New Idol Judge Kara DioGuardi: “Make me feel like you mean it.”

Entertainment Weekly just posted an article on new American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, the article will also be featured in this week’s print edition. A few choice quotes:

In case we weren’t convinced, she drops this rant when the subject of Idol auditions comes up: ”A lot of times people will sing a big song that they don’t have the voice for instead of bringing out the uniqueness in their tone, ” she says. ”Another thing is, don’t cheese me out. It’s not a wedding band. And emote. Make me feel like you mean it. Don’t just sing the way the song was written. That was Mariah’s interpretation. Now what are you gonna do?” Okay, we’re worried again ‘  but this time for the contestants.

I’m looking forward to a little shake-up on the judges panel–it was long overdue. That the new judge is an accomplished songwriter, and a talented singer (Paula Abdul’s autotuned warblings don’t count) brings a fresh perspective. And I like that she’s feisty and opinionated. She’s going to force the others to stop phoning it in–which, after 7 season, they all had begun to do.

About her place at the table, and replacing Paula:

For the record, she’ll sit between Randy and Paula. ”They tried [putting] me between her and Simon, ” explains DioGuardi, ”but they kept trying to communicate and I didn’t want to be in the middle of that.” And, yes, both she and Abdul will be keeping their seats; producers insist DioGuardi isn’t being groomed as her former mentor’s replacement. ”That’s just cheeky journalistic hype, ” Warwick says. Adds DioGuardi, ”Paula and I have a good vibe. I have respect for Paula. I’m not of the thinking that women should drag each other down.” Abdul says she isn’t worrying about her job security (”I was never told that she was coming in to take my place”) ‘  and, in fact, only feels more confident with DioGuardi around: ”When I heard she was going to be the fourth judge, I thought, ha ha, hee hee, Simon has no idea I have an ally now.”

I never believed for a minute she was there to replace Paula. Paula, warts and all, is gold, baby. I predict Paula will sign that new contract for more money, and all the negative press from the past few weeks will evaporate into the ether…

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