Lorib’s American Idol Tour Boston, MA Recap

I’m 47 years old, watched American Idol sporadically the first 4 seasons and became an avid fan Season 5 and beyond. I never had any desire to see the AI Tour until this year when I just had to go to see _____ (do I really need to say who at this point anymore?)

When I bought my 4 tickets for the Boston show in June, I thought I’d be going with my husband & 2 kids, ages 13 &10 (we watched the show together all season, all of us becoming big Adam fans). However, who ended up going to the show was me, my husband and another couple, in their 30’s, AI fans also. The husband is a military commanding officer and I learned that he was a big Adam fan! I was curious to get 2 adult male perspectives on the show. We all wanted to see Adam but were also looking forward to a fun and entertaining show (adults night out) … and we weren’t disappointed!!

I am not going to recap each performance since it’s been done hundreds of times. We were greatly surprised at how good EVERYONE sounded! Michael, Megan, Lil & Scott all held their own (my husband thought Scott sounded “great”). We were impressed by Anoop’s singing and no glasses during his set. Matt was very energetic, fun, sounded great (except for the Fray song – didn’t he learn a lesson on the show?) and he received a warm and loud reception from the crowd. My husband loved Matt and gave him a standing O. The group number before intermission was enjoyable, with the 4 guys lined up on stage taking turns singing individually instead of trying to harmonize alot , which tends not to work in those AI group songs. However, I felt that Lil & Megan were a little weak here.

Allison came on the stage with no warning at the end of intermission and we missed “So What” since we were at the Club Seats’ bar – no kids, remember?! (The bartender told us that she had rode the elevator that afternoon with “the one with the chipped black fingernail polish” and didn’t know who he was at the time!) Allison sounded amazing on “Cry Baby”; I can’t believe the power behind her voice at the age of 17! Her voice was in full force later on “Slow Ride” with Adam.

The big surprise for me for the night was how much I enjoyed Danny. I know that Danny has a good voice but I felt he became boring as Season 8 progressed. He sounded great and I really liked his song choices. The two husbands commented that “Danny is working out”. I didn’t feel like he was preaching at all when talking about the tragedy in his life and his “What Hurts the Most” felt very sincere and heartfelt. I really enjoyed his last song “My Wish”. Maybe country is the direction for Danny?

Then “Elvis was in the building”! With what I saw & heard I still can’t believe that Adam did not win American Idol! Up to this point in the show, most people were sitting in their seats and clapping/yelling at normal levels. Well, right before Adam appeared, the WHOLE place was standing (11, 000 people) and the noise level rose about 100 decibels! Yes, he did say “Woman” during WLL to the delight of those around me and “Starlight” was awesome. My husband had never heard the song before, turned to me and said “Boy, is he good!” (*Note: Adam’s voice did sound like helium during “Starlight” and I don’t know why – sound system?) The crowd quieted down appropriately during “Mad World” and then picked up again for “Slow Ride” (only one bra & black boa thrown on stage) and the Bowie medley. The Bowie medley was fun and I hope his version of “Let’s Dance” is a reflection of his upcoming album. My friend and I were dancing with our disco … I mean glow sticks! It was a hot and humid day in Boston but honestly, I never felt the heat in the Garden until after Adam’s set! My friend’s husband said “that boy is going to be big”!

Number One Idol Kris then followed. He did receive thunderous applause when he started “Heartless” and then the crowd did mellow out. But that’s OK – Kris is a different musical style than Adam and he did a great job. He sounded really good on all of his songs and he “rocked out” on the piano and guitar. .

Hey Jude was a nice way to end the evening followed by DSB.

Overall, the show was very enjoyable. My friend’s husband kept saying that “Adam should have gone last” since his set really is the kind to close a show. My husband said that “everyone was great”. I had really gone to see Adam but I thoroughly enjoyed everyone! But I can’t wait to see Adam on a solo tour!!!

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