Meet The Voice 9 Top 48 (Photos and Videos)

Here’s your COMPLETE guide to The Voice 9 Top 48! Organized by team, with Photos, Videos, and Social Media links!

Coaches from NBC’s The Voice have each selected their 12-member teams that will advance to the Battle Rounds phase of the competition.

Beginning Monday, October 12  (8-10 p.m. ET/PT), the coaches and celebrity advisers will work with their respective teams of performers and develop skill sets, offer advice and encouragement, and share secrets about their own personal success.

Each coach will be assisted by a superstar adviser during the Battle Rounds. Selena Gomez will be Gwen Stefani’s mentor. John Fogerty will be Adam Levine’s. Brad Paisley is Blake Shelton’s, and Missy Elliott will help Pharrell Williams.

During the Battle Rounds, each coach will pit two of their own team members against one another and will perform the same song together in front of a studio audience. After the vocal battle, the coach must choose which of his/her artists will advance to the Knockout Round, while the losing artist is available to be stolen by another coach. Each coach has two steals available during the Battle Rounds.

Below is a breakdown of adviser and team pairings:



#TEAMADAM – Adam Levine

NUP_169748_0068.jpg NUP_169748_0051.jpg

Amanda Ayala – Mahopac, NY – @AmandaxAyala – Audition VIDEO -“Mississipi Queen”

NUP_169748_0133.JPG NUP_169748_0122.JPG

Andi & Alex – Green Bay, WI – @Andi_and_Alex – Audition VIDEO – “Thank You”

NUP_169748_0264.jpg NUP_169748_0251.jpg

Cassandra Robertson – Dallas, TX – @CassandraMusic – Audition VIDEO – “Ghost”

NUP_169748_0331.JPG NUP_169748_0319.JPG

Chance Pena – Tyler, TX – @Chance_Pena – Audition VIDEO – “I See Fire”

NUP_169748_0571.JPG NUP_169748_0551.JPG

Dustin Monk – Jacksonville, FL – @dustinmonkmusic – Audition VIDEO – “Bright Lights” 

NUP_169748_0802.jpg NUP_169748_0780.jpg

James Dupre – Bayou Chicot, LA – @JamesDupre – Audition VIDEO – “Let Her Cry”

NUP_169748_0898.JPG NUP_169748_0895.JPG

Jordan Smith – Harlan, KY – @JordanSmithLive – Audition VIDEO “Chandelier”

NUP_169748_0989.JPG NUP_169748_0981.JPG

Keith Semple – Chicago, IL (originally from Ireland) – @keithsemple – Audition VIDEO – “I’ll Be There For You”

NUP_169748_1214.jpg NUP_169748_1198.jpg

Manny Cabo – Elizabeth, NJ – @akamannycabo – Audition VIDEO – “Here I Go Again”

NUP_169748_1396.jpg THE VOICE -- Season: 9 -- Pictured: Regina Love -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Regina Love – Atlanta, GA – @iamreginalove – Audition VIDEO – “Rock Steady”

NUP_169748_1462.JPG NUP_169748_1453.JPG

Shelby Brown – Elberta, AL – @shelbygailbrown – Audition VIDEO – “Stars”

NUP_169748_1619.JPG NUP_169748_1635.JPG

Viktor Kiraly – Great Neck, NY – @kiralyviktor – Audition VIDEO – “What’s Going On”




NUP_169748_0177.JPG NUP_169748_0174.JPG

Barrett Baber – Fayetteville, AR – @BarrettBaber – Audition VIDEO – “Angel Eyes”

NUP_169748_0205.JPG NUP_169748_0198.JPG

Blaine Mitchell – Fort Worth, TX – @blaine_mitchell – Audition VIDEO – “Drops of Jupiter”

NUP_169748_0860.jpg NUP_169748_0878.jpg

Blind Joe – Fargo, ND – @theblindjoe – Audition VIDEO – “If it Hadn’t Been for Love”

NUP_169748_0413.jpg NUP_169748_0422.jpg

Cole Criske – Temecula, CA – @ColeCriskeMusic – Audition VIDEO – “Dreaming with a Broken Heart”

NUP_169748_0383.JPG NUP_169748_0395.JPG

Chris Crump – Baytown, TX – @ChrisCrumpMusic – Audition VIDEO – “Thinking Out Loud”

NUP_169748_0522.JPG NUP_169748_0504.JPG

Dustin Christensen – Orem, UT – @Dustinonline – Audition VIDEO – “Downtown Train”

NUP_169748_0640.jpg NUP_169748_0628.jpg

Emily Ann Roberts – Knoxville, TN – @emilyann_music – Audition VIDEO – “I Hope You Dance”

NUP_169748_1100.JPG NUP_169748_1093.JPG

Krista Hughes – Coal City, WV – @_KristaHughes – Audition VIDEO – “Angel from Montgomery”

