Randy Jackson Says a Boy Will Win. What a Bulletin.

In an interview with AOL news, Randy Jackson says…a boy will win.   Gasp!

We say it every season, but I’m not kidding you: I think this is the most talented bunch we’ve ever had. This is the eighth season of the show. People have seen every other brand of artist. But now, these kids are different than any other season we’ve had, and I think these boys are some of the most talented we’ve ever had.

OMG. They say it EVERY year (they do). But this time they really mean it! Most. Talented. Group. Evah! *eyes roll*.

Will a guy win this season?

One hundred percent. I mean, I’ve been saying it — I said it before them, and you can quote me. Yeah. I was the first to say that [laughs]. I just think for some reason this year … the boys are just on a whole ‘nother level. I mean, there are some great girls as well. But we’ll see who goes through the ranks, because there’s a lot more show to go before we get to the end.

If you ask me, Alexis Grace was by far the best singer of last night’s bunch. The boys have a lot of catching up to do.

Randy can’t stop hyperventilating talkin’ bout the guys

And these guys are even way different than the guys last season. I mean, it’s a whole different kind of slice. With all of these kinds of shows, there’s some kid sitting at home that never wanted to do it, that was going “Yeah, I don’t want to do that show. It’s cheesy, corny, whatever. It’s not cool. Whatever, whatever.” So, I always say that some year, some kid sitting at home that didn’t want to do this in the beginning is going “Hey, you know what? David Cook won, David Archuleta was up there. You know, there’s some very talented people, man. Maybe it’s time for me to go out there and show my wares.” I think that’s what helps us grow the show out. I think that’s why the show could go on for a long time.

Wasn’t this the line after Chris Daughtry’s year? This little speech sounds awfully familiar. Also, Randy says they put through Nick Mitchell (aka Normund Gentle) and Tatiana Del Toro because…they can really sing y’all. If you say so, Randy.

Plus, Randy thinks the wildcard is a good thing because….the judges know talent…the dawg picked Jennifer Hudson Season 3!

Oh hell, let’s ditch the voting and let the judges pick the entire Top 12!

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