Mariah Carey On American Idol: “A Moment I’m Going to Press DELETE”

Oh Mimi! Mariah Carey dished on her time as a judge on American Idol, with the crew at 105.1 the Breakfast Club, and her take, at this point, is dripping with attitude!

Lucky for us, she addresses the Idol stuff at the top of the interview. No need to slog through all 40 minutes! Unless you want to, that is.

“I was very professional on that show, and that’s all I have to say,” sniffed Mariah. When a DJ brought up her fellow judge and nemesis, Nicki Minaj, Mariah was all “What?” and “I don’t EVEN remember what that was.” She added, “That was a moment in my life that I’m going to press DELETE.”

When asked if she regretted doing Idol, there was a long pause before she turned it on the DJs, and asked what they thought. “It wasn’t a bad look for you at all,” said a DJ. “Plus you got a 12 million dollar check.”

“MORE than that,” corrected Mariah. “I wouldn’t have done it for 12.”

“Honestly,” said Mariah, “I was hoping to be more of a mentor, for the…contestants.”

“I wanted to and did give them input on the side, when I could.” she revealed, “There were certain contestants that I was upset when they would get…”

She stopped herself here, afraid she might violate the terms of her contract. “I think I can’t really say certain things.” But then she snarked, “Everybody else seems to say whatever they want to say.”

“Just to make a long story short,” said Mariah, “I wasn’t happy there because I felt I couldn’t be real.” (Hm. Is she hinting at producer interference?)

Under the impression that it was going to be a 3 person panel, and that her friend, Lenny Kravitz might also be a judge, Mariah was excited. “I felt he [Lenny] had a certain amount of credibility as an artist, as a rock star.” (Oh. Is she throwing some Keith Urban shade here?)

“And yet, they chose to go in another direction, which felt very “reality TV'” Yes, Mimi actually used air quotes. “It’s not my bag.”

About Nicki coming on board as a judge, Mariah said, “If I had known that there was another female that they planned on emphasizing, and making it about jokes and laughs…then I would have been like ‘Do that and I’ll catch you guys next time.'”

She insisted that she was more focused on the contestants and who was more talented. “Not like…well what’s the gimmick?” she said. “Let’s create a fake dramatic fight that never existed…I just didn’t feel like it was something that was appropriate.”

Apparently, she asked Prince if she should do the show, and he said go for it.

Eh. If she was mentoring contestants on the show, none of them have come forward to testify about that. Also, her critiques sucked, she she really has no room to criticize anyone else for not taking it seriously. And as far as the “fight” being fake? She was throwing enough unprovoked, passive aggressive jabs at Nicki during the live shows to make me wonder about that.

The American Idol 12 remarks begin at about the 2 minute mark. Via HipHopNMore

In the meantime, check out the first single, “You’re Mine” from Mimi’s upcoming album, The Art of Letting Go, due out on May 6.

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