Luvadamlambert’s American Idol Tour 2009 Washington DC Re-cap

Background information: I am a 12 year old (not the average age for an idol addict) girl who lives in suburban northern Virginia. I have been watching American Idol since season 2 and have been obsessed with the show- or I thought I was- then I discovered this blog in March and my obsession went to a new level. Season 8 has been my favorite season of American Idol. Let me first say that I am a die- hard Adam fan. I love him and spend all my time talking/thinking/reading about him. He is my favorite singer to ever come off this show and my favorite current artist. I can’t wait for his album. My next favorite in this order is Allison and Kris. I’m not going to talk about who won/ didn’t win/ vote was rigged/ vote was fair etc. because I will always have my opinions and hundreds of reasons why Adam didn’t win and Kris fans will always think he won fairly.

I guess I am a bitter Adam fan because I am still and always will be upset he didn’t win but just because I am bitter Kris is still one of my favorites and would never insult him because he won. The reason I am mentioning this is because this is how I got my tickets. I was devestated after Adam’s non-win and the only way to stop the tears was my Mom buying tickets. This came across as a shock because my parents ( especially my Mom) are very over- protective and don’t know I am always on this blog. We bought the tickets a couple days after the finale off of ticketmaster and we got seats in section 402. I know our seats were horrible but I was just ecstatic to be going. This was my first concert ever (because I never wanted to go to Disney ones and I hate miley) . I bothered my friends about the t-shirt design and the tour was all I’ve been talking and thinking about. I wanted to make a t-shirt and poster. I bought the materials in June. So yeah, I was a LITTLE excited. :p .

On Ticketmaster they said no ticket exchanges but I checked for tickets   anyway. Row A seats 1-4 in section 4 was available and it was floor seats. My dad talked to the Ticketmaster people and made the switch. I was so happy because going from section 402 to section 4 is a major improvement . I made my t- shirt and poster the day before the concert. I’ll start actually recaping the show in a while:). The people who went with me were my cousin ( lives in maryland, 13, huge Megan fan, describes Megan’s fans as ” a small but loyal group”), my Mom (didn’t want to be there but came anyway) , and my Dad (who was pretty much the same as my Mom but didn’t mind being there that much). My little brother (7) wouldn’t have liked it so we told him we were going to a math class (which he believed since my parents are the type of people that sign me up for extra algebra and geometry classes.

I never missed an episode this season and was waiting for it 15 minutes early, my Dad only saw 1 or 2, my mom saw most of them but wasn’t always paying attention and my cousin saw some of them. By the way my parents were born in India and they were interested in Anoop because they like his voice and he’s the only person of Indian heritage (in the top ten) other than Sanjaya in season 6. Sorry for the REALLY long backround information.

I was really worried we would be late because both my parents were working that day but we got there with time to spare. There was a parking garage but you had to pay $25 so my Dad drove around for 20 minutes until he found a parking garage where you only had to pay $10. On the car trip there I was quiet or complaining because my parents saw my shirt fir the first time in the car and they didn’t like to see Adam’s name on it. They thought it would be a general American Idol thing . My Dad gave me a short lecture on not idolizing any one person ( even though I’m not doing that). My Mom was quiet though and seemed really mad at me so I was so stressed out until we got to the concert and she said she wasn’t mad at me anymore.

Anyway back to the parking garage I brought glow sticks too but forgot them and my poster in the car so went back to get them. We walked the four blocks from the parking garage to the Verizon Center and got there around 6:30. Now I finally start my recap of the show ( thanks for reading the long begining part) and will add that the opinions of my Mom, Dad and some of my cousins. I didn’t get all of my cousin’s opinions because we were talking about them in the car on the way home and we had to drop her off. We got in our seats and my Dad and cousin went to the bathroom–that’s when my Mom told me she wasn’t mad at me. I noticed people in the row behind us were screaming every time Adam’s face or shirt came up and I started screaming too;) my Dad and cousin came back while they were running the stupid music videos and Kris’s Disney commercial (is is just me it did he not seem to be excited about going to Disney World LOL) .

Adam’s face, shirt a or body part got tons if screams. Kris got a lot too (including me). Finally the show started! I don’t remember the names of a lot of songs so I’ll list them by number or talk about the entire set. I made a glow stick necklace and was waving a glow stick around and screamed for everybody (even Sarver and Scott). Oh , and in the security check earlier I thought it was funny they were looking for profanity on our posters. There was a little girl maybe 4 or 5 sitting next to us holding a teddy bear with an American Idol t- shirt on (they were selling them outside) but more on her later.

