Kim Zolciak Not Taking DWTS Ouster Gracefully

Kim Zolciak and her pro partner, Tony Dovolani, were forced to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars last night. The reality star had a mini-stroke last week, and was not cleared by her doctor to fly to Los Angeles from her Atlanta location. According to DWTS rules, if a contestant is unable to perform, they cannot continue in the competition.

You would think, after a serious health scare, that Kim would concentrate on taking care of herself. After all, she’s got 6 kids and a husband, not to mention a full time reality gig starring on Tardy for the Party.

But noooo. Kim has been campaigning since last night to get back on the show. Check out these tweets.

What the hell? No.

She’s returning tweets from fans.

The tweets I’ve embeded so far were all posted today, including this one. Seriously?

Another returned tweet. Whining. The difference being is that in the other examples, the dancers were in Los Angeles rehearsing all week, with the ABC crew there to capture the rehearsals. Kim never stepped foot outside of Atlanta. Backstage, Tony explained why the footage couldn’t be used on the show, “Because it wasn’t on our stage,” he explained. “It has to be in a dress rehearsal. There’s this fine print.” And how much rehearsal time did she put in realistically?

There are more retweets like this one. Again, haven’t even got near the stuff she was tweeting and re-tweeting last night.

God bless Tony, he’s trying to save his job, but NO.

Kim. You’re out. It’s time to leave gracefully.

Is she kidding?


Kim posted a video of her and Tony rehearsing IN ATLANTA.

The official DWTS twitter felt the need to reiterate the rules in the midst of Kim’s campaign. Pull up your big girl pants and get over it. You weren’t going to last much longer anyway, sis.

“I think the producers were fighting until the last minute to keep us in the competition,” Tony explained to US Magazine, adding it was the lawyers who made the final call. “I want to continue so bad it’s not even funny. That’s why I put a tweet out there saying, ‘Bring us back!’ The producers want us back, I want to be back, Kim wants to be back — so the only people they needed to convince was the lawyers,” he said.

It’s probably the liability involved giving the lawyers pause. What if Kim had another stroke while practicing or live on the dance floor? Stroke victims have to be continuously monitored. The possibility for another incident is a very real possibility. ABC’s parent company, Disney, would be liable. The lawyers are only protecting their clients interests. It’s why they’re paid the big bucks.

Here’s Kim skyping in to update fans on her health. Apparently, both she and Tony were blindsided with the news that they’d have to withdraw, which is ufortunate. But that’s reality television. as she should know. The producers were hoping for a reaction. She handled it well here, but what came afterward? Not so much.

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