Los Angeles, California AI Live! Show – Joannmski’s Recap

Joan writes in an email:

The one that is probably the most important is very difficult to see. It’s titled “ai jason guard” and it’s when the tour manager/security guard with the white beard stops Jason Castro, who was skipping towards the crowd to sign autographs. Many fans were very, very disappointed. Jason had the largest group of fans, and they had rented an airplane with a banner and all, and he never got a chance to greet them. Anyway, this picture proves that he was making the effort to come but stopped by evil white goatee man. There is a picture of my daughters in front of the tour bus where Jason Castro was inside. There is also a shot of the dreadheads airplane banner, if you can see it. I have not cropped these pictures yet.

A really funny thing that happened was that David Cook was signing autographs and someone asked him to sign a David Archuleta picture. He held up the picture to his head in front of his face and said “aw, gosh, ” doing a David Archuleta impression. Then someone asked him to sign their shoe, and he did. I have that picture attached.

Her Recap (from the LA Show Thread)

I was at last night show with my 2 daughters, who are big Jason Castro fans. At least they were until last night, when David Cook rocked the arena. Jason tunes on itunes are beautiful, but Cookie really knows how to play the live stage. We couldnt hear what any of the performers were saying, except for Cook, because they dont have that speaking to a stadium skill yet.

We waited by the buses for fan meet n greet beforehand, but the Idols never came out. There was an airplane with a banner that said …Jason U R Our Idol [Heart] The Dreadheads which was pretty amazing. We even stood near VoteforCastro, who had organized the airplane with donations from the Dreadheads. AND SHE DID NOT GET TO MEET JASON. At least not beforehand. And judging from afterwards, when he came out LAST to sign autographs, and the white goateed handler stopped him from signing any at all, I dont think she or anyone got any contact with him afterwards. Everyone else came around and signed stuff.

Oh, and a little tip. We had bought a poster. Dont do that, buy the 8Ã’”10 of all the idols. Only Chikezie signed my poster. Thank you Chikezie! And, we were 3 or 4 rows back in autograph signing, which was bad. Why not have the Idols sit at tables and have fans line up in front of them, instead of have them come out to the fans?

I was thrilled to get pictures of Carly husband, Brooke White and her husband together, and Jeff Archuleta who was very nice to everyone.

Anyway, enough about the autographs and pictures. The show was a lot of fun. It was a great experience and totally worth it. I dont think Ramielle was that bad, she and Chikezie are the only ones who can dance. She was not able to be heard on her last song, tho. Kristy Lee Cook did not wow the audience, which is not a big country music audience it seems. Other than that, everyone was really well received. And Chikezie is a very talented party starter!!

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