I loved sitting in the first row ( of section 4) even though there was space in front of us that everyone kept walking through. I could see most of the performers except for their feet which I could see when I jumped. Verizon center was 90% full. The little girl next to me kept standing on her chair to see and her mom told the floor people she would take responsibility for whatever happened. I gave the little girl 2 glowsticks so she could make a necklace. During Matt’s set she lost something off her shoe and part of our row helped her find it.   I couldn’t tell who her favorite was but my radar said depending on reaction it was definitely Adam. The people sitting behind us either liked Kris or Adam I think. During Megan’s set the floor people asked my cousin to take her poster down and they just made a hand motion for me to do the same during Adam’s set. I wasn’t blocking anyone, but it doesn’t matter. It was funny to see the floor peoples faces during Adam’s set- it was like they were confused why it was so loud. There was someone obviously taking video in the last row of the section in front of us- hope she put it on YouTube. I texted but didn’t win backstage passes.

First let me make a list of my favorites on the show( including personality) – Adam, Alison, Kris, Lil, Matt, Anoop, Megan, Sarver, Scott and Gokey.

Michael- I thought he sang really well and his second song was better than his first. My mom thought he was okay. My cousin was just excited for Megan. My dad thought he was horrible, he called it a disaster. Sarver made awkward jokes and got some people to turn around but they sat down when he looked away. I like him a lot more because he seems like a nice guy and so grateful to be there. DC just wasn’t into him.

Megan- She looked gorgeous but I think the dress is a little to tight and makes her look fat. My Dad agrees about the fat part. My cousin lost her shit and loved it. I thought her first song was okay but the second song fell apart. My mom thought it was okay but had this look on her face during most of the first set like” get me out if here”.   My Dad thought she was better than Sarver . Most of the audience weren’t into it.
Scott- He has probably my least favorite contestant because of his high opinion of himself. That and half his tweets are about food.   He said something about the Kennedy Center. I thought his jokes weren’t funny at all and hated how he said it was in every newspaper etc. Sorry but your not that special Scott. His piano playing was technically perfect but he wasn’t passionate about it . I liked 1000 miles better than Bend and Break. My dad thought he was okay. His voice was nice. My Mom thought it was okay and my cousin didn’t like it. My Mom had a headache.

*Now I remember the name if most Of the songs but am too lazy to go back and fix it*

Lil- I liked Lil . She can definitely sing Her problem is she just gives a really good karaoke performance and doesn’t add her personal touch to it. I liked her outfit. I thought the words during single ladies were really distracting from her performance. My dad liked the words and thought she started the show. He thinks she built it up for Anoop. I have to agree she started the show. My mom thought it was okay and it was the first performance she stood up for ( just because she couldn’t see). The crowd really liked it, especially single ladies.

Anoop – I really liked Anoop’s set. He has a nice voice . I thought it was boring at times. I especially loved Mad. My Dad thought it was okay–he liked it. My mom had the same reaction as my Dad. His head in the clouds thing is ridiculous. My cousin was already scared about the noise for Adam . Seeing the clouds thing made her tell me she thought Adam would fall from the sky during his set. Anoop called D.C. his second home. Awwwwww

Matt – I loved Matt! He really surprised me and he was really good. I liked all 3 songs . I was surprised that so liked the Fray song . You found me did not sound copycat at all. He probably wins the biggest surprise award. My Dad really liked his last 2 songs. My Dad thought everyone should talk as much as Scott did. My mom liked it (could be because intermission was coming up-LOL) . The audience loved Matt there was a lot of ” iloveyoumatt”.

Group medley- My cousin was screaming for Megan the whole time. Megan and Lil’s voices do not go well together . Sarver was okay. Same with Scott. Anoop was good. I liked Lil and Anoop’s rapping. Matt again amazed how could play piano wonderfully, sung beautifully and engage the audience all
at the same time.

Intermission- A glow stick broke in my cousin’s hands so she went to the bathroom during intermission and my Dad went with her. I was still screaming through the whole concert and probably should have rested my voice but I still screamed for Adam stuff. I also did the Ford testing thing while my mom called my grandma to check on my brother. I think my screaming scared some people away who were walking in front of me. LOL. I was beggin (haha pun intended) my Mom to buy me a tour program but she didn’t want to spend $25. My dad and cousin came back with candy bars and water. I convinced my Mom to give me ten dollars and so I went with my Dad to get something. I wanted a picture of Adam and had $5 left so I bought a Megan picture for my cousin. It was crowded and unorganized. There was a really nice British couple who said if they got to to first they would let us go ahead of them. I didn’t want to buy the pictures at the end of the show. There was a nice lady in a black shirt in front of us. She sent her kids back inside after she promised to buy them Adam and Alison pictures. I missed the very beginning of Allison’s set. The nice lady in front of me let me go in from of her. So , tgmgank you nice lady in black shirt;)

