Monday Morning Mediabase Update: Mar 23-29

Hunh. No Milestones this week. I guess 6 milestones to start March was coming in like a lion because 0 is much closer to a lamb. Some songs like Ella Henderson’s “Ghost”, One Direction’s “Night Changes” and Kelly’s “Heartbeat Song” are reaching end-of-life, while others are grinding their way up the charts. Danny Gokey’s “More Than You Think I Am” did return to the top 20 on CAC.

Canaan Smith:
“Love You Like That”: ^24 Country (25)

Carrie Underwood:
“Little Toy Guns”: ^21 Country (20)

Chase Rice:
“Gonna Wanna Tonight”: ^39 Country (39)

Colton Dixon:
“Through All of It”: ^33 CAC (33)

Danny Gokey:
“More Than You Think I Am”: ^20 CAC (21)

Ella Henderson:
“Ghost”: 10 HAC (6); 17 AC (16)

Fifth Harmony:
“Worth It” f. Kid Ink: ^34 RHY (34); ^33 Pop (33)

Jennifer Huson:
featured on Iggy Azalea’s “Trouble”: ^37 Pop (34)

Jordin Sparks:
“How Bout Now”: ^42 RHY (42)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Heartbeat Song”: ^6 HAC (7); ^3 AC (3); 19 Pop (20)

“Press On”: ^37 CAC (38)

One Direction:
“Night Changes”: 16 Pop (13); ^17 HAC (19); 26 AC (26)

Tori Kelly:
“Nobody Love”: ^17 Pop (19)

“All I Wanna Do”: ^48 Urban (47)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. The “^” (aka “a bullet”) indicates that a song gained spins since last week.

Adds listed on AllAccess:
Mar 30: Country: Casey James: “Fall Apart”
Mar 30: HAC: Tori Kelly: “Nobody Love”
Mar 31: Urban: Jordin Sparks: “Double Tap” f. 2. Chainz
Apr 28: Pop: Olly Murs: “Up” f. Demi Lovato

This is the daily numbers thread for Monday. Stats collected on Monday morning.

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