Matt Giraud Appearance Update

Matt Giraud is back home in Michigan after time spent on the west coast in songwriting sessions, and performing at a Napa Valley private function.   He’s got some performances lined up on his home turf in the next couple of months:


  • 10/10/09 – 10/11/09 – Soap Stars Live & Unscripted – Masonic Temple Theatre, Saturday 8 pm and Sunday 1 pm. Fourteen actors from several popular TV soap operas will be on hand; Giraud is billed as a “special guest star.” This appearance has been canceled.
  • 11/21/09 – Cornerstone Church, 1675 84th St. SE as part of its Grand Opening.   Two shows – 3:30 and 7:30 pm. General admission concert tickets, $10, go on sale at 8 am 10/26 at Cornerstone’s 84th Street and Kalamazoo Avenue SE location.
  • 01/29/20 – Forest Hills Fine Arts Center, 600 Forest Hill Ave. SE. 7:30 pm. Tickets for that show are $18, $22 and $24; they go on sale to the general public at 9 a.m. Oct. 26. Information online at

Peeps are still waiting for @Immattgiraud to get signed!

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  1. Yay for Matt! I’m glad he’s getting some gigs. :) I hope to see him live someday…

  2. Well according to Sleigh101 Matt’s working hard. I hope Chris approves. Myself, I’m kind of sad he’s not getting bigger gigs but then Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  3. Thanks for posting this MJ! I love Matt : D So glad he’s booking some concert stuff to preview his new music, I’m anxious to hear what he’s come up with. Also he had 2 radio interviews today (I couldn’t listen I was in class) but some interesting twitter updates from some who listened

    1. Matt may be managed by 19 (who is helping him book gigs) <— don't know how true this one is until I hear it for myself.

    2. He may be headed to Nashville to duet with someone for their upcoming album!

    So I'm really excited for Matt! Can't wait to hear the interviews for myself. Waiting for the podcasts to go up on the radio sites.

  4. Matty G, come to Boston!!!


    It’s going to happen soon, I can feel it. He has taken the bull by the horns (not talking about you, Sarver) and he is doing what he has said all he wanted to do, no matter where he could do it: sing and play music. He kicks serious butt.

  5. I am going to both shows! I am trying to organize cellcerts. So if anyone is willing to broadcast let me know! I can’t wait and he said on the radio interviews this morning that he will be singing new original music. I can’t wait to hear his music! I know it will be amazing!

  6. Thanks for posting!! I love Matt : )

    He did 2 radio interviews today as well (that I missed because I had class). The podcast for both will be up on the websites of both radio stations.


  7. I hope he gets some gigs (ones that are open to the public, not just the private parties) outside his home state. I think he has talked about trying to put together a small tour on his own. Or even if he doesn’t get signed soon, maybe he has some connections with a band that could use an opening act? I know not all opening acts have record deals…

  8. The Star 105.7 interview hasn’t been uploaded yet, but 105.3FM one is posted on the site. Pretty silly stuff, but cool to hear that he’s written stuff and recorded with John Mayer’s bass player. Hope people who go to these shows will post the new material! 3DoorsDownFan, I can’t help with cellcerts, but please come back with video links and stuff if you get any!

    It’s cool that Simon Fuller hooked him up with the Napa gig (according to someone from the headlines thread who heard the 105.7 interview). #signmattgiraud.

  9. If you do a cellcast, 3DoorsDownFan, please have it be better than Rickey’s underwatercasts.

    Too bad the first gig was canceled, but that wasn’t HIS. As long as his isn’t canceled, we’re in good shape.

  10. Yay. Good for Matty G for being pro active with his career.
    I pray and hope someday, somehow someone gives him a chance and signs him.
    I still can’t believe he is not signed already! At least he is working hard for what he wants!
    #signmattgiraud! Please! It’s about time. I hope he has the opportunity to tour outside his home state too.

  11. well from the sounds of it, it looks like he at least has Fuller in his corner. I’m glad that he’s staying busy and that we will get some new music from him soon. Hoping that soon we will hear about a signing for Matt.

  12. I’m very happy that Matt’s booking gigs, especially in his (and my) home state. I would even consider a mini trip out to Grand Rapids.

    But I’m not so happy that the first venue is a church. The grand opening of a church.

    Matt seems to be trying to reassure in his recent tweet:
    FYI. My show in November is going to be held at a church, but I am doing MY new music and covers. So come on out and have a good ol’ time!


  13. Even with AI and probably because of AI Matt is having to go out and back-door his way into a recording studio and a record deal. He is a proven live entertainer that really gets the audience hoping with the right material…but as soon as the stuff is more “modern or relavant” he isn’t quite as good as many of the recording artists of today.

    Matt needs to find his own sound…a combination of the oldies that he bangs out so well and more contemporary stuff. Once he finds that and gets people to listen to it there may be a nice grass roots fandom that will propel him into the recording industry.

    As has been said before….recording companies are looking for singers that have or can easily put together a very loyal fanbase that will “buy” the singer no matter what. With Matt that broad fanbase hasn’t been reached yet…so lets hope he can work on it one gig at a time.

  14. I will definitely let everyone know if I can find a Broadcaster for the solo shows.

    I’m sorry I don’t agree Tess. IMO Matt actually does modern music very well. He also knows how to take older music and arrange it to sound modern and relavant. Think Part Time Lover and Stayin Alive. His studio recordings also prove that he can be a very revelant artist. IMO out of all the studio versions this past season Matt’s sound the most modern.

    Also Matt does have a very strong and loyal fanbase. We unfortunately are just scattered all over so it may appear to be less than it is. He has a very strong facebook and twitter following. Is it as large as Adam’s? Well no but it is respectable and his fans love him and are very loyal.

  15. I love Matt. He has so much talent, and I love his voice, and I really would like the opportunity to buy music from him. I don’t think he has a huge fan base, but it is very loyal, and now that folks have seen what a great live performer and hilarious sweetheart of a guy he is, it seems to be growing.

    If you look at Matt’s Twitter following, it has grown a lot since the tour and is higher than anyone other than the top 3 from S8, which I take as a good sign. Other than Adam and Kris, most everyone else has seen stagnation or even significant loss of followers (like Michael) since the tour ended.

    It seems his strategy is to put together a few songs on his own, and I have read before that he may release individual songs to ITunes. He could probably sell these to on the order of 100,000 people with his current fan base and folks he picks up from live performances, but I don’t know how he could get on the radio this way, outside of Michigan that is. I guess this is a faster path to original music than putting together a whole independent CD. What I think he really needs to grow his fan base is to do live performances, since this is where he really shines. Also, appearances where he gets a chance to show off his sense of humor.

  16. First, thanks to MJ for continuing to post information about Matt. I know his fanbase isn’t as numerous or as vocal as some of the other Idols, but we appreciate all the tidbits you post. Anything that keeps his name out there is wonderful.

    Also, I really think that Matt is doing an excellent job of using his resources and furthering his career. If it’s true that 19 is managing him, that is of course extremely helpful, and a good sign that perhaps they see that potential in Matt to be a successful recording artist. As far as his fanbase, we are very loyal and incredibly supportive. I don’t think any one of us desires for Matt to be some huge mega popstar (heck, I don’t think HE wants that), just to put out good music that he and the fans enjoy and have fun doing it. It’s funny, I’m an Idol fan, I’m a Matt fan, I’m just not a fan of Matt and Idol together. Of course, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea of who he was had he not been on Idol, but I think his whole idea of success doesn’t jibe with that of your average Idol viewer. One person’s multiplatinum worldwide sensation is another person’s limited release independent EP. I suppose that success, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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