Michael Grimm Proposes to Girlfriend on Ellen – VIDEO

America’s Got Talent winner, Michael Grimm dropped by the Ellen Degeneres Show for a chat and a heartfelt performance of the Ray Charles classic “You Don’t Know Me.”

Exclusive: Conversations and Music ...
Exclusive: Conversations and Music with Michael Feinstein- The Finale!

But, there’s a surprise! In part two, Michael proposes to his girl friend Lucy…and she says….

Check out the video after the jump.

Video after the JUMP…

Part 1- Interview & “You Don’t Know Me”

Part 2 – Michael proposes to Lucy

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  1. “….I sang that for my Lucy.” So sweet. This guy has such a heartwarming way about him! It’s pretty clear he’s worn out the Ray Charles records, as that’s who he appears to be channeling to me. Hope his hard work up to this point will pay off. He seems very deserving.

  2. I think Michael is the first contestant on any of these shows that I would love to just hang out with. LOL He’s so warm and gentle and seems so darned believable. I hope he has huge success and sells tons of records.

  3. Aww he’s just darling! What a gorgeous couple, too. Hope many good things happen for him.

  4. He sounds fantastic…..I hope he does well. and Lucy is a hottie!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! That is soooooooo sweet. Lucy is one lucky lady. How adorable. And, he sounded GREAT too singing that song.

  6. I have loved this guy from the first time I saw his audition! And he just keeps getting better!

  7. My favorite Ray song of all time. One of my top favorite songs – period. I love how Michael sings this. Usually when anyone else tries to do so, I can’t listen. This is beautiful.

  8. Oh jeez that was so sweet. Awww!! Love his voice, wishing him wonderful things.

  9. Michael you got class….that was so heartwarming. This guy wins and is able to do for those who have been there for him. His Grandparents and now he gets engaged to the woman who’s loved and believed in him even when it may have seemed he wasn’t going to go far….. you can’t write this story better. I have to say I was not a huge Michael fan but his finale performance and the one on Ellen today changed my mind. (I should of known better when Q3 thought so highly of him. I usually agree with her 99.99% of the time.) Only that one time when she said taste great and I said less filling :mrgreen:

  10. I really like him. Hope he gets signed. I don’t think anyone else from the US version has.

  11. Michael is a very humble person it seems and he is so grateful for winning. On the other hand, he has a super star voice and I hope producers will go after him because his voice and the way he sings the songs are very deserving. He needs a new song that will stand out among others and then he will be on top.

  12. Lucky girlfriend! He seems like a nice, genuine guy! Did I mention that I’m thrilled he won! :)

  13. I am sure Michael will get signed. What a wonderful thing to do for Lucy. He does seem genuine, and is talented!

  14. Aw, too cute. I sure hope this guy gets signed; I would love to hear the album he puts out.

  15. I never get tired of geat performer’s who interpret some great songs new or old. I held my breath through the last 3 he sang.
    He should do well and I bloody well hope he gets signed by the right people.
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