Kris Allen Comes Home to Arkansas

photo: Risa RatliffKris Allen was back in Arkansas yesterday to spend the day shooting a promo for American Idol 10.

Kris Allen and a crew from American Idol traveled to Arkansas yesterday to shoot a promo for American Idol 10

In the morning he stopped by Excell Park in Jacksonville, where he used to play baseball as a kid. He presented a check for $1, 375 to the Jacksonville Youth Baseball Program from money they was was raised from the sale of Kris Allen t-shirts. One of the fields will be renamed the Kris Allen field to honor him and his accomplishments.  See photos from the event HERE.

Later in the afternoon, Kris and the film crew headed to Simon Park in Conway, AR, where the Mayor, Tab Townsell said a few words about him. A few friends who knew Kris during his Arkansas days, including the pastor of his church, New Life’s Brandon Shatswell  also spoke to the crowd about Kris.

Pastor Shatswell thanked Kris for sharing his talent with so many people and “staying strong and staying yourself”.

Mayor Townsell said, “I can’t think of a better ambassador for our city than Kris Allen’s been since he won American Idol.”  Townell read a proclamation to name the stage at Simon Park the Kris Allen Stage. attended the event. Chec k out the videos after the jump.  FOX 16 has an interview with Kris HERE.

Kris Allen at Excell Park

Kris Allen Honored in Simon Park

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  1. That’s an awesome thing Conway did for him. He deserves every good thing after working so hard and fame hasn’t changed him one bit. What a guy! :)

  2. Do we know what they’re doing with all these winner promo shoots? It seems like they shot a lot of material & locations with Kris & interviewed several friends/family members about him. I’m assuming they did that with all the winners? It seems like tons of material for just quick snippets mixed in here & there. Would they be doing a whole show on past winners to renew interest in the show?

    Oh, and congrats to Kris for the recognition! The little kids at the ballpark are adorable.

  3. Congrats Kris. This is a great honor. You are really a cool guy. I heard he is doing some promos for the Idol.

    Can’t wait to see them.

  4. What is interesting is the park was called “Simon” Park before…now it is Kris Allen Stage;


    Kris is always around giving to charities or lending a hand to charities.

  5. I know x57x,after the announcement,someone on twitter said Kris finally upstages “Simon”. I think that’s such a great honor.Love that it’s the stage he was on for final three homecoming week.And I love how much his town loves him.

  6. My friends met him when he was touring. My friends were at a restaurant and he was there and they called him and he was with a group of people and he actually came over to their table and talked to them and took photos. They said he had a great sense of humor and was really nice.

    So he not only does he have good looks, but has a cool personalty.

  7. Kris is such an excellent ambassador for his hometown and state — very talented and a great guy with a big heart. So it’s cool that they honored him in this way. something he can tell his kids and grandkids about some day.

    ETA: oh and he evidently joked that the cardboard cutout of him (seen in photo above) was taller than him! :)

    He says in the Fox16 interview that he’s leaving Arkansas on Thursday — of course the 1st date on his tour with Lifehouse is Friday. Can’t wait to see him out on tour again. Crossing my fingers that they will officially release AWM as the single either this coming week or next week (he says “really soon” in the interview)

  8. Yep I also to girlgirl.Can’t wait to hear him say at the concert that AWM is his new single.He seems so happy when he said it on the interview.I wonder when it’s going to go up for add’s.It’s going to feel wonderful seeing how it does as it get’s added to station’s playlist.

  9. girlygirl, could you point me to the link to that Fox16 interview? I know I saw the link to that and/or other links when I was checking in on my Iphone. Now that I’m on my computer & could actually hear the interview, I can’t seem to locate the link.


  10. Mayor Townsell said, “I can’t think of a better ambassador for our city than Kris Allen’s been since he won American Idol.”

    This is so true! I’m sure Kris is very appreciative of all the support he’s received from Arkansas during AI8 and afterwards. I think the way he conducts himself (remaining humble and true to himself and his beliefs) and his continued charitable works reflects well on his homestate and they can be proud of him.