Allison- I got back for most of So What. Her whole set sounded amazing . I loved it all especially Barracuda. I can not believe she is only 5 years older than me. She looked great and the audience loved her. AMAZING! When she mentioned the 3 guys, Adam got the most cheers followed by Kris then Danny. My dad really liked it. My mom LOVED it! My cousin thought it was unreal

Danny – I ate my candy bar during Danny’s set. I have liked him a lot more since the show ended. Now I don’t think he has a huge ego, but is clueless . My cousin hated him and wished he had done “Scream On “.   I really liked Danny’s set. He got a lot if screams from me and the audience. His background for one of the songs was too lion king-ish. I didn’t like Maria Maria but liked the Rascal Fatts songs (and in the kindest way possible that wasn’t a typo). Overall I really enjoyed his set. His preaching went on way too long, was boring and “don’t be defined by tragedy? Really? Because if you’re defined by tragedy you will be Danny Gokey. I hate how he calls his wife’s death his story and said it wasn’t all about him – um Danny it kinda is when you point it out. My cousin hated it . My parents thought it was okay

ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- I have been waiting all summer for 20 minutes of Adam and he didn’t disappoint. I am still not over his amazingness. First I want the whole world to know I BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS ADAM LAMBERT.!!!!!! It was nice air. I am mad at the English language for not giving me enough words to describe him. When I think of one word to describe I can’t decide between Star or Gorgeous ( which applies to his vocals too). This is gonna sound cheesy but I was very worried that I would forget about him. He would just be another ” favorite contestant” who I wouldn’t care about anymore like Melinda and Brooke. After this I am a fan for life. I screamed ridiculously loudly. Everyone was standing up including people on the very high levels. He is so charismatic. I could write an essay about his awesomeness. I want to not make any age – inappropriate comments so all I will say is WOW he can dance. He is perfect. Be makes want to watch scream and listen .

Whole Lotta Love was … It had me sweating at the end. I was speechless with Starlight (except for the whole occasional shriek thing- I want to back to constant shrieking for the upbeat songs). I got chills after Mad World. Slow ride was …. Indescribable! The Bowie medley was amazing and never wanted any of it to end . He played with a red bra . Adam is ……, wow. My Dad thought Adam was amazing and so much more . My mom loved Adam and Slow Ride was her favorite song of the show. Even my cousin thought it was…Unreal. Everyone on the floor stayed standing . He is the most amazing vocals I have ever heard. Unfrigginbelievable! I don’t care if he becomes a superstar or not . I just want it to be November already for his album and I will everything he does and support him until the end . He is amazing. I still can’t think straight.

Kris – Kris disappointed me/met my expectations. I didn’t like how he made some songs more rock. The crowd liked Kris, but sat. You could say it was because they are different artists but Kris’s set had a lot of energy. There should have been more than 20 people standing by the 3rd song. I fell in love with Ain’t No Sunshine but I didn’t like his rock version . I love his lower register on ” I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”.   I would have loved if he had done Falling Slowly. I actually didn’t like Heartless, liked ATTID , didn’t like ANS or Bright Lights. I thought he was good on Hey Jude, but the song didn’t fit who he was. I stood and screamed the whole time . My cousin liked Heartless, but thought he was screaming during his other songs. My mom really liked him on the show didn’t like him here. My dad thought he was okay nothing special. I disagree and think he is special. I had an aisle seat and a significant number of people left during Kris’s set. Obviously, not the majority of people, but enough to make you really notice. My dad didn’t watch a lot of American Idol episodes and didn’t understand Kris’s clothes. I said that was part of his charm. When they put the curtain up my parents were really confused and I don’t think the curtain made the made the atmosphere intimate.

I loved Don’t Stop Believin’–it was cheesy goodness. I loved Adam’s glory note, really really liked Kris and Matt on that song.

The show was amazing. There is nothing else to say . At the end of the show, walking to the parking garage, I was staring at my picture of Adam. Everyone should definitely go. My mom’s favorite set was Adam’s closely followed by Allison. My dad’s favorite was Adam. My cousin was thrilled to see Megan. This has absolutely made my summer so thank you , Adam, Kris, Allison etc.

My favorites from the show: ADAM, Allison, Kris, Matt (Kris and Matt tied), Danny, Lil, Anoop, Michael, Megan and Scott

Thanks for reading my recap and I hope you enjoy your show as much as I did.

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