Monday Morning Mediabase Update: Oct 8-14

This week we have a rare instance where all three major US reality singing shows have a Mediabase milestone. And no, I haven’t started counting the judges.

First up has to be Season 4 Idol winner Carrie Underwood. The title track from her “Blown Away” album went to the top of the Country chart. Of course, with the new rules of the Billboard Country Songs chart, a song not even charting on Country radio (but is doing quite well on Pop) will probably top that chart. We may get a brief reprieve the week that album is released and “Complete My Album” drags Swifts single sales into the negative territory. In any event, Carrie is one of the few rays of sunshine for females on the Country chart. Her songs consistently reach the top. This is her 15th single to top the Country airplay chart (thanks windmills for the factoid!)

Next up is our latest Idol winner, Phil Phillips. The dude has done what previously many thought was impossible: get an Idol coronation song into the top 5 on the tough to crack AAA chart. “Home” also went top 5 on a more Idol friendly chart, HAC. The song is now top 5 in two formats, top 15 in three formats and top 30 in 4. This song should be peaking perfectly when his album drops and he has an excuse to sing his new single during the talk show rounds (since he only recently performed “Home” on them…his post-win talk show rounds were moved to the fall due to his illness). He can’t sing it again so soon.

Finally from Idol, we have Carly Rae Jepsen from the Canadian franchise. Her second single (third if you count her collaboration with Owl City) “The Kiss” went top 50 on Pop this week.

X-Factor is represented by the US Season 1 winner, Melanie Amaro. She released twin lead-off singles for her album and “Love Me Now” went top 30 on UAC.

Finally, The Voice. We don’t often get radio based news from them. Chris Mann was on Christina’s team and finished fourth on the second season of the Voice. He was an opera singer who had appeared on Glee. His lead-off single for his album, “Roads”, went top 50 on AC.

Carly Rae Jepsen (CI):
“Call Me Maybe”: 6 AC (6)
“Good Time” with Owl City: 6 Pop (4); ^8 HAC (9); ^21 AC (23)
“This Kiss” ^44 Pop (52)

Carrie Underwood:
“Blown Away”: ^1 Country (2); ^46 HAC (49)

Casey Abrams:
“Get Out”: 27 AC (28); ^42 HAC (42)

Casey James:
“Crying on a Suitcase: ^23 Country (22)

Cher Lloyd (UK XF):
“Oath” featuring Becky G: ^41 Pop (48)
“Want U Back”: 31 Pop (29), 40 HAC (31)

Chris Mann:
“Roads”: ^48 AC (0)

“Start of Something Good”: 36 HAC (36)

Hedley (CI):
“Kiss You Inside and Out”: ^25 HAC (23)

Jason Castro:
“Only a Mountain”: ^21 CAC (21)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Dark Side”: 20 HAC (19); 30 AC (25)
“Stronger”: 5 AC (5)

Lauren Alaina:
“Eighteen Inches” 37 Country (40)

Michael Lynche:
“Today”: 42 AC (39)
“Whose Gonna Love You More”: 35 UAC (20)

Marcus Canty:
“In and Out”: ^24 Urban (26)

Melanie Amaro:
“Love Me Now”: ^28 UAC (31)

One Direction (UK XF):
“Live Like We’re Young”: ^16 Pop (20), ^45 HAC (48)
“What Makes You Beautiful”: 9 AC (8)

Phillip Phillips:
“Home”: ^5 HAC (6); ^12 AC (13); ^24 Pop (28); ^5 AAA (8)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. The “^” (aka “a bullet”) indicates that a song gained spins since last week

Adds listed on AllAccess:
Oct 15: Country: Kirsty Lee Cook: “Airborne Ranger Infantry”
Oct 16: Pop: Hedley: “Kiss You Inside Out”
Oct 22: HAC: Kelly Clarkson: “Catch My Breath”
Oct 23: Pop: Kelly Clarkson: “Catch My Breath”
Oct 30: Pop: Chris Richardson: “Joy and Pain” f. Tyga

This is the daily numbers thread for Monday. Stats collected on Monday morning.

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