Monday Morning Mediabase Update – Feb 22-28

Time to extinguish the flame, pull off the moose hats and stop trying to get Sid the Kid canonized. It’s time to unlace the skates and unbuckle the boots. It’s time to turn our backs on sports and turn to the serious business of radio.

Who’s at the top of the podium? Who has their personal best? Who went off course at the fifth gate? The biggest leap of the week goes to Adam Lambert’s WWFM that jumped a whopping 50 spots and over the top 40 HS line on AC. The song also hit a milestone in another discipline when it slid across the top 20 line on HAC giving it two finishes in the top 20 and 3 in top 40.

Over at the CAC cross-country track, Phil Stacey not only gave us the scoop on the behind the scenes shennigans (where the Idol PTB change the wax on your skis, break your poles and put fireants in your aerodynamic outfit) he also managed to get his pole over the line to finish 45th. Because Mandissa got lost out on the course (i.e. she went recurrent), that leaves Phil in possession of the top of the Idol podium in that format.

Also topping the Idol podium in their formats are Kelly (AC), Daughtry (HAC), Carrie (Country) and Kris (Pop). New personal bests for their current songs were Adam on 3 charts (Pop, HAC, AC), Carrie (Country), Danny (Country), Daughtry (Pop), Kris (AC) and Phil (CAC).

Here are your Monday Morning Mediabase Updates for airplay as of 9:28 pm of 02/28/10 after the triple-flip jump.

Adam Lambert:
“Whataya Want From Me”: ^18 Pop (20), ^19 HAC (21), ^38 AC (88)

Carrie Underwood:
“Cowboy Casanova” : 27 HAC (28)
“Temporary Home” : ^8 Country (9)

Danny Gokey:
“My Best Days are Ahead”: ^34 Country (40)

“Life After You”: ^5 HAC (5), ^23 Pop (22), ^30 AC (36)
“No Surprise”: 5 AC (4)

Jason Castro:
“Let’s Just Fall in Love”: 47 HAC (47)

Katharine McPhee:
“Had it All” : ^25 AC (25)

Kellie Pickler:
“Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You”: ^15 Country (14)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Already Gone”: ^4 AC (5), 8 HAC (7)

Kris Allen:
“Live Like We Are Dying”: 7 HAC (6), ^13 Pop (13) ^24 AC (28)

Phil Stacey:
“Some Kind of Love”: ^45 CAC (58)

Ruben Studdard:
“Don’t Make ‘Em Like…”: 17 UAC (16)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. The “^” (aka “a bullet”) indicates that a song gained spins since last week

Upcoming Add Dates:
Mar 8: HAC: Kelly Clarkson: “All I Ever Wanted”
Mar 9: Pop: Kelly Clarkson: “All I Ever Wanted”

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