Perez Hilton Vs Wil.i.Am at the Much Music Video Awards, BEP Tour Manager Charged

Are any of you watching the fued between celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.Am play out on the internet today?   Late last night after the Much Music Video Awards,   Perez began a series of twitters accusing Will.i.Am and his security guards of assaulting him after Perez and Will.a.Am exchanged words over stuff Perez has posted about the Peas on his blog.

This morning, posted a video blog disputing Perez’s version of events.   Perez responded with a slightly unhinged 12 minute video calling a liar and his band-mate Fergie fugly. Wil.i.Am responds with another blog…

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Get out the popcorn!

  • Check out the Perez video on his site HERE.
  • Towelroad blog has a nice summary of what’s gone down so far HERE. Rolling Stone has a pretty good narrative HERE.
  •’s videos HERE (he was pissed that Perez disprespected Fergie) and HERE (He says Perez called him a faggot.)
  • Earlier, Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga performed at the awards. Check it out HERE.

UPDATE:   According to the Toronto Star, the Black Eyed Peas tour manager, Liborio Molino,   has been arrested and charged with assaulting Perez. Molino is due in court August 5. Read it HERE.

2nd Update: TMZ has tape of Perez calling Wil.i.Am a “f**cking f*ggot” HERE.

Perez can be an asshat, but seriously?   Hauling off and belting him? Not cool.

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  1. Well, to be honest, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before. What happened to perez was surely illegal. And perez certainly has the right to post what he does on his site. But, you spend your days and nights tearing people down, eventually you will get your butt handed to you.

  2. edit: so TOTALLY off-topic. Please don’t do that. Hijacking threads is a no-no

  3. MJ, I love you. And I love that your fourth bullet is “Earlier, Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga performed at the awards.” Way to tie this in to American Idol :)

  4. Illegal, sure, but you know what? If anyone deserves it, it’s Perez Hilton. I can’t for the life of me understand why this guy is who he is. He’s disgusting, he’s crude, he’s not funny in the least, he’s homophobic, and a grade-A jackass.

  5. I wish someone anyone would beat the shit out of Hilton! What an ass!

  6. I can’t believe Perez tweeted asking people to call the police. I’m sure the local police were thrilled about that waste of their time when there were probably real emergencies that needed their attention.

    Sounds like it was the manager of the BEP that hit Perez? If so, why did he tweet that it was

    I don’t condone violence, but I watched the Perez video and have to say, he didn’t look like someone who had been brutally attacked. Barely a black eye. I just can’t muster up much sympathy for him.

  7. Perez is rude, etc. so I’m kinda glad a celeb stood up to Perez and imo, it sounds really far-fetched that (or his staff for that matter) would beat Perez up

  8. I’m sure it’s technically not the morally “right” thing to do, but I must echo the sentiments that Perez had a good ass-kicking coming for him. All the guy does is hate on people of whom he wish he was. Not to mention he finds pleasure in making fun of children. Absolutely no respect for that loser.

    ETA: So, supposedly, the Black Eyed Peas’ bodyguard has been arrested and has a court date.

  9. I’m surprised Perez hasn’t gotten his a$$ beat down BEFORE this. Yeah, what that BEP manager/guard did was illegal; but unfortunately for Perez, I think most people will think he had it coming.

    I think Perez IS in shock and probably scared sh!tless that more people will now line up and take a swing at him.

  10. ETA: So, supposedly, the Black Eyed Peasà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ bodyguard has been arrested and has a court date.

    According to MSNBC, it’s the BEP’s tour manager that hit Hilton. The article says that Hilton was leaving the club when he was hit initially from behind.

    I’m sorry, that’s just not right. I think Hilton is a jerk and his posts seem kind of icky to me, but as Judge Wapner used to say, verbal words do not justify physical violence. I thought we had evolved. Don’t like Perez’s stuff, don’t read him. IMO.

    (but maybe I think that because I don’t want Scott to deck me for saying I found his singing on AI to be boring)

  11. WOW! I just watch the Perez video, good lord the boy is full of drama. I think he probably did get hit but it wasn’t that bad. lol I am sure this will be all over the news now.

