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I’ve been away celebratin’ the holiday!  Not much news to report, but there is a little bit of catch up to do.

This article features an interview with Randy Jackson.  Amidst the usual spin, there were a few interesting comments:

Jackson thinks the success of last season’s two finalists, country girl Carrie Underwood and rock guy Bo Bice, broadened the pool of auditioners somewhat. He also gives props to CBS’ “Idol”-esque summer series “Rock Star, ” which found a new singer for INXS.

“I think ‘Rock Star’ was good … just to show that there’s everything in America, ” Jackson says. “And the kid who won it [J.D. Fortune] actually can really sing. I’m happy, just being a musician and producer, that whoever wins is really talented. But I loved having Bo — me being from the South and being a Southern rocker kid, I love that, and we got more of that this year.”

More rockers this year?  YAY.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see one “rocker” among the possible contestants who supposedly made it to Hollywood.  Judging by what I’ve seen so far, they’ve basically got a bunch of 16 year old R&B wannabes, which would totally SUCK.  Raising the age limit and supporting rock music were the two things that made last year a really good season.

The nod Randy makes to “Rock Star:INXS” is interesting.  All the talk about the competition being more “cutthroat” this year is due to “Rockstar’s” influence, I’ll bet.  The 1/2 hour visits to the Mansion the “Rockstar” made were pretty interesting, and helped to highlight, or obscure particular contestants.

Oh, and this:

Once the public starts voting, beginning with the semifinal rounds in mid-February, Jackson believes something he calls “the Vonzell factor” — as in last year’s third-place finisher, Vonzell Solomon — will kick in.

“From when she auditioned to the end of the season, [Vonzell] grew by leaps and bounds, ” he says. “I think whoever wins this year will definitely have the Vonzell factor. I don’t think there’s a clear favorite going into it — it’s gonna be someone who wows us week after week and just gets better throughout the competition.”

I guess they decided that pre-annointed winner-bots who give the same performance week after week make for boring Tee Vee? I’ll bet the horrid finale show last year made them realize that excitement needs to build through out the season, and that there has to be SOME element of surprise. Plus, folks love an underdog, which Carrie clearly was not.

Which is why the Senator’s daughter, Alya Brown, the privileged East Coast miss,  doesn’t stand a chance in hell to win.  Sorry all you Alya fans out there ;).  Now, if she was from the South,  middle class and a member of her local Baptist Church, for instance,  she’d be golden.  :)

Don’t have much news from the gossip front.

Two names were added to the Sucks Top 24 list:

Bobby Bullard: Like a “young Luther” SupposedlyThis guy could go far, great soulful voice, experienced, like a young Luther. : : Registered by NETNAMES, UK company 9th December
Brianna Taylor: I have no idea who this person is.

Anybody? :).