Matt Giraud – Van Andel Arena – VIDEO

Matt Giraud performed at the Grand Rapids Griffins Hockey game in Van Andel arena last night.

Sitting at the electric keyboard, he rocked out on a cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” and an original tune, “I Miss You Tonight”.

Matt tweeted this morning, “Sang my own song “I Miss You Tonight” for 10, 000 people last night. It was quite a feeling and I’ll never forget it. Thx to all who came”

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. “Give Me One Reason” is my favorite Tracy Chapman song, so I am loving Matt’s cover. I’m also excited to hear him perform “I Miss You Tonight” for such a large crowd. It is one of my favorites of his new music. Wonder if he is gearing up to perform this on AI?

  2. Yay, I should’ve known video would show up here :). Thanks, MJ! Good stuff.

  3. Loved it! Matt is so tremendously talented and I never get tired of hearing him sing! What I love about Matt is his passion for music. It’s great being a fan of Matt’s because we are always getting to hear new music from him. I love all of Matt’s orginal songs too! Come here to view a ton of Matt video…

  4. So happy to hear Matt sing “Give Me One Reason”. He sounded so fantastic,and at an ice hockey arena no less! CANNOT wait for Matt to put out his next full cd. It’s going to be great seeing him on Idol again! Go Matty G!

  5. Wow, I love both of these . . . Matt’s cover as well as his original song. I love Matt’s voice, and he is an exciting performer live. He was the clear standout on the AI tour, as far as I’m concerned. I can’t wait to hear Matt’s album. I cannot believe that a major label has not snapped him up. His studio performances from last season’s AI were amazing, and his recent duet with Anna Wilson is stunning. If you haven’t downloaded “You Don’t Know Me” from iTunes, you need to check it out. This is one talented guy.

  6. #SignMattGiraud? Yes please! I cannot understand why he’s not signed yet. The boy is simply amazing.

  7. I really think TPTB at sony missed the mark with Matt. He is so
    charismatic and has a lot of raw talent. I think he will overcome the advantages of the “Machine” and do quite well anyway.
    Please drop a independent Album I think a lot of people would buy
    it. Otherwise keep your face out there and continue with the great live performances speckled with some of your own original songs
    I’ll buy, I’m impressed!!!

  8. Matt seems to be getting his music out there pretty good for someone not yet signed. I think if he keeps on someone will recognize his talent and take a chance on him. I wonder how many of the music types have seen him perform since AI when he obviously was not as loose as he is now. He was my favorite last year and I think he is very talented.

  9. Go Matt! Cool that he gets to do this event, considering he is a Michigan boy. Ace Young and Phil Stacey have done this in previous years. Someone sign him already!

  10. From what Matt has been saying in recent interviews and twitter, it seems his plan is to record all of his music, and then start marketing a demo CD to major labels. He stated in an interview about a month ago that there is label interest, and last week he was recording the rest of his music with the Sweet J band. It looks like he is gearing up to make his move soon, and I am hopeful because the new music is really amazingly good.

    It will be interesting to see if this path is successful for Matt, because I think he has clearly benefitted from taking his time to put together his new music rather than having the pressure of a label guiding him. He’s been able to build a reputation with A-list music folks based on his talent, and has been able to seize opportunities that have come along, like the duet with Anna Wilson and co-writing with the likes of Jerry Flowers and Marcus Hummon. And for someone without label backing, I think he has done amazingly well.

  11. Yes csprof and he garnered that interest on his own! It says a lot about his talent that he was able to attract these writers, artists, and producers through his talent alone without a big label, management,or agent pushing him. People see Matt perform and they fall in love with him. Like Anna Wilson said Matt is pure music! Of course hopefully he gains a label and great management soon!

  12. So good – he should be on the radio with Miss You Tonight, that’s a great song. He’s very talented…can’t believe he’s not signed yet.

  13. Love Matt Giraud! He is so talented and a great entertainer. To me he has the overall appeal. #signmattgiraud

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