Monday Morning Mediabase Update: Jan 21-27

The Mediabase Monday Morning Milestones feature 2 Idol winners and two X-Factor finalists.

First up is our latest Idol winner, Phil Phillips. His coronation song is still going strong a season later and has just hit the top of the AC chart. This is the third chart that the song has reached the top spot. HAC and AAA are the other two. Speaking of AAA, Interscope is celebrating the first truly successful Idol in that format and deciding to send “Gone, Gone, Gone” for adds on AAA on Feb 11. They are probably justified in their optimism since the song has already achieved top 50 in that format in advance of the add.

Carrie Underwood is one of the few bankable female artists in the Country format and once again she shows why. Her third single, “Two Black Cadillacs” from her fourth studio album drives into the top 10 of that format. All three singles from “Blown Away” have achieved that milestone on the Country chart (with the previous two going to number 1 – which TBC probably will as well).

The judges kept saving Marcus on the first season of X-Factor and Epic shows the same level of support. “Used by You” is his third run at the Urban chart and it has just achieved top 40 status.

Finally, those scallywags from UK X-Factor, helping to revive the Boy Band experience for millions of tweens, One Direction has another Top 40 top 40 song. “Kiss You” moved into the top 40 on Pop in advance of its add date.

Carly Rae Jepsen (CI):
“Call Me Maybe”: 7 AC (7)
“Good Time” with Owl City: ^11 AC (12)

Carrie Underwood:
“Two Black Cadillacs”: ^10 Country (11)

Casey James:
“Crying on a Suitcase”: ^15 Country (14)

Chris Mann:
“Roads” 39 AC (39)

Colton Dixon:
“You Are”: ^18 CAC (20)

“Lose To Win”: ^16 UAC (19)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Catch My Breath”: ^7 HAC (10); ^12 AC (13); ^19 Pop (19)
“Don’t Rush” f/Vince Gill: ^33 Country (33)
“Stronger”: 6 AC (5)

Marcus Canty:
“Used By You”: ^38 Urban (41)

Olly Murs (UK XF):
“Troublemaker” f Flo Rida: ^24 Pop (27)

One Direction (UK XF):
“Kiss You”: ^40 Pop (52)
“Little Things”: 22 Pop (20); ^41 HAC (42)

Phillip Phillips:
“Gone, Gone, Gone”: ^50 AAA (89)
“Home”: 4 HAC (4); ^1 AC (2); 8 AAA (6); 41 ALT (38)

Vicci Martinez:
“Come Along” f. Cee Lo Green”: ^27 HAC (30); ^31 AAA (37)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. The “^” (aka “a bullet”) indicates that a song gained spins since last week

Adds listed on AllAccess:
Jan 29: Pop: One Direction “Kiss You”
Jan 29: Pop: Stefano “Yes To Love”
Feb 4: HAC: Olly Murs “Troublemaker” f. Flo Rida
Feb 5: Pop: Cher Lloyd “With Ur Love” f Juicy J
Feb 11: AAA: Phil Phillips “Gone, Gone, Gone”
Feb 19: Pop: Little Mix “Wings”

This is the daily numbers thread for Monday. Stats collected on Monday morning.

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