Meg’s American Idol Tour 2009 Memphis Re-cap

So this is my 3rd idol concert; and I had to go this season because there were so many mid-southerners representing this season (Kris, Lil, Alexis)! Got there early enough to get drinks and settled in before the show started….I’m probably not going to go into as much detail as everyone else has, because it would most likely be the same as what all the other posts have said! I’ll give a little of my two cents as well as my dismay of after the show!!

Michael started off…A LOT better to my surprise then he was on the show. This guy is realllllly good… How come he didn’t sound like this on the show???? Touring has really made this guy come alive; he has great stage presence and really owned the opening of the show.. This guy is totally likable and should most definitely consider country music as his route because it suits him incredibly well!

Megan was also 10x better then on the show. Let me first admit that I was not the biggest fan of hers through the show and thought she was rather annoying’ ¦ But tonight, the girl was great! In her tight pink little number, she looked like Barbie’ ¦ Absolutely gorgeous. The whole Amy Winehouse set really works for her. She’s got the bluesy voice that sounded really well to ‘My Tears Dry on their Own.’  Overall, I was incredibly impressed with her. I give her props; she’s definitely gotten better since on the show! But she needs to get rid of the whole ‘Caw Caw’  thing.. that’s just strange’ ¦

Sweet little ole Scott was next. I must say, this guy is incredibly talented on the keys as well as vocally. He sounded really great even though I wasn’t familiar with one of the songs he sang. He made a little joke about the ‘high five heard ’round the world’  from Ryan Seacrest as well as his love/hate relationship with Simon. Loved him tonight; he just melts my heart!

Onto Lil; the hometown of the night. I sat near her family and friends and I must say they were all getting down tonight! They were fun to watch and she pointed to them many times as well as blew them kisses. Lil was great tonight and the crowd was incredibly receptive. Her version of ‘Single Ladies’  was AWESOME! Definitely the right choice of music for her; she has got some amazing vocals. I wish they wouldn’t have given her such a hard time on the show because she really is incredibly talented. I loved her dancing through ‘Single Ladies’ - so Beyonce’ ¦ I’m sure Beyonce would be proud.. Lil definitely gave
a great homecoming and we were all glad to have her back!

Anoop Anoop Anoop’ ¦ Can we please say sexy??? This boy is AMAZING! I had chills tonight’ ¦ While I did like him on the show (he wasn’t my favorite though) he was incredible live. His vocals are so smooth and bluesy; totally melted my heart! His version of the Neyo song is exactly the music this guy needs to be doing’ ¦ I would definitely buy his album! Simply amazing!!

Matt was also on fire tonight. Dang, this boy is fine!!! My heart melted a bit when he put on that hat of his! Matt has definitely stepped out of his shell and into his own self. His piano skills are hot’ ¦ He has so much talent and will definitely sell out his own shows. I have no doubt in my mind he will be successful. He was outstanding and one of the standouts of the night to me!

I enjoyed the little group number’ ¦Sometimes group numbers can be corny with all the choreography they do, and yes this one was a little cheesy but they definitely all sound great together. I was surprised at how well Megan and Lil harmonized. At this point, I was honestly just ready for Kris’s part of the show!

Allison came out on fire. I still can’t believe the age of this girl. Her talent is unbelievable. She has a voice way beyond her years. She definitely owns the stage and runs around like the little rocker she is. This chick will be successful; her voice is just crazy good’ ¦ Love her!

Danny Gokey comes out in these tight jeans tucked into military boots with a chain on his pants. Honestly, I let out a little chuckle because this is NOT the Danny we saw on the show. Where’d the sweet little Christian boy go? I also must say the boy has some HUGE arms on him.. Where did these come from and why were they hidden on the show??? ☠º While his look has definitely changed, his voice hasn’t. He has those smooth vocals that made all the girls cry in excitement (including someone I overheard saying that Danny was her future husband). What really pulled at my heartstrings tonight was this little boy
about 6 years old holding up a picture of Danny the whole time he was on. This little boy was the CUTEST thing ever and looked absolutely star struck. Adorable. Danny was his great self though, Rascal Flatt songs really do him justice. Country music for Danny, perhaps?

On to Adam. Of course the crowd went wild. While though I am not a fan of Adam’s, he definitely put on a good show. His duet with Allison was crazy good. Their voices together go so amazingly well together’ ¦ Loved it’ ¦ Now on to what I was waiting for the whole night’ ¦ KRIS!

Kris oh Kris. He melts my heart. His boyish good looks get me everyyyy time! Started off with ‘Heartless’  which was even better then I remember it on the show! He definitely rocked the house with that one. Everyone was on their feet
screaming and singing along with him’ ¦ Loved it.. I also really enjoyed the new song by ‘The Killers.’  ‘Hey Jude’  was great as well. Really, Kris can’t go wrong. He has definitely grown as an artist since his stint on Idol. He’s come into his self and is not shy on the stage anymore. He owns the stage and will make a great solo concert one day soon! One of my favorites of the
night was ‘Ain’t No Sunshine.’  That song belongs to Kris.. I have heard many a covers of that song and this one is by far the best I have ever heard (even better then the original). Let’s just say the crowd went crazy for him and it went by wayyyyy too fast’ ¦

Ok, now here’s the part that really made me mad tonight. Well, my friends and I find where the buses are supposed to be and we shoved our way to the front (we were all set on meeting them and getting autographs). Well all the police and workers at the FedEx Forum are telling us they aren’t doing a meet and greet because they have a plane to catch to Tampa (WTF?? They don’t have a concert tomorrow, couldn’t they spend 15 minutes outside saying hi to the people that got them there???) Well, their ‘manager’  comes out to tell us they are not doing a meet and greet and are already gone. They all told us to leave but we weren’t that dumb. We waited around a little longer and then the semi with a lot of their stage equipment left’ ¦. About an hour later, here comes 4 mini-vans. The first was too dark to see inside but I saw someone waving. The second had Anoop in the front seat and Allison in the back.. They just waved at us.. Third van had Matt and Michael in it’ ¦And the fourth had Lil, she thanked us and said it was so good to be home’ ¦ They couldn’t wait around for a meet and greet because they were in such a hurry to get to Tampa; and they don’t even have a show tomorrow!!! I mean, really??? We were all p.o’d at this point. We didn’t really think it was fair, but there wasn’t anything we could do about it. I was highly disappointed we didn’t get to meet them. But overall, it was a great show and thoroughly enjoyed everyone of the performers!

Oh and another thing I was alittle mad about was that they didn’t even recognize Alexis Grace. I thought they may have brought her on stage to sing a little number with all of them but no. They didn’t even say her name once.. I think the girl got screwed on the show and the least they could have done was let the girl perform or give recognition to her in her hometown. At least, that’s my opinion!

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