gift and he told me he did, that he liked things like that instead of stuff like candy. I congratulated him for the gazillionith time and then said goodbye. Then I took off.


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