  12. Okay, I really don’t like Perez Hilton because he does make a lot of mean comments, especially about my fave idol Kelly Clarkson, and no one should ever make fun of her! hehe..

    Anyways, he makes money off his site and though some of it is pretty disgusting, he also has some nice things to say. It’s all part of his job since that’s why he has so many viewers- people love the tabloid stuff. He also clearly has a lot of influence with music (though I don’t see why he should) and I guess he said a lot of bad stuff about their new music (which I kinda agree- their music kinda blows).

    No matter what he says though and as much as I dislike him, I don’t think anyone should get hit!

    Also, Will I Am had Tila Tequila twittering for him and so I don’t see any real credibility in that either. haha

  13. From

    Even American Idol host Ryan Seacrest got involved, inviting both parties to talk it out on his radio show.

    “I am sorting thru this drama wih perez and! Have u heard? Perez need u to call radio show to clear this up. Will caall radio show,” Seacrest tweeted on his Twitter page.

    So there’s our AI tie-in!

  14. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. LOL

    I’m not even going to try to be objective or fair. I like and Fergie and don’t care for Perez much at all. So, yeah, neither fair nor objective.

    IMO, they’d better charge and/or plead this out as a misdemeanor, cuz I predict no jury who’s familiar with Perez will convict the guy. :-)

  15. IMO, theyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢d better charge and/or plead this out as a misdemeanor, cuz I predict no jury whoà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s familiar with Perez will convict the guy. :-)

    Years ago when Alex Baldwin was tried for hitting a stalkerazzi who was filming Kim and him bringing their daughter home from the hospital (yes, that would be the little pig and this was before Alex went crazy…well, maybe not), anyway, the jury gave one of those rare verdicts, not guilty by reason of confrontation by a victim who deserved it. I predict a similar outcome here.

  16. I agree that Perez has said/done some bad stuff…but the Black Eyed Peas don’t seem to have a legitimate gripe against him. So what if Perez didn’t like the album? It wasn’t even a scathing review…he just didn’t think it was their best stuff. And as far as him talking trash about Fergie, he always has. Who cares? Hitting him over that is lame. I would like to see Rumer Willis belt him…I don’t even think he’d press charges! He’s sooooo mean to her!

  17. Wait, why would you twitter for the police to come?

    Attention. Perez is an attention whore.

    As far as the manager being arrested, that doesn’t really prove anything. It doesn’t mean he’s guility of anything. It just means the police are doing their job, which is investigating a complaint. I hope people remember that…..

  18. What does all this prove? That you can easily absorb three bitch-slaps and never have to call a doc. You may wanna tweet one for a 2nd opinion, tho’.

  19. Bored.i.Am


    Ok so I know this is really, really un-PC to say. But honestly, I don’t know if a black eye rises to the level of “assault”. I know violence is never good, but… when did everything get so… OTT? They argued, Perez pulled out some name calling antics, someone got pissed and decked him. It used to be that kind of thing got shrugged off and everyone moved on. But assault charges? I don’t know, unless there is more to the story I am not getting. Even Perez’s description doesn’t sound that serious to me.

    I am ready to be pelted with eggs now.

  20. OMG Perez is such a drama queen. Damm and then he used the F word a lot in the middle of the video doesn’t help get his point across either. I was just lucky that my parents were home because I have the volume on my laptop at full (which is pretty loud) so I had to pause the video and just lower the volume. Hilton has NO class. I don’t care if what he is saying is true but when he says “I don’t want press” then why are you making such a big deal out of it. Someone hit you. It happens all the time but people don’t get arrested for it most of the time because they don’t make it over-dramatic. Calling Will.I.Am. a f@ggot doesn’t help the situation either. You were just antagonizing him…

  21. Assault is as simple as touching anyone without their consent, you don’t have to leave a mark.

    Practically speaking, however,the police usually only lay charges when the assault is a bit more serious than that. A black eye, especially if someone was hit from behind, is likely chargeworthy and especially since there is a problem with violence at certain night clubs in Toronto and the police and the clubs want to keep that in control.

  22. Since it’s on this Idol blog, I thought maybe it was really Kelly Clarkson that belted him one. Or maybe Adam Lambert snuck up to Toronto to let him have it. That would have been more interesting, anyway.

