Kris Allen Radio Interview Roundup: iTunes Pre-Order Available Novmber 3

I got a whole slew of recent Kris Allen radio interviews for your listening pleasure.

When he’s not readying his album, Kris Allen, for its November 17 release, Kris is calling radio stations across the country, promoting his single “Live Like We’re Dying”.

Kris Allen – Sophie 103.7

San Diego Sophie 103.7

This interview from Sophie 103.7 is the best of the bunch.

The album is in the mixing stage now, according to Kris.   At the time of the interview (sometime this week), two or three songs were still not decided for the final tracklist.

Kris recently worked all night filming the music video for “Live Like We’re Dying” on a huge set of a junkyard built in the desert. (the concept is “time” and “clocks”.) There’s no debut date for the video yet.

He’s set to do radio shows, this fall and will start touring in February. Kris says the album is “going to be sooo good.”

More Interviews after the JUMP…

Fort Myers, FL – Wink FM

Kris tells the WINK FM crew that the album, Kris Allen, will be available for iTunes pre-order on November 3.

Espn – Pt. 1

Espn – Pt. 2

This last interview, a 2-parter, is a very sports-centric interview with ESPN promoting Kris’s gig on Sunday, Oct. 25.

Kris will perform at the Dolphins’ tailgate stage on the Grand Plaza prior to the Dolphins-Saints football game at 4:15 p.m.

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  1. I love that photo of him :)

    I can’t wait for Adam’s, Kris’ and Jason’s albums!

  2. i like the other 2 interviews too, but now off to listen to the Sophie’s one and to the Lyndsey Parker one… :)

  3. God, I love that the ESPN guy kept asking Kris if he was famous or more famous than Derek Jeter (seriously, that’s a stupid question, jock dj) and he was like, Are you kidding me? And he just kept being humble and unassuming and funny (I can imagine how interesting it would be to hang out with him and Matty G–Matt is being Matt and Kris is like, Er, okay dude, whatever). I really, really hope his album does well, b/c he deserves it. (And he’s losing the plaid, so he doesn’t look like a lumberjack anymore, lol.)

  4. He looks so adobable in the Lyndsey interview but now have to wait until tomorrow for the other half. I want this cd now. I am so darn excited.

  5. I have a question: did they pick the band for Kris? Because he said in the Sophie interview that he had just rehearsed with them for the first time the night before. That wasn’t the case w/ Daughtry or Cook. Is this typical? I was sure he would go out on his won with some accompaniment, but I guess not.

  6. The Lyndsey article and interview were soo good. I’m feeling kind of conflicted, lol.

    I think that was probably the first time he rehearsed with the whole band, since obviously he knows Cale from before Idol. Even w/DC, Kyle was new and picked up via the audition process.

  7. moved to other thread…

    These type of generic radio interviews so typically annoy me. All the DJs are always too yelly and fake, it’s so annoying. I guess Kris acquits himself well with them. I guess, he’s his humble self, like with the ESPN stuff about if he’s more famous than XX person. But I don’t know, I think Kris is as bored and annoyed as I am by these interviews. Or maybe I just like to project that on him, because I do find them soooo dull.

  8. suebrody, Kris got his friend, Cale Mills, to be the guitarist of the band. For the other, I don’t know. There had been mention of Chris Torres for tha bass, but i’m not sure it’s exact

  9. I thought the ESPN interview was fun, because Kris is such a huge sports fan. And his offer to help the anchor interview the athletes was funny. The interviewer was such a Kris fanboy and seemed surprised that Kris doesn’t consider himself all that famous.

    The SD radio itnerview was interesting because of Kris talking about the set for his music video and because he sounds excited about working with a band.

  10. Loved the Sophie interview . Kris sounds so upbeat & excited after meeting the Script & practising with his new band!!
    Maybe now that the album recording is finished Kris is feeling less pressured & so can just enjoy talking about his album & future tour!!

  11. I loved the Lyndsey Parker interview!!!! It is so interesting listening to Kris talk about making this album and all he went through. I can tell he has a certain standard that he tried to hold to and that music means so much to him! LOL, I think I heard a little competitive side of him for the first time with the fact that DC wrote 10 songs on the album and he only did nine. HOWEVER, this is nothing to sneeze at considering the fact that DC has had a longer writing history than Kris. I’m so proud of him. :) I can just imagine what his mom is feeling, as well as Katie!!! I hope the second on is just as interesting and look forward to seeing it.

    On the music video, I’m imagining him running around a junkyard in search of clocks…hmmm. I wanna see it!!! I wanna know when I’ll be able to see it! Awww well.

    Thanks for all of the other interviews to mj!

  12. ESPN guy was down with it lol. Pretty good interview from a sports guy.

  13. 9 songs is definitely a strong amount for a brand new artist. Bo Bice would have killed for that many songwriting credits!

    As for the band I’m probably remembering wrong but IIRC David’s bands first real gig was SNL (no pressure right? lol) and they had a private friends/family only show at the Viper Room in LA few nights before as sort of a practice session to work out any kinks. I think Daughtry had a similar showcase for the band somewhere in LA right before promo kicked off.

  14. Enjoyed the sports guy interview -The Lyndsey Parker interview was really good – nice to hear he co-wrote 9 of the 12 songs.

  15. I’m hoping there will be hidden and/or bonus tracks in Kris’ record. Did Archie have that last year? I’m not a fan, so didn’t follow his promotion/cd release details the way I did for Cook. DC co-wrote those as well, so he really had 13 co-writes on his album. I was just listening to an acoustic playlist on my iPod last night, and Kris came on unexpectedly, and I was just so struck, again, how beautiful his voice is. I’m very excited for his record. It’s probably the only one I’ll actually buy.

  16. These radio interviews are old news by now. The Kris fans are on to the Parker interview and waiting with bated breath for Part 2. A big thank you, MJ, for putting them on your site for easy access. I enjoyed the espn interview, as well as, the Sophie interview. Again thanks.

  17. i liked the espn interview. The interviewer was enthusiastic and it made for a fresh and fun interview. You don’t make Kris says something when he doesn’t feel it’s right (like in the who’s more or equally famous set of questions). I just love his integrity.

  18. Thank you mj for putting all these great radio interviews together for us the bigger Kris’ fan! Sometimes it’s easy to miss Kris’ news as they’re so hidden in between thousands of adam’s related posts. I love Adam too but sometimes it just get a little too much..

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