Kris Allen – NYCB Theatre at Westbury – Westbury, NY – 10/19/10

Fourth stop on Kris Allen’s tour as opener for Lifehouse is the Westbury Theatre in New York City. According to the ticket website, doors open at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, show starts at 8:00 p.m. Alyssa Bernal is also on the bill, and will be the first performer on stage. This concert should be a unique experience for Kris & KAB. The theatre boasts a circular configuration with a revolving stage in the center surrounded by seats.  This concert will have the half-round seating configuration with two sections directly behind the stage closed and the stage will not revolve.  No seat in the theatre will be more than 60 feet from the stage.  Due to the configuration tonight capacity will be limited to 2742.  The theatre recently went through a million dollar renovation including enhancement of the sound and light systems, the additionof large screen video monitors in the lobbies and an outdoor deck to enhance the concert experience for fans.

Photo Credit: ranam19


Link to twitter list is linked  HERE:

Link to last concert thread is linked HERE:

Photos and videos below the JUMP:

Seating Configuration


Photo Credit; Westbury Theatre Facebook

Kris Allen soundcheck courtesy of  lifehousemusic

Photo Credit: Ranz1976

Photo Credit: pandorablu

Photo Credit: alyssabernal


Written All Over My Face:

Can’t Stay Away:

Red Guitar:

New Single Alright With Me:

Man In The Mirror:

Is It Over:

Live Like We’re Dying:

Come Together:

All Videos Courtesy of Krissy286 (The Ninja Videographer)


  1. That was sweet of Lifehouse to tweet that photo. I like how they are promoting their opening acts.

  2. If you haven’t seen this it is a must see.

    RT @JambaJim Here you go guys! Part 1 of my interview with @KrisAllen. Empty your bladders first. Trust me.

  3. Empty your bladders first. Trust me.

    Ha ha ha ha ha! I wonder if that happened on the American Idol tour or on the tour this summer. (He says “on the tour last summer.”) What a funny story!

  4. mtvnews
    RT @JambaJim Here you go guys! Part 1 of my interview with @KrisAllen. Empty your bladders first. Trust me.

    Oh wow – naked Kris………….

  5. So funny.Jim gets the best Kris stories.And know I can’t get naked Kris out of my head.Am so bad.Can’t wait for more of the interview and find out what the big surprise is.Yeah for Concert tonight.

  6. Oh Kris! You are so lucky you did not run into anyone with a camera phone or we would be looking at pics instead of reading about it. LOL this story is just too funny!! He was so embarrassed by the shirtless Bahama pictures can you imagine how he would have reacted to a nude photo on the internet (esp bent over). Omg I can’t even imagine.

    Do you think Jim will post the super amazing surprise tomorrow?

  7. Oh Kris! You are so lucky you did not run into anyone with a camera phone or we would be looking at pics instead of reading about it.

    Oh, can you imagine? Kris was unhappy about the pictures of him at a pool in swim trunks (which the rest of us thought were gorgeous). If pictures of him BUCK naked were published, I think he would retire from show biz never to be heard from again. LOL

  8. JudyL

    I totally agree but hopefully not. If such photos or videos show up, his popularity will rise!!!

  9. LOL Those buck t-shirts will be selling like hot cakes because of this story!

  10. Oh wow – naked Kris………….

    No, no neck-ed Kris! BUCK NECKED! LOL!

  11. Looks like there may not be much video/photos from tonight’s show.

    Umm no pics or video allowed.
    They announced its not allowed. :(

  12. Tripp! Thanks for the thread!! :D Nice pictures and cool to read about the stage set-up and see it.

  13. The show has started Alyssa is on now. The drummer in her band is her brother.

  14. this story is so damn funny!! nekkid outside his room…hihihihi

    He would have been so mortified to see some pictures of it in the medias — sorry but i would have rofl so loud .. he he

    oh the no pics no vids rule sounds so official!! and it seems to me it will be hard at this venue to hide while filming or taking pics

  15. If such photos or videos show up, his popularity will rise!!!

    I agree esp. since Kris needs some media buzz to get people to know him better. After Adam’s AMA performance, I believe there is no such thing as bad press. Though Kris will probably get a heart attack if the vid ever surface, I sort of wish the hotel had security video and someone finds it! :)

  16. regarding the story, i was lol at his twitter feed … next album= manparts and first single = finding a napkin

  17. Great venue. It’s cool LH and Alyssa are posting Kris pics.

    Didn’t see this posted, so just to let everyone know even if there isn’t much concert action tonight, there will likely be more Kris news tonight – though maybe in another thread. Not yet though; I just checked (Jim is thanking mj for posting part one in the headlines):


    @mjsbigblog Thanks for posting, MJ! FYI – we have 6 more i/v segments and an acoustic performance going up in the next couple of hours, too.
    1 hour ago

  18. As protective as Lizzie (19E) is of Kris, I bet she took care of any potential embarrassing situations that may have come up once she was made aware of the events.

