Relyec’s American Idol Tour 2009 Columbus, OH Recap

Ok so where do I start… this is probably going to be long but a lot to tell. Let’s start off with this was my first season watching idol and it was all due to Adam but I am going to try to write from what I observed all around me. At last minute my sister had to back out so I took my neighbor who had not seen a single show this season and didn’t know who any of the idols were so I did get some unbiased info from her.

So we get to the arena about ten minutes before show time and I was like where are all the Glamberts and Kris Allen fans? I didn’t see anyone with fan shirts on, oh well they must have been inside already. I get to my seat way up up in the nosebleeds on the right side of the stage and I looked all around and thought “where are all the friggin people at?” I paid for best available seats and I’m pretty darn positive that there were many better seats. Oh well, the floor was packed though.

Sitting behind me were 2 Adam fans, 2 Kris fans, and 1 Gokey fan who all came together. I wish I was with there group because they were having a great time. So one of them kept asking questions to the other like I wonder what order they are going to sing etc… so I kept turning around and answering them and they asked me “how do you know all this have you been to another show?” I told them all about Mj’s site and how amazing it is and they should check it out!

Now for the show… Michael has good voice and I could see him singing country way before I could ever see Danny singing it. I’ve really started to like Michael but his song choices were not songs I knew that well. By the way everyone was sitting and I have never been to a concert where I sat down, who does that? I intended to stand and dance the whole show. (guess that is why you pay the big bucks for floor tickets:)

Like I twittered Megans hair just NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Too distracted by the hair to watch, her vocals weren’t the best I heard from her either I’ve heard her sound better. I really wonder if the sound was messed up or if it was just from where I was sitting but the sound system was crappy all night.

Lil, Great, and beautiful. She really can sing, didn’t like the last song though. ANOOPPP, well I actually liked him better on the show. He really lost me when he tried to sexy dance, check my tweet from last night. Scott, ok, good voice, but why o why would they have a blind guy sing a song about “walking a thousand miles if I could just SEE you tonight”? Why AI is that a joke? I just went out of order oh well.

MATTY G…. Liked the hair and he has Charisma! He can sing but them something baddddd happened, I had to PEEE! Crap I didn’t want to miss Allison by trying to go during intermission so I left during Matts last song except I totally tripped and fell down on top of this lady and the people in my row were trying to grab me and pull me up. Everyone
was very nice and I apologized to the poor lady who’s head I landed on numerous times. I decided it was best to wait till the lights came on at intermission to get back to my seat. Also I’m a loser I lost the Ford Fusion challenge both times, oh well.

Second half…. ALLISON ROCKS…… I was really surprised at how good she was. Oh yeah did I mention everyone except the floor was still people? I thought Barracuda my least fav of her set, just seemed rushed and mumbled to me.

Danny… Surprise, surprise…. he sounded good vocally I didn’t think I would like him I know he has a lot of fans I just wasn’t expecting to like him. Remember the 1 fan behind me.. sitting but Screaming soooo loud I thought she blew my eardrum. Looks like Danny picked up some moves while on tour. He was ok for me but there is no way I could possably pick a genre for him. SOOO the lights go out and the crowd F-in erupts!!!!!

A-D-A-M….. Yes that’s what I’m talkin about people on there feet and making some noise. I thought I was going to fall again, (just hoping I would land on Adam this time!) Nothing I could possibly say that hasn’t been said. Lot’s and lot’s of stuff on stage, and for the first time I wasn’t embarrassed for Columbus I thought the crowd was so boring until then. Holy Cannoli just WOW!!!! Take deep breath and it’s time for Kris. People were lovin them some pocket idol, me too. F everyone who kept sittin all night I came to dance!!!! DSB was a blur all I kept thinking was it’s almost over I want MORE! so key points:

1. People need to get up and dance then maybe we wouldn’t be so obese in Ohio, sry if ur not or if u are and I offend, but just sayin….
2. Hot dogs and Nachos smell the whole time YUCK.
3. The Glamberts next to me did not smell, however by the barricades there were some pretty sweaty people.
4. Never will I wait so long to get tickets, I hate the nosebleeds!!!
5. I got ADAMS AND KRIS’S Autographs!!!!!
6. ADAM is sooooo pretty, is it possible to be pretty and sexy all together? Love his smile, OMG just OMG!!!!
7. Kris is short so I didn’t see him at the barricades till he was like right in front of me, almost missed his autograph.
8. You didn’t have to leave the show early to get signatures, I stayed the whole time, then went and bought some stuff and still got sigs. Just stay and enjoy what you paid for.
9. Make sure you have a camera that works well in the dark, sooo mad my camera is crappy, and my pics were awful.
11. DID I mention how BEAUTIFUL ADAM is?
12. Tnx Mj and everyone here for reading and giving me a home to fantard and debate…..hope you enjoyed my recap and sorry it’s soo long and grammatically incorrect I’ve had 3hrs of sleep. Night, night.

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