NUP_169748_1274.jpg NUP_169748_1262.jpg

Morgan Frazier – Nashville, TN – @_MorganFrazier – Audition VIDEO – “I Want You to Want Me”

NUP_169748_1293.JPG NUP_169748_1304.JPG

Nadjah Nicole – New Castle, DE – @nadjahnicole – Audition VIDEO – “Tightrope”

NUP_169748_1611.jpg NUP_169748_1595.jpg

Tyler Dickerson – Denham Springs, LA – @TylerDickerson_ – Audition VIDEO – “Hard to Handle”

THE VOICE -- Season: 9 -- Pictured: Zach Seabaugh -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC) NUP_169748_1652.jpg

Zach Seabaugh – Marietta, GA – @ZachSeabaugh – Audition VIDEO – “Take Your Time”




NUP_169748_0044.JPG NUP_169748_0012.JPG

Alex Kandel– Virginia Beach, VA – @AlexKandelMusic – Audition VIDEO – “Bright”

NUP_169748_0244.JPG NUP_169748_0223.JPG

Braiden Sunshine – Lyme, CT – @BraidenSunshine – Audition VIDEO – “The Mountains Win Again”

NUP_169748_0364.JPG NUP_169748_0360.JPG

Chase Kerby – Oklahoma City, OK – @ChaseKerby – Audition VIDEO – “The Scientist”

NUP_169748_0611.jpg NUP_169748_0589.jpg

Ellie Lawrence – Crandall, GA – @iamelliemusic – Audition VIDEO – “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off”

NUP_169748_0702.jpg NUP_169748_0693.jpg

Hanna Ashbrook – Mount Prospect, IL – @hanna_ashbrook – Audition VIDEO – “Closer”

NUP_169748_0820.JPG NUP_169748_0816.JPG

Jeffery Austin – Chicago, IL – @JefferyAustin – Audition VIDEO – “Lay Me Down”

NUP_169748_1077.JPG NUP_169748_1054.JPG

Kota Wade – Hollywood, CA – @kotawade – Audition VIDEO – “Bring it on Home to Me”

NUP_169748_1038.JPG NUP_169748_1028.JPG

Korin Bukowski – Miami, FL – @KorinBukowski – Audition VIDEO – “Cecilia and the Satellite”

NUP_169748_1141.JPG NUP_169748_1132.JPG

Lyndsey Elm – Vacaville, CA – @lyndseyelm – Audition VIDEO – “Lips Are Movin”

NUP_169748_1339.jpg NUP_169748_1312.jpg

Noah Jackson – Sunderland, MA – @noahxjackson – Audition VIDEO – “Elastic Heart”

NUP_169748_1505.JPG NUP_169748_1498.JPG

Summer Schappell – Lakehead, CA – @SummerSchappell – Audition VIDEO – “Strawberry Wine”

NUP_169748_1555.jpg NUP_169748_1553.jpg

Tim Atlas – San Jose, CA – @timothyatlas – Audition VIDEO – “Give Me Love”




NUP_169748_0111.JPG NUP_169748_0093.JPG

Amy Vachal – Brooklyn, NY – @amyvachal – Audition VIDEO – “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

NUP_169748_0311.JPG NUP_169748_0290.JPG

Celeste Betton – Hinesville, GA – @celestebetton – Audition VIDEO – “Love You I Do”

NUP_169748_0454.JPG NUP_169748_0451.JPG

Daria Jazmin – Los Angeles, CA – @dariajazmin – Audition VIDEO – “Dear Future Husband”

NUP_169748_0492.JPG NUP_169748_0479.JPG

Darius Scott – Atlanta, GA – @dscottmusik – Audition VIDEO – “You Make Me Wanna…”

NUP_169748_0675.jpg NUP_169748_0663.jpg

Evan McKeel – Richmond, VA – @EvanMcKeel – Audition VIDEO – “Typical”

NUP_169748_0751.jpg NUP_169748_0735.jpg

Ivonne Acero – Aguila, AZ – @acero_ivonne – Audition VIDEO – “Style”

NUP_169748_0926.JPG NUP_169748_0943.JPG

Jubal and Amanda – Tulsa, OK – @JubalandAmanda – Audition VIDEO – “Seven Bridges Road”

NUP_169748_1182.JPG NUP_169748_1174.JPG

Madi Davis – McKinney, TX – @MadiAnneDavis – Audition VIDEO – “It’s Too Late”

NUP_169748_1251.JPG NUP_169748_1249.JPG

Mark Hood – Chicago, IL – @MarkJPHood – Audition VIDEO – “Use Me”

Riley Bierderer – Atlanta, GA – @rileybiederer – Audition VIDEO – “Invincible”

NUP_169748_1486.JPG NUP_169748_1475.JPG

Siahna Im – Auburn, WA – @imsiahna – Audition VIDEO – “Fever”

NUP_169748_1547.JPG NUP_169748_1543.JPG

Sydney Rhame – Atlanta, GA – @SydneyRhame – Audition VIDEO – “Photograph”

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