  19. Mtlfan:
    10/19/2010 at 8:16 pm
    justapixy, you’re just as bad as me

    And Mama Ellen is the culprit! :)

  20. OMG, Kris you are killing me here. I can’t open the link to the radio interview nor the MTV interview, but I still have the stupid grin on my face just by reading the previous posts.

    I just got out of my work and actually stop in a Target parking lot so that I can follow the concert live. Sigh.

  21. Btw, Thanks Tripp for this thread and esp. the nice info about the venue! I love the Kris Allen Soundcheck photo by LH! Thanks Lifehouse! The color is so awesome and it reminds me of KATA cover a little though the color of this picture is a lot better!

  22. JayMosk Jessica Moskovitz.
    @KrisAllen at your concert right now in Westbury, LI. You’re awesome!

  23. Cale has another fan.
    Woaahh Kris Allen, your keyboardist is beautiful

  24. OK, I can open the transcribed sleep-walking story. I can ‘t wait to watch the video of the interview itself.
    Too funny. I remember he tweeted this picture of giant chocolate -maybe he ate too much that night.

  25. rockmamayo Drinking games during Kris Allen. Everytime he sings YEAH or to the face

  26. i was expecting to hear the big surprise in the 7-parts video but no… :(

    @jambajim will we get to see the super duper amazing surprise tonight?
    about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

    @damitman nope. that super duper amazing surprise is gonna sneak up on you when you least expect it. it’ll be awhile. don’t get greedy!! :)
    about 2 hours ago via web in reply to damitman

  27. oh a ninja video :D

    Ranz1976 R
    Great awm banter. Mitm now. Got awm on video.

  28. Ranz1976 Lots of girls standing and dancing.

    alicou22 Kris Allen has already talked to Kayla twice from the stage:)

    Ranz1976 More peeps on their feet after iio!!

    Ranz1976 Peeps singing along to llwd!

  29. Me thinks Momma Allen needs to leak information about Kris more often.

  30. tripp_ncwy, thanks so much for doing the concert thread tonight. That’s awesome detail you got on the theatre.

    Is there no krinjalist tonight?

  31. Ranz1976 R
    Kris was mobbed in audience during CT. Got it all on video.

  32. pandorablu jenna
    I have vids of waomf iio and CT cray cray

  33. Ranz1976 R
    He talked about how the lights and stage made him feel like he was back on Idol.

  34. Krissy286 Krissy
    Crowd totally almost ate Kris…. He’s an idiot haaha <3

  35. Ranz1976 R
    This crowd loooved Kris. It was awesome to see.

  36. pandorablu jenna
    And he was so booooouncy tonight… And snarky to boot :)

  37. Ranz1976 R
    And he was funny in his banter. The audience laughed alot.

  38. Ranz1976 R
    Sad that its over already. Oh long sleeve maroon shirt (henley?) and blue jeans.

  39. wow! so we’re going to have the whole set on video :D .. even the CT cray cray lol

    his comment regarding how it seems like the idol stage … so true lol

  40. no, go upload the videos instead ;)

    Ranz1976 Should I stay for Lifehouse again?
    3 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

  41. Ranz1976 R
    Chatting w big Lifehouse fan: Kris is great. He is going to do well.

  42. ..wonder if it really happened… haha

    @KrisAllen Yeaa I just gave you my bra. You’re welcome. Take good care of it :P
    5 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  43. I’m thinking that touring with Lifehouse is going to be very good for Kris.

  44. nicoleellynx3
    @KrisAllen THANK YOU!! Highfiving you just totally made my entire life. You were absolutely amazing!
    17 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  45. btw Tripp, love the details you posted about the theater!

    Thanks, I thought it was interesting. :-)

  46. who’s this Kayla?
    she was mentioned during Kris’s set (
    alicou22 Kris Allen has already talked to Kayla twice from the stage:)
    about 1 hour ago via Mobile Web )

    alicou22 One song in & jason can’t stop looking at kayla!
    1 minute ago via Mobile Web

  47. I also agree that this tour with Lifehouse is a good fit and seems to be a good demographic for Kris. Lifehouse has some more international dates in February UK & Ireland. Boy, I would love to see Kris join them there.

  48. Tripp
    Yes, it would be so great for KAB to go to UK and Ireland with Lifehouse. But i think that usually they get a local opener usually, isn’t it? well, maybe there are exceptions. It would be so great for his UK and Ireland fans

  49. I am soooo excited. I just purchased tickets to the show in Grant, Oklahoma on Otober 30th :) I cannot wait!!

  50. What the heck!!!

    To the person or persons hacking into my email: good luck finding anything that anyone actually cares to know. I’m not hiding anything.

    Leave it to Charles to lighten the mood.

    charlesbrowder @KrisAllen if it eases your mind, I was looking for those “dance” photos you blackmailed me with…

  51. It’s extremely rude and mean to hack someone else’s e-mail. Poor Kris :(.

  52. KrisAllen On that note….thanks to the awesome crowd in Long Island tonight! Playin in the round was cool.

  53. LOL.. I had forgotten about this.

    Lol Kris’ tweet about email hacking totally brought back to mind this epic bubble tweet from S8 tour…

    Oh Matt G.

