Nashville Star – Episode 1 Recap

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Nashville Star begins at 9 pm on NBC. Here’s tonight’s lineup. I’ll have video, pictures and a recap later:

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Taylor Swift performs

Pointy Pose Nashville Star Style!

Charley Jenkins is eliminated from Nashville Star.
There is one more spoiler from Tyson. It turns out that a contestant was removed from the competition at the last minute by the producers:

Charla Corn, a former CMT correspondent, was removed from the competition the night before the show was scheduled to tape its premiere episode. It became apparent in leading up to the premiere of the show that she could not sustain the rigorous schedule. She began to have trouble with her vocals, even losing her voice completely at times. During rehearsals for the first episode, producers realized that Third Town was better suited for the Top 12 than Charla Corn. The producers wanted to make sure that the TOP 12 acts from the nation wide search are truly represented. Her picture and bio was on the Nashville Star website up until this morning.

Drama already! I loves it! Hee.

Recap here!

The first half hour of the show zooms through the audition process. I’m not sure it was worth the effort. As boring as the Idol auditions can be, they do set the stage for the competition. By the time the Top 24 are assembled, we already know most of them a bit. Twenty minutes of highlights don’t do the trick. So, it’s a little jarring when the contestants take the stage, it’s going to take a few weeks just to warm up to them.

Taylor Swift performs, and Lordy! She sucks. I found it hilarious that John Rich would tell the assembled cast that Taylor’s gawky stage presence and weak vocals are what they should be aspiring to as artists.

I was a little confused about this, but after tonight, the public will determine who gets eliminated every week. I’m assuming the elimination will happen at the beginning of each show.

The winner of Nashville Star gets several prizes: A Warner Brothers recording contract, an AEG Live concert tour, a Toyota Tundra truck and a chance to perform at the 2008 Olympics in Bejing, China.

Billy Ray Cyrus is the host, his job is to move things a long and act as a cheerleader for the contestants. The judges, Jeff Steele, John Rich (he loves the word pitchy) and Jewell have pretty good chemistry. They tend to couch their constructive criticisms with praise–much nicer and gentler than the AI judges. But they aren’t above mixing it up on the judges panel if they disagree.

Pearl Heart…Wide Open Spaces by Dixie Chicks – Three sisters (Angela 21, Amy 21 and Courtney 17) who sing. The entire family packed up and moved to Nashville in order for the girls to pursue their dreams. The girls have been groomed since they were very little girls. Nice harmony, very professional, tight harmonies. The judges like them for the most part.

Tommy Stanley…Walking In Memphis by Lonestar -This Navy guy was featured during the audition rounds. The show held auditions on an aircraft carrier, and Navy guy Tommy was the best of the lot. Dude seemed really nervous (judges called him out on that) but I really like his voice. He’s one of my favorites so far.

Shawn Mayer…Take Another Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin – Small town girl Shawn is a volunteer firefighter and works on hog farm. She says she’s country to the bone. Her performance. Her performance is pretty good, but the judges wanted a little more. Jewell suggested that she push the big notes a little more.

Third Town…Elvira by Kenny Rogers – These guys have great voices, great harmonies but soooo corny. They made the competition at the last minute when Charla Corn was eliminated at the last minute. Their “you made it!” clip is obviously edited to make it look like a yes when it really was a no. Kinda funny! The judges think they are corny too. John Rich thinks there needs to be a lead singer.

Coffey…Drift Away by Dobie Gray – This single dad once tried out for American Idol, I hear. Not a remarkable voice. Actually, he’s sort of awful, but the single daddy to a little girl will probably get him some votes. John Rich thinks he’s the best thing he’s seen so far. Well OK then. Jewell and John argue about whether he’s pitchy or not. And what’s with Jewell’s fake southern accent?

Sophie & Laura …Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette – These girls are Best! Friends! Who! Sing!. They perform the uber-retro “Stand by Your Man” and I kept waiting for them to break out in giggles at any moment. While the judges loved their vocals (both girls are good singers) they suggest the duo invite the audience to the PJ party.

Gabe Garcia…All My Exes Live In Texas by George Strait – Gabe says there are lots of Hispanic country music fans, but no Hispanic stars, so he’s here to represent. He’s got a cool throw back vibe. Great vocals. I like this guy. John Rich says his voice is pure, pure, pure country music.

Alyson Gilbert…Suds In The Bucket by Sara Evans – She’s married and studying Animal science. She makes a bunch of really wierd bug eyed faces when she sings. The judges call it “pageant” I call it skeery. But, if you listen without watching, she’s acutally pretty good. While Jeff likes her, John and Jewell seem to actively hate her. John gives her the “I’m worried for you” speech. She probably won’t last long.

Ashlee Hewitt…Bubbly by Colbie Caillat -Ashlee, sister to 12 siblings lives on a ranch. And her dad is deployed to Iraq. She’s very pretty and has a unique voice, although some of her phrasing is a little precious. The judges liked her sincere, heartfelt performance. Jewell thinks she should pick songs that showcase her voice.

Charley Jenkins…I Like It, I Love It by Tim McGraw – Charley feels like a real cowboy. He nursed dad as he struggled with cancer. He eventualy passed away. The judges hated him. His Vegasy performance did kinda suck, but he wasn’t the worst. That would be…

Justin Gaston…Drops of Jupiter by Train – Male model Justin–hot guy crappy voice. The judges pretty much concur. The beefcake will probably keep him in for awhile.

Melissa Lawson…Something To Talk About by Bonnie Raitt – Melissa Lawson is a married mom and hands down, the best vocalist of the night. Sassy and brassy, she lights up the stage. If this were AI, plus-sized Melissa would not have made it passed Hollywood. Nashville Star is embracing her, and I say way to go! The judges pretty much anoint her as the one to beat. We shall see if she can keep up the momentum.

There is an elimination tonight, picked by the judges. Jeff picks Charley Jenkins. John picks Alyson Gilbert. Jewel breaks the tie-she picks Charly. Charley Jenkins is sent home. He was pretty bad, but I thought Justin Gaston was worse. Too soon to lose the pretty is the thinking there, I’m sure.

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