  23. Well, you know to me it’s like the “n….r” word, People seem to believe, that if you are one of your own, you can use derogatory words without any prejudice, but I don’t agree.
    Remember, when PH made so much fuss about “f….t” word being used by one of Grey Anatomy actors? it was not okey, and now Perez uses it and it IS OKAY? Helloooo?

  24. A black eye, especially if someone was hit from behind, is likely chargeworthy

    The thing is, I never heard that before I saw it this thread. Even Perez’s long (hilarious) video on the subject – I want those 11 minutes of my life back BTW, thank you very much – doesn’t say anything about getting hit from behind. It all sounded very straightforward to me. Words exchanged, the manager got mad, the manager punched him in the eye. Looks like a heated argument that ended poorly.

  25. Why the heck would Perez go off on him and call him a “fa*(ot”? I hope he gets a little criticism from the gay community for that little rant. I mean…he goes after Adam Lambert for not being gay enough…well honey, you are doing more damage to the gay community with your ugliness than Adam Lambert could ever do!!!

  26. Well goodness, couldn’t the tie-in be that BEP performed on the AI finale this year?

    Yeah, hitting’s not the answer. But I’m glad someone has done something about PH. This has surprised him? Nothing like this has ever happened before? Frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before. I don’t follow him, but everything I’ve heard about him points to asshat for sure.

  27. It all sounded very straightforward to me. Words exchanged, the manager got mad, the manager punched him in the eye. Looks like a heated argument that ended poorly.

    I’m with you on this one. I find all the dramz and police calling a bit OTT for what actually seems to have transpired. Sure, it’s not right to hit someone because they hurl insults at you or your friends, but not really surprising considering it was outside a club where perhaps a few adult beverages had been consumed.

  28. Oh, the drama. I haven’t seen a spectacle like this since the gokeyisadouche twitter fracas.

    I’m sure the list of people who would like to punch Perez is a long one but actually going through with it is clearly illegal. With the number of people he has skewered I doubt he’ll get much sympathy, especially since he himself can be heard calling someone a faggot. That isn’t acceptable behavior.

  29. thank to you the people pointing out the hypocrisy in him using the “F” word as an insult. that was my immediate reaction to this otherwise ridiculous story. perpetuating the use of words used to describe homosexuals as an insult (e.g., that is so “gay”) is so much more damaging than people not wanting to splash headlines with those 3 little words “i am gay”. AND he has criticized (although deservedly) others for using it! WTF! THIS should be the headline of this whole debacle.

    i hope he gets his ass handed to him by the gay community.

  30. doesnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t say anything about getting hit from behind. It all sounded very straightforward to me. Words exchanged, the manager got mad, the manager punched him in the eye.

    No, that’s not what he said. W approached PH in the club and got in his face repeatedly. PH insulted him and left the club. W and entourage followed him out of the club and PH was hit from behind by the manager.

    I think if someone gets hit because they were in someone’s face and intimidating them, that’s when a jury might think the guy had it coming. But to follow someone who is leaving and hit them from behind? Hopefully that moron spends some time cooling his ass in jail where he belongs. I am indifferent about PH and could not care less about Fergie etc., but that’s what I think.

  31. Did Perez at least defended himself by pulling the manager’s hair?

  32. So why did Perez initially say it was and his security guards who assaulted him? Is that because whoever it was came from behind and he didn’t actually see who it was? Could be correct that it was actually a “fan” who did it? Why is Perez so certain now that it was the road manager?

    It just seems very murky. Obviously there had to be witnesses, but it will be hard to make the case against Molino with so many conflicting accounts.

  33. How does someone get punched in the eye from behind? Not that punching punching someone when you are facing them is a good thing, but it sounds to me like PH is embellishing. Which could present a problem for the prosecution if he testifies.

    I was also surprised that PH was calling a f****t. Being gay doesn’t give you license to insult people with stereotying expletives.

  34. How does someone get punched in the eye from behind?

    I don’t know what happened, but I would imagine that people who are attacked from behind may turn around to face their attacker and then get punched in the face.