    ImMattGiraud @ainow we were all so gangster in those days… so gangster.

  54. Thanks tripp for the thread. I always love seeing info about the place where they are playing especiall when its different like this one- so thanks for the detail.

  55. tripp thank you for the thread. I’m so confused which Kris news I need to read first.

    Anyway, just saw the first part of Jim’s video. it is so funny that you have that pic of Kris on the top thread.
    It’s like him saying, I’m open, look at me, I’ve got nothing to hide.” And then, the nekkid story came out. :)

  56. It’s like him saying, I’m open, look at me, I’ve got nothing to hide.” And then, the nekkid story came out.

    haha that’s funny ratna

  57. it is so funny that you have that pic of Kris on the top thread.
    It’s like him saying, I’m open, look at me, I’ve got nothing to hide.” And then, the nekkid story came out.

    ratna12 lol you are too funny. I took another look at the picture and you are so right. ha ha

  58. Ranz1976 Taking train home with HUGE Lifehouse fan! She plans to buy Kris’ album! Sharing fandom tales. She has seen Lifehouse so much they know her.

    alicou22 @Krisallen just gave us cookies:)

  59. ranam19 Can’t believe how huge Lifehouse fan the girl I chatted with tonight was. She had a million pictures with Lifehouse & she’s buying Kris’ CD!

    ranam19 @KrisAllen @KrisAllenBand @Calevis24 Great Show tonight with @lifehousemusic and @alyssabernal. Come back with a solo NYC show please! ;)

    ranam19 Uploading my 50something pics from tonight. And my videos of Alright With Me, Is It Over and Come Together. Great banter. Should be up tomm!

    patba81 @KrisAllen Thanks for coming out & bringing cookies! You are too sweet! :)


  60. druzilla

    supposedly we’ll know about it when all those deer t-shirts are sold! haha

  61. Ranz1976 R
    Chatting w big Lifehouse fan: Kris is great. He is going to do well.

    Love that tweet.
    I have to remind myself now and then that this is basically Kris’ first year touring outside after Idol, and I think that he is doing really great. The acts he opened for have 10 years experience or more.
    He’s building his fanbase and hopefully keeps the ones he already has.

    And with interviews like today w/Jim C, how can anybody resist him ?
    Great seeing the 2 acoustic performances, but just realize how high the notes on AWM. I need to lower the notes to be able to sing along.

    And yay for Alyssa Bernal, I think she said that she will do more video behind the scenes, right ?

  62. I wonder if it is a tight squeeze for him in those bunks on the bus.

    Bunk time. I love going to sleep then waking up and being right where I need to be. #alrightwithme

  63. ranam19
    Just looked at my videos of Alright With Me, Is It Over and Come Together from tonight. Came out great. Loving new HD camera! Will do tomm!

  64. Ahhh…I’m stressing (happy stressing)! So much to watch – interviews, concerts. I need a job that pays me to watch Kris Allen videos.

  65. Just have time to watch CT, so much fun. And the scream at the beginning when they realized that Kris is coming down to the audience.

    And erl, I want that job too.

  66. Thanks for the videos!

    AWM got it’s first pop spin- it was from KLAL. Hopefully, there will be many more.

  67. We have tour videos again! Thank you to those who take them & post them. Life is good in KA Land :)

  68. Yay for videos. Many thanks to all Kris fans who goes to the concert and take videos, it means a lot to me who can’t see him perform live. I’m hopeful though that he will come back to Asia to do shows again in the future.
    On a shallow note, I approve Kris wardrobe in this tour, the shirts and pants are getting tighter, lol.

  69. Thanks luly for keeping us posted about the radio progress for AWM. This is a “mix” station, so that’s HAC, right? I especially like that you included the city location for the station, too, very helpful. Where is KLAL?

    Haven’t watched all the videos, but IIO was fantastic!!! So much passion. Yummy!

  70. Alright With Me is also playing on KURB (B98.5) in Little Rock. (

    Alice 107.7 ( in Little Rock played LLWD, The Truth,and Alright with Me today. Haven’t checked the whole playlist but they play Heartless almost every day, too.

    You can listen to both of these stations and request online.

  71. I was pleasantly surprise when I heard TT today when I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. And then I heard the beginning of a OAR song and thought it’s RG. Aarrrhh.. Everytime I heard the beginning of that OAR song (don’t know the name) on radio, I always thought it’s RG…

    Hope that AWM will take off!

  72. Went and checked out the link from the radio station – Mix941 – to the EW performance of AWM. Just read some of the comments after the video, lots of lovely comments but of course you get a few haters too, love the one calling Kris baldy monkey boy. I, it seems are partial to balding men that look like monkeys because I think Kris is gorgeous!! .
    Thanks to the people taking videos, love watching them all and I especially love watching Kris go into the crowd when he sings CT, hope no one does anything stupid one day, I would hate for him not to be able to do that because he clearly loves it.

  73. Just a reminder, I will have tonight’s concert thread up at 7pm EST. when the doors open. Keep things fun and festive. No drama here!!!

    See you tonight!!!! :-)

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