  11. I have wondered how the band had planned on rehearsing new songs for the Lifehouse tour. They have not been together at all except for the USO appearance. I guess they could have done some then. I am really hoping for some new covers for fall tour. Since INTK is so popular right now, I wish he would add it to his set so he can remind people it was used in The Vampire Diaries to keep it going.

  12. Small clip of Kris at his sister-in-laws Homecoming ceremony at Mills High School last night. It is at the beginning of the first video FNT 10/8 Pt.1:

  13. I hope they get that single out SOON!
    The cutest part of the stuff from this day was Kris being the escort for his younger sister-in-law in her Homecoming court. Very sweet.

  14. Since INTK is so popular right now, I wish he would add it to his set so he can remind people it was used in The Vampire Diaries to keep it going.

    I second that.
    I know that as opener maybe he needs to sing more up tempo songs, but to include INTK will be great.
    It has so much angst and different if he’ll play the keyboard. And as you go to YT, there many people coming to the videos for INTK saying that they heard the song on Vampire D, and have to check out the song. So great.

    These past several days have been so great for us fans and most importantly for Kris.
    And I will have next Friday off. Yay !!

  15. I also laughed at the irony and poetic justice of the Simon stage becoming the Kris Allen stage :)

    Great day for Kris. I love those kids singing and playing rhythym sticks.

  16. Hey all,

    The park in Conway is still named Simon Park – they just named the stage there after Kris.

  17. Hey all,

    The park in Conway is still named Simon Park – they just named the stage there after Kris.

    Mj has it posted in the headlines. :-)

  18. Hey all,

    The park in Conway is still named Simon Park – they just named the stage there after Kris.

    Yeah but its still ironic that Kris is honoured in “Simon Park”!!!

    Love the reaction of the crowd when the mayor announces that the stage is being named in honour of Kris!!

  19. Awww, thanks for sharing that link, faithfulfan. You’re right — it’s so sweet!

  20. Hi all! Just got back a little while ago from the Lifehouse concert that Kris originally was posted as opening for. I kept the tickets and we went anyway since it was so close. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The opener was a young band called Days Difference, I think and they were okay, but no Kris Allen. Most of their songs sounded similar but the lead guy could sing at least. But oh my, when LH came on they rocked the place. I’m so glad we went. Anyone here who is going to see Kris open for them will get their money’s worth and then some. They were freakin’ amazing. I came out of there with this dumb grin on my face. Can you even imagine what I would have done had I seen Kris too? Be prepared when you go!!

  21. Thanks for sharing your story, mamacitabaja. I am so glad Kris is touring with LH – I suspected this was going to be excellent! I’m really looking forward to seeing Kris, and LH is a great bonus. Glad you decided to go and that you had a good time!

  22. Mamacitabaja

    I’m so glad you went to the show even though Kris wasn’t playing. Lifehouse is a fantastic live act, aren’t they?

    Only a few more days before Kris joins them on tour though. o/ o/ (more concert threads, heehee)

  23. Glad to hear that, mamcitabaja. I’m seeing them next weekend. I’ve never been a big fan, but it’s good to know they do a great live show.

    In a way, I kind of wish I was seeing Kris later on in the tour. Seems to me artists are usually looser or more comfortable the longer their tours go on, and I guess Kris is no exception. But it’s only been a few weeks since Kris came off his last tour, so he should be pretty well primed by now. lol

  24. Thanks FaithfulFan for those links to the LR concert. I guess I can blame you for me not getting anything done for an hour. It’s like the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie–if you give me Heartless, then I want to watch ATTTID, then I want to watch ANS, then BL, then HJ, then DSB! *sigh* but it was worth an hour! :-)

    ETA: ross–Kris has been on vacation so his voice should be in excellent shape at the beginning of the tour. He should sound fantastic! Lucky you!

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