    I’m sorry, I don’t care what Perez said, punching is not the answer. Make up a rude song about him if you must descend to his level, but physically attacking somebody is wrong (especially, this manager dude who seemed to be outside of the dispute…he has no excuse at all…even a hockey player that tries a stunt like that would get tossed from the game).

  35. No, thatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s not what he said. W approached PH in the club and got in his face repeatedly. PH insulted him and left the club. W and entourage followed him out of the club and PH was hit from behind by the manager.

    I’m gonna have to take your word because there is no way I’m rewatching that video. LOL. But the TMZ vid linked above clearly shows Perez calling Will the F-word outside the club. After that I can’t tell who hit whom.

    But even if he did get hit from behind… I’m still not saying its the right thing to do… but I am saying it doesn’t sound to far off what happens after hours at a club after drunk/tipsy/worked up people talk smack to each other. In fact, in the realm of that kind of thing, it was pretty tame. No beer bottles were broken over anyone’s head, no chairs flew around, there were no baseball bats and no guns, thank God. A punch in the eye and that’s about it. Not even a kick. So while no one should have hit anyone, I’m not sure if the Toronto judicial system should be bogged down with the nonsense. Of course its illegal and all, but seriously? This stuff used to get chalked up as the cost of talking smack in the club. The whole reaction seems OTT to me. But I know plenty will disagree with me on that, so YMMV and all.

  36. I know we’re being all pc and all and hitting is never right and all that. And it’s not. It’s not. But I wonder what Perez’s reaction would have been had this happened between someone else and Lady Gaga. And someone had called Lady Gaga a slur. And that person had a history of saying some pretty vicious things about Gaga and her crew. Something tells me Perez might understand a little easier how a reaction like that happened. There is right and wrong when it comes to the law and then sometimes, people set themselves up for bad karma. I know. Free speech. Celebs ask for it. All that. But people are people and it’s not like this is an isolated occurence. Perez has a history with ALOT of people because of how he chooses to make a living. Again, prosecute those people for breaking the law. But, IMO, he needs to own up to bringing that kind of hostility on himself.

  37. That video doesn’t tell me anything except that PH called someone a fucking faggot. Not an excuse to punch someone, but I’m having a hard time feeling terribly sympathetic to PH.

  38. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before now considering the number of people PH has pissed off. Violence is not a way of solving anything, but I can’t feel sorry for him in the least. He’s gotten away with his crap for too long.

  39. Did Perez at least defended himself by pulling the managerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s hair?

    Just had to say that, as un pc as it may be, EVERY time I read this (and it’s been several) I literally LOL! Thanks for that Akatot. :-)

    ETA: “That video doesnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t tell me anything except that PH called someone a fucking faggot. Not an excuse to punch someone, but Ià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢m having a hard time feeling terribly sympathetic to PH.”

    I agree, and apparently, we’re in the (TMZ) majority. At the moment, their poll asking who’s the bad guy has 73% answering Perez (out of over 70,000!)

  40. Here’s the thing… it was bad for anyone to resort to violence. That said, it seems kind of crybaby to me for Perez to go back to his hotel and tweet that attacked him (which wasn’t true), and imply that people should call the police.

    I could see calling the police to break up a fight. It’s harder to understand why he would do it after everything was clear and he wasn’t seriously hurt. Okay, perhaps he wanted revenge or justice. Fine. But it IS a minor matter and to have people clogging up 911 because the police didn’t respond fast enough to his initial call reeks of self-important douchbaggery and to me is just as bad (or worse) than throwing a punch when you consider that real emergencies that might need 911’s attention.

    If Perez wanted to press charges, he would have come across better if he had gone down to the police station and filed a complaint, rather than call the police and encourage his followers to do the same as if he were in immediate danger. And no, I don’t buy that “they followed me to the hotel” thing, because they were staying there. All he had to do is go to his room and lock the door.

  41. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before, but of course it doesn’t make it right. I don’t like seeing anyone get punched in the eye, even if that person is Perez Hilton.

    Why was Perez tweeting from his PHONE for someone to call the police? Seriously, how ridiculous.

  42. Do you guys know what a ratf**k is?

    It’s when you take a dive when someone goes after you so you look more like the victim and you milk the hell out of it.

    YMMV and I am just speculating, but some people make their living at it.

