Lacey Brown – The Ellen Degeneres Show – VIDEO

Eliminated Top 12 contestant, Lacey Brown visited the Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday. After sitting down for a little chat with Ellen, Lacey sang Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me”.

I wonder how it must feels for Lacey to sit down with one of the judges who wouldn’t save her? Awkward? It’s going to be interesting to see Ellen interact with the contestants post-boot as the season heats up.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. She gave a good interview. I like Lacey’s voice, but she is making everything a bit too cutesy for my taste

  2. I like her but that little girl voice is pretty limited on exactly the type of songs she can believably sing.

  3. Definitely the best she’s sounded! Love this girl. And she’s got a great sense of humor. I hope she’s able to find her niche.

  4. I agree that she was best dressed. She’s very…. earthy/flowery? I really like her hair. She always looks like a plant to me and I like it. I feel like she’s a dandelion in the parachute ball phase (except with rose hair) and I could pick her up and blow her hair off and see the hair fly off beautifully….. then have a bald Lacey in my hand and be like eww.

    I think this performance proved why she deserved that Top 12 spot over some of the other contestants we saw get eliminated or over some that are there still (By the way, I’m not talking about Katelyn or Lilly, since I thought both deserved to be there >_>). Maybe it’s just the song being really nostalgic for me (the time the song was popular was the time Pokemon became popular >_>), but this song always makes me smile :).

    I do agree her voice was limited, but I still liked it.

  5. Lacey seems like a nice girl, but I really hate her baby cutesy voice.

    I also never thought about the potential awkwardness for these Ellen interviews now that she has a hand (sort of) in sending them home.

  6. Lacey has a fantastic attitude and a lot of class. She’s going to make it in some way. I could really see her going alternative country, though I don’t think that’s her goal musically. She sounded really good on this.

    I really don’t think it would be awkward interviewing with Ellen after not getting saved. It has to be a unanimous decision. Ellen is very supportive of them and you can tell she’s pained delivering bad news. Down the road if they would use the save on someone like Tim (pick your own weakest link) and someone like Siobhan or Crystal goes it would be. Even worse would be not using it on Siobhan or Crystal if you had the ability to.

  7. LOL at Ellen using last year’s boot song sung by Carrie for Lacey’s entrance and not that horrible song being used this year!

    I’m not a Lacey fan, but I think this was her best interview and performance the entire season. She should go without sleep more often! She showed some personality with Ellen that I didn’t see on the show.

  8. She was singing live?? That was perfect! Lacey got a lot of control of her voice. Too bad she didn’t show it on the show.

  9. Man this girl has an incredible radio voice. She can have a radio hit with the right song. Her voice is so polished and she did really well. If she would of shown this kind of energy on idol she may of lasted a little longer. Every time I hear this song I think of Freddie Prince Jr.

  10. I really like Lacey. I wished she would have done this well on the show – she has such a pretty voice and a great personality.

  11. I’m not a Lacey fan, but she gave a really nice performance and seems like a sweet girl.

  12. That was great! The song and the interview. What a sweet and funny gal, with a great voice! Very unique. I agree that with her voice she could have a hit on the radio.

  13. Lacey did a lovely job on Ellen and she can sing live which Ke$ha and Orianthi cannot do. Isn’t it kind of sad, ironic and even downright maddening that a cast off Idol singer can sing better than the guest stars who are raking in the fame and fortune? (Yes I know Ori can rip on the guitar like nobody’s business but much to my surprise and chagrin she cannot sing L-I-V-E.)


  14. Isn’t it kind of sad, ironic and even downright maddening that a cast off Idol singer can sing better than the guest stars who are raking in the fame and fortune?

    This is worth repeating. I wonder if the reality of it all hits these guest stars. Lacey does seem sweet and she definitely has talent. Wishing her the very best.

  15. she sounded great!! i dont remember enjoying one of her performances this much, she’s delightful, beautiful and talented. I truly wish her the best.

    and ITA with the comment above stating how sad the music industry is getting when first contenstant booted off AI’s top 12 is ways more talented than some of the millionaires infecting our screens.

  16. I’m STILL bummed about her getting booted. Man, I need to get over this show.

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