Martin Short and Anderson Cooper Weigh in on The American Idol Bust Up (VIDEO) (Plus My Thoughts)

Check out comedian, Martin Short and Anderson Cooper discussing the Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey dust up on Anderson Live today.

Guys guys…GET OUT OF MY HEAD WILL YOU? Anderson believes, like I do, that the story was planted by The Powers that Be. He also compared the video to The Real Housewives (Yep, did that on twitter this morning.)

Martin Short, whom I couldn’t love and adore any more than I do right at this minute, laments the loss of elegance on television. “Did nobody at any time, but accident, NOT FINISH SCHOOL?” he asks. “There has got to be a stop to it, at one point. I’m tired of the term ‘Diva’.” Martin adds, “Grow up. Show some elegance. Get some manners.”

Then Martin chastises Anderson for watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. See that’s the thing. None of us can (other than Marty Short, maybe!) can resist a trainwreck. Human nature dictates that we’re drawn to a cluster-f*ck, even against our better judgement. Bad behavior on TV won’t stop until we stop watching it. And that ain’t likely to happen.

I hate the fake set up drama on The Housewives by the way. But this Idol dustup isn’t fake. The question is whether it should have been leaked or not. The hits on the blog are great, but in the end, I have to say this could come back to bite Idol in the ass. Anything that takes the focus off the contestants is a bad thing for the show, which has thrived on how invested we become in the cast members. The more we’re invested, the bigger the buzz.

If this really is a PR stunt, it comes off like a desperate move. I don’t believe the fight was staged. There was smoke all around the Nicki/Mariah relationship ever since Nicki’s name surfaced in the judges rumor mill. And, one of my Idol sources told me that several hopefuls reported sniping between the two in the audition room. But, allowing footage of the fight to be released is certainly the work of Nigel and company.

I’m not feeling very optimistic about my cheesy little singing competition today. If Nicki and Mariah are going to be at each other’s throats for real, it’s going to get old real quick. I want a panel that disagrees with each other on contestants passionately at times. But two women airing their petty jealousies for the public. NO THANKS.

Anyway, check out Anderson and Martin below. It’s awesome.

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