    I think PH called w.i.a. a fucking f****t because that’s even more threatening than using the n-word, which would make PH look like a racist.

    He chose that as the perfect way of getting a rise out of someone in the entourage and when he got smacked, he went into civil suit mode.

  43. So if Perez Hilton calls someone a F*****t, is that a Hate Crime?

    He is worse that Miss California…lol She never called someone a f**got. What a hypocrite.

    I didn’t know he was such a homophobe.

  44. Hereà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s the thingà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦ it was bad for anyone to resort to violence. That said, it seems kind of crybaby to me for Perez to go back to his hotel and tweet that attacked him (which wasnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t true), and imply that people should call the police.

    Gotta admit, while I don’t endorse going around punching people who make you mad, I’m struggling with mustering any sympathy for Perez. He’s a big ol’ crybaby. He’s the playground bully who finally got punched in the nose. He’d do himself a favor to knock off the martyr routine.

  45. Perez is such a turd! He is mean and insulting to almost everyone. While I don’t advocate punching people, he certainly deserved it.

  46. Karma is a bitch, Mario, and eventually all the hate you project onto the world will be reflected right back to you. I have no sympathy for this talentless hack. None. Whatsoever.

    I hope Adam stays very far away from this guy.

  47. He is worse that Miss Californiaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦lol She never called someone a f**got. What a hypocrite.

    OMG, you’re right. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. He was the one who started that scene with Miss California and he dumped on her for weeks and then he goes out and calls someone a f*ggot.

    Hypocrisy, they name is Perez.

  48. Just a word to the wise…if some people think playing “gotcha” with the word “faggot” is really fun, let me remind them that the n-word appears on many rap records and they should be treated the same way.

    Trust me, just because you hear gay people using the word, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for anti-gay people to use it. Here’s a rule of thumb: if you are in a group that suffered 400 years of slavery in the United States, you may use the n-word if you wish. If your minority group was subject to being murdered like Matthew Sheppard, then you may use the word “faggot.”

    By the way, even though Miss California didn’t use the word, she advocates treating gay people like second-class citizens. That is worse than admitting that she thinks of them as faggots. Don’t think an e-mail won’t turn up in the future on her.

  49. if you are in a group that suffered 400 years of slavery in the United States…

    That’s twice the length that legal slavery existed within the boundaries of the U.S. (And 4x the length if we’re talking imposition by actual “Americans”.) Sorry, History major here.

    Aaanyway. This whole thing pisses me off. I don’t advocate hitting anyone, but people get in bar fights all the time and shake it off just fine. Perez takes pot shots at Fergie (who I don’t even particularly like) and her looks all the time and even closes his video with a slam about her being fugly, which seems to be at the root of the argument. The guy’s a child seeking attention, no matter how much he pleads the contrary. I realize the definition of assault, but if it took whomever hit him 3 shots to barely scrape his cheek…after he screamed slurs at someone who doesn’t appear to raise his voice in the video.

    Bottom line, if the police put him on the back burner because he wasn’t deemed important enough, I don’t know why anyone else would consider this such a tragedy. Especially given that he’s a minor celebrity, had it been worthy of the drama, it would have been treated as such by authorities.

  50. yup … what goes around comes around … never even knew who this guy was before (again, only because of my fandom with Adam) … in this short time he’s like that Speidi guy … annoying and adds nothing to the world.

    Abuse is wrong … physical and verbal … if I was the judge; I’d call it a wash! Spank both their hands and move on already … geez … any more news on Adam?

  51. I agree with a previous poster…can I have my minutes back (Perez video). I watched it more to see who the heck this guy is. What the hell has Adam done to me? Until Adam I was clueless about celebs. Could name a few at best. Now here I am in the middle or reading all this stuff, lol. Someone throw me a lifejacket. I am watching Entertainment Tonight for heavens sake! Access Hollywood, ugh. AND Perez Hilton. Oh the shame.

    I will take the side that yes, Hilton is a piece of work. Good night. But if violence is allowed everytime someone is a big jerk… Can you imagine being allowed to slap the crap outta every idiot you meet. Oh the violence, lol.

  52. Perez is now and always has been a pinhead. And…he is the last person that should be judging people on whether they are ugly or not.

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