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When eliminated American Idol contestant, Paige Miles appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman tonight,   Dave asked her the same questions he posed to Lacey Brown when she appeared last week.

Whole lotta love solo
Whole lotta love solo

Dear Dave: I dig you, but please come up with some new material. You’re a clever guy–just do it. Okthnxgbye.

But forget all that–the important thing is that Paige sang Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” and she effing ROCKED THE HOUSE. Too bad things turned out the way they did for her.

Check out Paige’s performance, after the jump.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Has Paige always had a raspy voice? I she still struggling with her vocal cords? I think I missed her the first week so I’m still not sure what her sound really is. She sounded good here for the most part. :D

  2. That was better than all of her Idol performances!

    I really don’t buy the whole “nerves did her in.” When you have laryngitis a few days of complete vocal rest make a world of difference. Maybe they should have let her skip out on the recording sessions for the video, group-sing, and iTunes single for a week. Would have made a world of difference.

  3. She was great! Why didn’t Idol show her singing this song during Hollywood Week??

  4. If she had sang like this on American Idol, she would still be there. She was even good on her goodbye song after she was voted off. The only time she was terrible was when she was singing for votes.

  5. omg that was good. You think she was gonna sing that this week (if she wasn’t eliminated?)

  6. Well done, Paige! I think she would’ve done very well on the tour.

  7. I do think Paige lacks the “it factor” that makes her stay in everyone’s minds. A lot of people can sing, but it takes something else. Every time she came on, I had forgotten about her!

  8. If she had sang like this on American Idol, she would still be there. She was even good on her goodbye song after she was voted off. The only time she was terrible was when she was singing for votes.

    Yes, how many times we read something like this ?
    The key is to do great at the actual stage. These AI people will get to sing National Anthem, etc, etc, lots of scary stuff. They have to be able to perform under pressure and if they can’t then they are not AI material.

    And I love Paige when she was singing the Rolling Stone week.

  9. :)

    personally preferred paige’s version over siobhan’s. just felt like a natural fit for the song. might not have bought paige’s albums, but would def have enjoyed her (& alex/lily/katelyn) on tour.

  10. Ugh, I would take her over half of those contestants any day. Why did “Against All Odds” and “Smile” have to happen?

  11. Dave is kind of lame but I’ve enjoyed the contestants singing with the Late Show band. Paige sounded really good, too.

  12. For Letterman to change his schtick, he would have to actually watch the show…

    Wish Paige would have sung Superstition last week instead of Siobhan, I might still have my ear drums then.

    Yes, she sounds a 1000 times better, partly because there was no pressure, but also because The Paul Schaffer Band doesn’t do muzak (I’m looking at you Ricky Minor)

  13. Ah Paige, why couldn’t you of done this on Idol. Very nice. Paul had nice things to say about her as well.

  14. Well. Who was that woman? It’s a shame she didn’t compete on American Idol. I think I finally know why Simon thought she had a good voice and potential. I have no idea why that woman didn’t compete on American Idol, but I sincerely wish her luck.

  15. Anthony Callea (Australian Idol Season 2 Runner up)


    How was Paige voted off American Idol? Just saw her on Letterman and she can SING!!!

  16. When Paige visited the If I Can Dream house last week, she said that she and Lacey Brown would be moving to LA in the next couple of months. They will share an apartment and start working to jump start their careers.

  17. Not having had a chance to listen to this performance, but just wanted to comment that she does have a very good voice, particularly in the belting range – very powerful. However, singing softly never came off well on AI – often out of tune and weak tone.

    I believe this might have been more nerves than anything else though. And with more experience and control she would probably be able to really improve and be quite good. I wish her the best.

  18. She was definitely better than when she was on the show, but she’s still very generic… and i have a feeling she’d probably make more poor song choices if she were still in the competition.

  19. This cool performance shows why she should have been voted off. American Idol is not a show for finding yourself. You have to at least know your strengths, and which type of song will work for you.
    That she can take certain songs, like the one above, and kill it, is not enough. You have to be able to find songs that you can make your own, and make them your own.
    I thought her voice in her first two semifinal performances was good, and Simon pimped her voice too, so the voice is there. The issue is using the instrument with the right type of music. That’s where she failed.

  20. I think Letterman’s fake-dumb shtick relaxes the singers a lot, enables us to see a bit of confident personality in the performers. Nice, Dave.

    Schaffer’s a goober

    Ain’t that the truth.

  21. I think some of the contestants get too nervous because being on AI and winning just means so much to them, Matt was an example last year. Some get caught up in pleasing the judges and they need to block out the comments from the judges about what type of music they perform and just listen to the problems with their vocals and performance techniques. I think Paige would have made tour if she was healthy during the competition and didn’t chose very difficult songs to sing like Against all Odds. I wish her luck. If it is true that her and Lacey are moving to LA to pursue music, I think it is great.

  22. People seeing page for the first time on this show last night may have had a hard time understanding why she was eliminated. Other than her laryngitis that had been battling her, I think the song choices were what hurt her.

    This was the best performance I’ve seen from her.

  23. She was the one that I had kind of warmed up to, so I was sorry to see how things worked out. I couldn’t say it wasn’t fair that she got voted off because no early promo+bad song choices+bad performances will do that sometimes. But I do hope that she is able to make a career in music, I like her voice and I like her.

  24. wow–Paige sounded great, looked great. She’s probably sang that song a bunch of times; she seemed so comfortable with it. She really did poorly picking songs for AI–Hey–Wasn’t Living For the City ever a Billboard No. 1? She should have done this!

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