Pete’s American Idol Tour 2009 Pittsburgh, PA Recap

Hey Everyone I am a 14 year old boy (I know not your typical American Idol fan) and I have been watching American Idol since Season 2. I have gone to the concert every year in Pittsburgh and I think they get better every year. This year I was extremely excited for the concert because not only did I have 5th row seats, I won Meet&Greet passes from Megan Joy’s Myspace.

I was on my way to the concert but we were running a little late and there was traffic. We made it just in time so we picked up our m&g passes from will call and went inside. We went down the steps and saw it hadn’t started yet so my cousin and I went to the merchandise stand. We both got a program and I got a Megan Joy photo (you probably can tell that I am a huge Megan fan.) We heard the music start so we ran to our seats. We were very close to the stage. We had made it just in time because Michael came out just as we sat down.

Michael was very good. He really connected with the crowd. I think the first (can’t remember name of song) song really fit him and he sang it great. His second song (Closer) was just as good but it was something I didn’t expect Michael to sing. I think over all Michael’s set was very good.

Megan looked and sounded amazing! I think she chose the right songs and sang them great. Her first song (Put Your Records On) was even better live than on Idol. Her second song (Tears Dry On There Own) was a great song for her. (As she said) It was a song that was almost about her. I can’t say anything bad about Megan’s set except it could have been longer.

Scott was next and he was also very good. Personally during American Idol I was not a Scott fan but after this show I really was. I thought his first song (can’t remember name) was good but nothing special but his second song (A Thousand Miles) was AMAZING!!!

It really fit him and I thought he preformed it wonderfully. Over all great set.

Lil’s set was very fun and everyone was up dancing (especially the people sitting next to us, they were Lil fans) Lil’s first two songs were really fun and she sounded great. Now I found something really amazing when she sang Single Ladies (don’t know why) My cousin screamed when she heard this song start. Lil was really fun and energetic to this song and she really connected with the crowd. Over all Amazing set.

Anoop had fun on stage and I think he may have been nervous because his parents were in the audience. His whole set was great but My Prerogative was really fun and it is something I could see him put on his album. It was much better live than on Idol. Anoop has an amazing voice and I can’t wait to hear more from him! Oh I almost forgot to mention that when we were waiting for M&G we were sitting behind Anoop’s Parents. A woman came over and asked them if he was going to start recording an album soon and they said YES! They seemed really proud of their son!

Matt was such a nice guy and I liked his new hair-do. His set was very good but I am having trouble remembering some of the song titles so I will just tell you what stuck out to me. You Found Me was a really good choice for Matt and I think he sang it really good. The rest of Matt’s set was equally great but I can’t remember the titles

I think that Matt has a great voice and I can’t wait to hear more from him.

The Group Song was really good. I thought Megan sounded great, Lil sounded great but together not so much. Matt and Scott looked really cool as the dueling piano players. Michael and Anoop sounded good to. I thought that the group songs were very cool from the dueling piano players to the synchronized dancing.


Time to buy more merchandise!!!

Allison was Amazing. She chose my FAVORITE song to come out with. I thought she did an awesome job at singing So What. She had fun and connected with the audience. Barracuda was good too but I just don’t like that song to much but Allison did a great job. The rest of her set was great to but nothing stuck out to me more than So What.

Danny did much better than I thought he would. He did an amazing job on What Hurts the Most and P.Y.T. He sounded much better live than on Idol. I can’t wait to hear more from him. He told my cousin and me that a single should be coming out in November and the album hopefully in March. Danny was telling everyone to never give up and always follow your dreams. He seems like a really cool guy. His other songs sounded great too but once again I can not remember the names.

Adam was not as great as I thought he would be (I am probably dead now) but only because he was sick. He still sounded great but you could tell he was losing his voice. Whole Lotta Love was just as great as I remembered it on Idol. Starlight was a little odd for me but it could have been that he was sick. The rest of his set was great. I liked when he sang Fame because it was something Adam would sing and it was really fun. Over all the set was great.

Kris was way better than I thought he would be. He sounded great singing Heartless and the rest of his songs. My favorite part of his set was Hey Jude because he connected with the crowd and everyone was singing along with him (‘Na’ ¦Na..Na.NaNaNaNa Hey Jude.’ ) Also the whole group (except Scott and Matt) came out at the end to sing with him. It was a great way to end his set and I loved it. (Also at the end Megan said ‘Kris Allen is the Man!!!’ )

Don’t Stop Believing was my favorite group song on the show and I was glad they chose it for tour. I loved how Matt and Scott came out again playing piano and they sounded great together. Megan and Michael sang well together then the rest came out and sang the rest. Toward the end Adam and Kris were hiding on the platform that rose up then they just popped up. Adam thanked the band then it was over. It was a great way to end the show but it ended too soon.

Next we waited for M&G. (as I mentioned) We sat behind Anoop’s Parents. We waited for about 5 minutes then we went in. Almost all of the idols were there waiting for us. We first went over to Michael to get an autograph. He shook my hand signed my program and cd then took a picture with me. Then we moved on to Matt. He autographed my program and cd then took a picture with me. Later he autographed my lenticular American Idol trading card. He was like, I didn’t even know I had a trading card. He said ‘Man that’s weird. Whoa I don’t like that picture of me.’  He was really cool. Next we moved on to Megan. She autographed a few things for me then I made my cousin take like 5 pictures to make sure one came out nice. We said thanks for the M&G passes. Megan was so nice. Next was Lil (my cousins favorite.) She was really nice and asked if we liked the show. She autographed out merchandise and took pictures with us. We then went over to Allison. She signed our programs and took pictures with us. She seemed really sweet but kind of shy. Next we went to Scott. He signed our programs and took a picture with me. He was a really cool guy. We were about to go to Anoop but we saw he leftL. So we moved on to Danny. He autographed our merch and took pictures with us. He was really nice too. Next was Kris. When we walked up to him he was talking on the phone with a fans sister or something. He signed our programs then he also signed my card. He (just like Matt) was kind of creeped out by it. He looked at it for like 2 minutes. Then he took pictures with us. Adam wasn’t there so we left.

We then went outside to see if we could get an autograph from Anoop or Adam. Everyone came out and we got an autograph on a picture that we forgot about. Adam signed my card. He (like Kris and Matt) was a little caught off guard. He looked at it quickly then gave it back. Anoop came down the aisle and signed my book. We got autographs from the whole top 10 and got pictures with almost everyone. It was an amazing night and I think it was one of the best concerts ever!!!

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