Randy Jackson Press Conference

Randy Jackson conducted a press conference yesterday.   There should be articles all over the web today covering the interview.   Here’s  one  of the first  articles posted  from  Movieweb.com.

UPDATE: From Reality TV Magazine:

Even though a Southerner has won every season of American Idol to date, Randy Jackson wasnt willing to say if it was going to be another Southerner again or not this year.   When asked about Birmingham chances (a city known for producing American Idol finalists), Jackson said that he had a feeling that the winner was going to be from somewhere else this year.   Jackson also added that it …might be someone who auditioned in Birmingham but not from Birmingham.  

Like Simon Cowell, Randy wasn’t crazy about the return of guest judges (Olivia Newton-John, Jewel and songwriter Carol Bayer-Sager) this year:

I think I could definitely live without them. Look, the show works because it is the three of us on the panel and kind of what we do and how we interact, I don’t necessarily think that we need guest judges. When people come in be judges it’s often a little awkward and little hard for them. I think people look at the show as a fan and go, “Oh, I could do that.” It’s almost like saying, “I could be a pitcher.” You could do it but is it going to be good? Or, are you going to be there for the TV face time?”

On Jennifer Hudson in “Dreamgirls”:

Me, personally, I don’t think she blows away Beyonce in Dreamgirls. I think she’s amazing in Dreamgirls, I think Jennifer Holiday has an equally amazing voice. It’s harder to be the original one than the second or the third one. I think she’s done amazingly well but I remind people every time, “The girl that won that year, her name was Fantasia Barrino, and if you want to know why she won go back and listen to that ‘Summertime’ version she did. It’s the best Idol performance to date.”

Hmmm, underplaying Jennifer for Fantasia….

To be honest, not much is quotable in the interview.   His answers are straight out of the PR playbook.   Ho Hum.   If anything interesting turns up in other articles posted today, I’ll do an update.

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