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Hi, I’m Laurie aka lamslova on MJ’s blog. I’m a 45 yr old mom of two. I’m a special education middle school teacher who lives in Queens, NY Tonight’s Idol concert was a blast. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house. People on LI really respected the bottom six.

Michael Sarver- like Simon said more than once on the show Michael is just such a likeable guy. Lots of people were already sitting when Michael began. He seemed pleased with the reaction he received tonight. He sang well and moved all over the stage making sure everyone could see him and take a picture if they wished. His energy level was great. It seemed to me like he wished the tour could continue for a long while.

When Megan first hit the stage on the show I thought she had potential. Her song choices in the beginning were great for her style and voice. Then she just lost me. Poor song choices and an attitude like she didn’t want to be there anymore. I guess the personal stuff in her life was going on then. Tonight when Megan came out the crowd gave her a nice round of applause. She asked if anyone had been hurt by love before and she didn’t get a big response. So she said well for the two of you who have, this song is for you. Unlike Michael, the vibe I was getting from Megan seemed to say I’ve had enough of this tour, I want to go home.

Ms Lil. I think she’s got the whole package. On the show I did love her style and determination to please the judges, but always wanted her to please herself first. I loved her entire set she’s so personable. The crowd loved her. Everyone was dancing along with her. I hope for her sake that this tour isn’t the end of the road. I believe she is now doing exactly what she wants to do as a performer.

Scott, lord knows how my daughter adores this guy. After the show would end she would make a bee line for the phone to get in as many votes as she could before she had to go to bed. That usually couldn’t come soon enough for me. Id stand there dialing on my cell for Adam impatiently waiting to get one vote through (all circuits are busy right now please try your call again later, lmao) while she was getting many through for Scott because she was using the land line. This year I really missed being able to hear the contestants voice on the phone thanking you for voting for them. Wonder why they didn’t do that this year? Then came Scott, who was also so full of energy and loves what he’s doing. I actually wouldn’t mind going to see him again if he was on a solo tour. His piano playing is amazing. His voice is soothing and he interacts well with the crowd. My daughter screamed her little heart out for him.

Anoop Dawg so sweet, well educated Anoop. When he first arrived on the show I thought he should be going into engineering, he was never a real favorite of mine but on the show he did entertain me. Tonight he came out and I thought Id hear “NOOP” being screamed but he got a nice round of applause. His set was good. His set was good he was full of energy I enjoyed him.

Matt had a number of stand out performances on the show, but none that made me want to start dialing the phone for him. His piano playing is flawless. But tonight, his energy blew me away. I loved his entire set. Even the Fray song. He really loves twitter and facebook. He told the crowd he reads it all and to keep on tweeting and thanked us for viewing all his bubble tweets too. Lots of squeals when he said this.

The group number is always cheesy and it didn’t disappoint me this year either. For a LI crowd I thought they would go wild when Matt and Scott played Billy Joel’s “Tell her about it”, but they didn’t. That really surprised me. However I did go wild and enjoyed it very much.

AHHH Allison so young so pretty and I desperately would love to be her tutor while she’s on tour, solely of course to help her get her high school diploma quicker. Loved her on the show from the get. The crowd ate up Allison and all her adorableness. They showed her mad love when she came out and rocked her version of Pink’s song. Barracuda was phenomenal as was Cry Baby. She interacts so well with an audience that Megan should take lessons from her.

Dan the Man when I first saw him on the show the first person that popped into my mind was Robert Downing Jr. I could not get over the resemblance. When I heard his back story I looked at my husband and said if they stick with this throughout the season Ill puke. I’m tired of having my heart strings tugged on week after week over someone’s story. He rocked the stage squeaked and squawked during PYT, got huge applause after his inspirational “speech” people just ate up his goodness.

Adam, the glittery alien from planet fierce, as his brother Neil has been quoted to say. Adam, the man I would go in tired to work because I had to stay up voting to the bitter end of the two hours and four hours on finale night. My students would look at me the next day and with big smiles say ” Ms D must have been up voting for Adam.. again” He captivated me from the word go. After he performed Satisfaction, that night I had to search for him on you tube and wasn’t disappointed. I found a video of him singing “Heaven on Their Minds” from Jesus Christ Superstar and instantly fell in love. During the show I always felt like Paula did, like I was attending an Adam Lambert concert. Mad Mad love for Mr Adam Lambert, lord knows what I can add that hasn’t already been said. He’s perfection on stage. He’s dazzling and mesmerizing. He’s drop dead GORGEOUS. He gets you in the palm of his hand and doesn’t let you go. You want his set to go on for hours and you get slightly pissed when you know he’s on his last song. I posted other thoughts last night when I got home about Adam.

Kris when he made the top 13 I knew he was going to wind up being the “dark horse” of the competition. I loved his style. I loved how he took to heart what Simon and Kara would tell him about finding out who he was as an artist and let that come shining through. Not one soul left the arena before Kris came on. The crowd exploded when Kris hit the stage Heartless and Hey Jude were my favorite. After spending enough money on t-shirts, coffee mugs, a program, a pair of American Idol shorts (my daughter really wanted them) and an Idol magnet for the frig, we had a great time.

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